By You, For Me

I had never expected to check into a hotel with him. He was just a friend, a witty one that always types difficult-to-understand sentences with simple English. We had lunch together, and he helped me finished most of the dim sum he bought for me. Walking across the road without traffic lights, he was too nice letting cars take advantage of his patience. I couldn’t believe I had to pull him across, and then felt softness of his palm.

‘Hotel?’, he popped the question out of the blue, and ‘which one?’ came from me, as a joke until he pulled me into a hotel which name has two digits in it. ‘Two hours?’, was the time he gave us but I was confident with less. So I gave him my answer, ‘I can get you done in thirty minutes’. Sure, I admit he had guts to take a joke this far, but when he took his wallet out and walked towards the counter, all I did was to turn back and check the door to see if anyone spotted me.

What was I thinking?! ‘Your IC?’, those words made me felt like I am holding up a queue with an unresponsive ez-link card, and I hastily handed it to him before I realised what I just did. Pulling him away from the NETs terminal, I was still convinced he was playing a prank, just more elaborate than anything I have tried.

‘Are you serious?!’, I was sure my whisper sounded damn loud in the empty lobby, and he could even reply me calmly, ‘Two in Four right?’ Finally, I understood what he meant. He was attached, and so was I. We ARE the two! He held my hand to collect the key from the front desk, and then flung me into his arm hugging my waist. My heart was already in my throat, and I was just THAT close to puking in the hallway.

I figured the best way to get attention would be to throw a fit at the lobby, or along the way, and that was the last thing I needed. He clamped my wrist under his armpit until he got the door opened, and I was catapulted again into the bed.

‘Not bad’, my brain did a quick comparison with my worst experience at a stairwell. And this felt way safer. But what the fuck? So fast? Wait wwait. What fast?! He walked over to me and dragged me upright on my ass, pulling my long sleeved blouse over my arms which I stupidly raised. The sudden silence from him really scared me, but as fierce as his actions were, he was gentle when it came to my bra.

What was I afraid of? Him? Or my boyfriend? Why are my boobs on display for him? A shove on my shoulders sent me lying on my back, and my shorts were removed like a hyperactive girl resisting bathtime. Before he could take off my panties, I caught hold of it and he just pulled it till I felt a tear in my tightly clenched fists. Fuck! Would he just tear it if I held on? My intricately trimmed pubes flashed his eyes, instantly making me wonder if a thin strip of hair was presentable.

Argh! I can’t be giving in to him like that right? My eyes couldn’t leave his body as he stripped down to his birthday suit, attracted to his display of strength and what lies beyond his violence. He laid over my body dangerously (dick almost touching my pussy!) and threw my arms around his neck, which I held tightly for whatever he was going to do.

He slid one arm under my legs and carried me to the bathroom, where a jet of cold water hit me as soon as I was seated on the toilet. He too, aimed it at himself and jumped cutely at the temperature shock, before turning off the water to soap me up. Exactly like a baby, he scrubbed me down from the neck, around my boobs and between my legs. Even my ankles (which I occasionally skipped) got to feel his thorough cleaning. Ashamed was all I felt when he picked my wrists up, to clean my prickly armpits.

Guys as usual, took a quarter of the time to soap themselves up, and the cold water sobered me up from the wrongful fantasies again. He ran his hands over the areas he lathered earlier and pampered me like never before. In no time, we were dried by his hard ruffling all over my sensitive body.

I did not think twice when his neck reached my eye level again, holding him by the neck and helping me on my feet. The little squat he did confused me at first, but everything was cleared up with just one word from him, ‘jump’. He caught me skilfully and later dropped me at the bed, in the proper direction.

My body totally betrayed me when I felt my limbs tremble in excitement, pumping adrenaline through every vein. As his body hovered over me, deep breathes made my B cups touched him. Keeping his silence over our secret gathering, his head disappeared south of my view and warm lips sealed around my nipple. His tongue relieved the doubts I had and the rush died down to his gentle flicks, followed my sensual sucking.

Never once did he touched my pussy (besides during the shower), and managed to get me moaning with just my nipples. He paid ample attention to both sides, bringing more than enough stimulation to feel the cold air from the air-conditioner.

My knees rose abruptly over his hands, and the contact of his tongue on my clit forced my lungs to return all the air I breathed in my eighteen years of life. Every swipe, every flick, and every pinch (between his lips), sent electric-like shocks through my spine. It was then I realised how foreplay can be more addictive than orgasms, making it last longer than I ever had done.

The last stroke along my wet slit took the longest, and his appearance in front of me calmed and made me yearn at the same time. What was I yearning for? I didn’t even knew how big he was. Just.. how cold the tip was when it touched my pussy. His gaze never left my eyes when the second part of his shaft split my vagina wider, setting the width I was about to feel throughout my innards.

Unlike ‘him’, he took his time to fill me up with his cock, lightly touching the right spots despite being shorter. I could feel an orgasm inbound just by picturing his intensity. His chest went above my line of sight and I felt a kiss on my forehead, along with a deeper reach into my pussy.

When he pulled out of me, every nooks and cranks stroked along my walls, driving me to hold him around his ribs in case he stopped. On his return trip, a ninety degree entry stabbed my groin and pushed along the neglected section of me, that had nerves as sensitive as everwhere else.

His body got warmer as those hips plunged downwards, angle slowly changing with his eyes coming back to me. Like magic, my mood and responses adjusted to his speed and direction of thrust, enlightening me with the varieties of pleasure in a single penetration.

At last, he settled down on a specific tempo, and jerked his upwards pointing cock at the underside of my vagina. My muscles tensed up all of a sudden as he tortured the g-spot mercilessly. I couldn’t let my fingers go from his arms no matter how hard I tried. Was it spasms overcoming me? The grey screen in my vision lightened with every toe-curling thrusts, until I couldn’t see through the white.

That precise moment, I finally felt the pain on my lips I have been biting on, and a brief flash of brighter light hit me with intense power that tightened every muscle I had. At the peak of the death-like sensation, the lights suddenly went out, as if someone had turned the screen off after dropping a flashbang.

Then, I felt movement inside me. Right. He was still there. As those hips resumed their deep pounding to bring my vision back. Every inch of his dick felt much harder, and there was no lack of after-quake shivers from the teasing of bloodshot veins covering his rod.

As I regained my composure, he slowed down to a stop before unplugging me, like how someone would interrupt your classical music by pulling your headphones jack out.

A long series of rapid breathes later, he stroked my cheeks with care. ‘I’ll cum on your tummy k?’ The memories of losing my virginity returned, but only to make me wished it had turned out this way instead. I nodded at him innocently, and he pushed his manhood back into my womanhood, accepting him more readily this time.

My ears, eyes, skin, were all on him during the last lap of rhythmic sex. A man, who can appear so calm in control, was the last thing I hoped to see before I settled down. I bet he would willingly make a baby with me if I had asked. Could I ever find someone like him?

He gently sent me to the edge of orgasm without me knowing, and the speed of our clapping hips increased. His strong hands opened my legs wide after he expended his last bit of energy, and a cock popped out from under my pussy as if he was saying hi. Cute indeed.

I let him rest his cock on my hand and watched his eager expression, sliding faster and faster through my clasped hand. Alas, he groaned and moaned to the firework of cum landing all over my belly. Far, they could reach, but warm they were really. He moved at his own pace to release everything onto me, and I freed him after he stopped.

Not wanting to waste the potent love seeds he dispersed on my body, I rubbed them all over my chest, not forgetting my belly button where he fired the first shot at. Like before, he towered over my body again, and pecked at my forehead with much more care.

We did not touch each other anymore after that. And he wiped me drier before we went into the shower again. Realising how delicate he was behind those smarty brain, my skin never felt a more comfortable touch since my mum last showered me. If only my man would wash our baby like that next time..

He wore my clothes back for me the same way he removed them, except for my shorts which he held under my feet for me to step into, pulling them up my waist like diapers. I returned the favour too, but held his shirt from him until the reminder call came.

For our sake, we left the hotel one by one, and met at the MRT exit we first saw each other.

‘Goodbye. You must take care of yourself k?’, I opened my arms for him to walk into and he held me really tight. Have we missed each other that much for that long? ‘Be better to yourself. I’m here if you ever need me’, a kiss landed near my ear after hearing that and we went our way.

‘Hard on the inside, soft on the outside’, was the man I saw walked away in the station. Be it on bed or in life, I admired his courage to act, and patience to think. Maybe I’ll never be like him. But he might be in me again, just to remind myself that someone capable of making a woman feel loved, exists.

See you soon, I hope.


Potential Daughter

Part 1 | Part 2

Cynthia: ‘So, can you solve it?’

His middle finger was pushed between her partially spread legs and into her clit, labia completely wet to its core. She was unhesitant about reaching to his zip and wriggling his cock out of his underwear, still sticky and wet from her mum’s saliva-lubricant mix.

Even though he just came, the little head grew up fast in her twisting hand, unsure of the right way to fondle the sensitive prick. Perhaps that was her way of telling him how much she liked him, and had accepted him in the most intimate level.

Sam (whispering): ‘Move up and down. At my speed.’

He rubbed her clit vertically and she reacted to his guidance, sending blood up his manhood that was a little numb from earlier. She proceeded to lie over his lap and gave his shaft a lick, also inexperienced to the art of giving blowjobs. After making a few trips up and down his cock, she sucked on the tip like a baby before moving her lips down to the halfway mark. That was about all she could contain in her maturing jaws.

Placing his hand on her forehead, he lifted her up and let gravity pulled her down, accidentally pushing himself to the edge by touching the back of her throat. Her tongue was motionless in the right spot, and there was no turning back once she got a hold on his tempo.

Sam (moaning): ‘Stop stop. That’s enough for tonight Cindy.’
Cynthia: ‘Cindy? Hehe. I like my new name.’

He pulled his underwear over his tool and asked her to sit on his lap, with her feet on the table. Setting his phone up in self-portrait-video mode, her pussy and his figure behind her was accurately captured in the frame. For the first time, Cynthia watched his strong fingers rub on her clit at high speed, sending random twitches across her legs and kept her toes curled throughout.

Her virgin orgasm with external help came in just a over a minute since he started, and his elbows kept her chest movements visible for her. A thick coat of juices had made webs on his fingers, something that made Cynthia felt dirty then.

Cynthia (panting): ‘Does yours look the same too?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. Probably.’

She dismounted him to get to her bed, and asked politely for him to sit at the edge. She kneeled on the floor in front of him and took his dick out again, this time stroking his shaft from top to bottom. With both her hands pumping the full length, her mouth at the tip only amplified the sensation which he was shaking violently to.

As he had long recovered from his previous ejaculation, the combined attack of her relentless handjob and tempting lips easily pushed him over the edge. Just when he was about to cum, he held her hair and poked the tip into her lips, before his hips trembled to unleash his second wave.

The lost girl started swallowed as he came and by the time he was done, there was no signs of their forbidden acts. Cynthia took a few gulps of her packet papaya milk and handed him to finish the rest. While he wore his pants back, she slipped on a pair of boyshorts as well.

Sam: ‘This is the working. You just need to calculate yourself.’
Cynthia: ‘Wow! So fast?!’

He patted her head and went out of her room, closing it like how he did for Qing. Leaving their house in smiles and worry, Cynthia did not take long to Whatsapp him about her take on keeping secrets.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘My mum never had a guy over before. And I can tell she really likes you. From what I know, she never done any specials for any man during her last job. Marry her k papa? ;) Buy one get one free! xoxo!’

His heart sank with bliss and comfort knowing how sensible she was, and there was no one better than Qing’s own daughter to tell him about the lady he was infatuated with. To have both girls in the same house, without any serious repercussions if he were to fuck them, what else could he ask for?

Sam (Whatsapp): ‘Tuition tomorrow?’
Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Blk 252. I end school at 3pm. Let’s finish my homework before we go home. Goodnight!’

Part 1 | Part 2


Potential Wife

Part 1 | Part 2

Sam: ‘我是Ah Sam.’
Translation: I am Ah Sam.

Qing: ‘哦!进来进来。饭快煮好了。’
Translation: Oh! Come in come in. Dinner is almost ready.

Their acquaintance came about from the Nearby function in the WeChat app, exchanging days of introduction before she invited him to her place for dinner. The sight of her daughter, who was at secondary three, did bother him a little, but the more important person than the girl from Qing’s previous relationship, was the single mum from PRC, whom he had very good chemistry with.

After a few minutes of watching the TV, he turned his attention to her girl, who coincidentally asked her mum to help her with homework, only to be hushed away by the lack of knowledge in her subjects. Sam took the chance and coached her, giving him an express path to create a bond with the teenager, greatly relieving her worry about handing in her homework in time.

Cynthia: ‘Thanks uncle Sam.’
Sam: ‘Just call me Sam. You’re a clever girl Cynthia.’

The alluring aroma of food whiffed up their noses and the three of them ate heartily, sharing more details of each other which they shot down in giggles. Even though Cynthia was more ‘Singaporean’ than her mum, their closeness did Sam a great favour. Better relations meant less problems right?

Cynthia: ‘Mummy. I go wash the dishes.’
Qing: ‘废话。今天是你啊!’
Translation: Of course! It’s your turn today!

Giggles came from them again and the slender, MILFy lady led him into her bedroom, reminding him about his joke about getting a massage from her. Ever since Cynthia started secondary school, she switched to a more humble job in a hawker stall, giving up her massage skills she learnt back in China. As Sam understood that everyone has a past, he trusted his heart to give her a chance to complete her family again.

Stripping his shirt off for him, she made him lie chest down on her bed and switched the lights off. Leaving the night light on to improve the ambience, Sam couldn’t help but recall the rare visits to massage parlours to ease his tensed ‘muscles’.

Working her nimble fingers and elbows down his back, every forsaken muscles started to feel alive again. It didn’t take her long to pull his shorts down, and knead those stiff calves to softness. Soon, his boxers were hanging at his feet, and her naughty fingernails were teasing his sensitive ass cheeks.

Cynthia: ‘Mummy, Sam wants cake?’
Qing (shouting): ‘喂!关门出去!’
Translation: Hey! Close the door and get out!

Sam kept still on the bed to not worsen their apparent connection, but was slightly turned off by the intrusion. Qing quickly took control of the situation again and revived his erection, that was poking against the bed uncomfortably. She only needed to pat on his hip twice to get him to flip over, and the rising stick made her more excited.

Qing (whispering): ‘你今天要吗?或是找一天Cynthia不在家再做?’
Translation: Do you want to do it today or another when Cynthia isn’t home?
Sam: ‘Do you want to? I’m fine with either.’

The door opposite her room slammed loudly and that was the cue that they would be less audible if anything were to happen. Qing shook her head with a grin and pumped some clear liquid onto her palm, grabbing his penis gently. She only spent less than five minutes jerking him off before she felt the size increase, and her knees went over his legs.

Qing: ‘你多久没有做了?’
Translation: How long since you last did it?
Sam: ‘About two years.’
Qing (whispering): ‘我就快三年了。’
Translation: Almost three years for me now.

She placed her hand over his eyes before he felt her mouth going over his dick, filling her lips perfectly with his girth. Her tongue just stayed under his shaft and glided along with her head movements, going up and down to clean the lubricant off. Once she was satisfied and grew impatient at his lack of initiative, the condom went over his cock in a rushed manner.

Qing stood over his body and lowered herself to squat over his dick, devouring it with her abalone that had loose labia. The sudden grip on her wrists told her more than how he felt when he groaned deeply, breaking a smile across her stern face.

Qing: ‘Good?’
Sam: ‘It is. Let me do the work.’

The couple took some time to switch to a missionary stance, and he was pumping at her once she had her feet behind him. The 37 year old lady suddenly appeared like 19, moaning sensually under his rocking body. The youthful vigour returned to him like travelling back in time, and the whole room was filled with sexy noises coming from their touching hips.

In the other room, Cynthia was listening at her door, to the intense sex her mum was having with her temporary-teacher. Slowly getting wetter, she slipped her hand under her oversized t-shirt and fingered herself, keeping as quiet as she could.

Qing (moaning): ‘我们换个姿势吧。’
Translation: Let’s change positions.

He got on his feet to let her roll over, and sat on top of her smooth butt. Lying parallel to her slim waist, his legs spread wide to stick his cock into her tight hole, only to experience a new level of pressure on his eager rod. Jerking his groin faster than before, her fleshy ass provided enough cushioning to let him go all out. Changing to a top-down hammer mode, the different angle made her scream loudly into the pillows.

Qing (muffled screaming): ‘我快不行了。来了!来了!’
Translation: I can’t take it anymore. I’m cumming!’
Sam (groaning): ‘我也是!啊… !’
Translation: Me too! Arghh!’

Their extended groans lasted long way past his eruption into the World’s Thinnest Condom, pumping his body a few times against the lady trembling in orgasm. He stayed inside her till she recovered her senses, and turned to one side to roll him onto her bed.

Qing (panting): ‘I can’t move anymore.. ‘

Her first English sentence wasn’t China-Chinese at all. In fact, the Japanese-like accent smoothered his heart and he had to ask her to speak English from then on. How lucky was he to meet someone from afar that had a tone similar to the JAV he occasionally watched?

Sam: ‘You’re really tight.. ‘
Qing: ‘I know. And you are bigger than my last husband.’

He tucked her into bed right there and then, excusing himself to leave on his own. Happy with his potential partner for life, he closed the bedroom door and turned around to see Cynthia in her long shirt.

Cynthia: ‘Before you go, can you help me with one last question?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. Make sure to hand in your homework on time k?’

He was shown to a folding chair next to her study table and caught her shirt hiking up her legs when she sat down. Her hand bravely landed on his thigh when she pointed her unsolved equation to him, throwing him into a confusion about that strong hint.

As he computed the workings of the question in his mind, she pulled her collar to her mouth, an innocent move that exposed her shaved clit to him. No one, no one could have missed that sight especially from where he was seated.

When she took the pencil out of his left writing hand and brought it to her Y-shaped groin, he knew she was onto something unmistakable.

Part 1 | Part 2


School Girl Diary

This is a guest entry for a school student, with unknown details about her current age or authenticity of her recount. Still, it is worthy of a read.

It came so natural when we dropped our bags on the ground. He pushed me to a wall and grabbed my boobs, while I ran my hand along his zip to feel his erection. The moment I felt his dick trying to unzip the pants from inside, I couldn’t help but rescue it from outside. When I felt his heartbeat through the cock in my hand, I thought I got a little wetter then.

He pulled down my shorts (with netting so I can skip wearing panties) under my school skirt to ‘check’ for me, and it turned into a short session masturbating my clit till I was close to screaming. I couldn’t keep my hand on his cock when he sunk his finger into me, confirming that I was wet all the way inside. Most of our clothes were kept on out of fear, given our age then and the unmistakable uniform we wore.

I couldn’t be bothered with the dirty floor when he made me lie on my back, knowing well that he would continue to finger me till he was tired. I loved how he made my vision blur with his fast hand movements, and I couldn’t think straight after I came. All he said was how much juices I leaked when his fingers got stuck during my orgasm, and I really wished he never need to pull his hand away.

For some reason, he was always thicker and longer than the last time I saw it. When he lay down on top of me, I could sense myself getting tighter just so he could experience my virginity all over again. That distracted look on him, and the agonising squint of his frown, was all so cute when the first part of him entered me.

My breath was sucked away by the air when he finally reached my deepest spot, and I couldn’t control my moans no matter how hard I tried. Each thrust he made would get me to moan in sync, panting deeper and deeper for air whenever he unleashed a chain of deep strokes.

His manly groans was indirectly controlled by my tightness, which I know would get more intense the faster he went. It was nice to see how the guy I love fall prey to my inactivity, working so tirelessly to achieve his own orgasm at my advantage.

‘Doggystyle?’, his casual mention for a change got me on my fours, shaking my butt naughtily to tease him further. His impatience got the better of him and he shoved his cock deep into me, overwhelming my thoughts for an instant. I gradually lost control of my strength as he slammed his hips loudly at my ass, piercing deep into my pussy.

I came within minutes in the new position, body concentrating all its energy to squeeze my vaginal muscles a little bit more. He detected the tension immediately and lost control of his hips, reaching new depths into my pussy. My mind went blank from the instant orgasm and he just kept going until he froze.

A few seconds were all I took to calm down and relaxed, before he pulled out of me. I turned around and planted my bare ass on the cold floor, while he stood over my lap in front of me. Like a hungry bitch, I devoured his cock and let him guide my head as deep as he liked, partially gag-free from our countless quickie blowjob.

He just let his demon take control of the speed and knocked my nose so hard, until he left my lips around the tip of his dick. I gave his shaft a few strokes and a second later, his semen flowed into my lower jaw, filling my hunger with his protein shake. As it was all under my tongue, I could barely tell how it tasted.

I took a moment to prep my mind before I swallowed them all down, gulping a few more times to make sure there was nothing left. Once he was done relieving his ‘stress’, we left the staircase with satisfaction, bottomless under my skirt.

This spot looks suitable for our future after-school ‘dates’.


Plus One Minus One

Me (shouting): ‘Oi! Who’s there?!’

I dashed up the empty stairwell towards the top of the stairs, to see two teenagers frantically adjusting their clothes with their laptops and bags on the ground. The condominium was off limits to the public, but these two kids had somehow found their way in. While the guy was almost done zipping his pants, the girl only had pulled her bandage skirt up to her knees, the crop tee barely covering her pussy that had short pubes on it.

Guy: ‘Hurry up.’
Me: ‘Who is a resident here?’
Guy: ‘She.’

Argh. She? The lousy grammar irked my authoritative mood as her skirt returned to its supposed position. The girl took out her condo access card and I took down the address printed on it.

Me: ‘Did you register him at the checkpoint?’
Girl: ‘No.’
Guy: ‘Are you going to report us?’
Me: ‘I have to write an incident report about unchecked visitors. There are a few cases of theft.’

He pulled his girl nearer to him before whispering in a hurried tone, bringing upon a mixed expression on her face. ‘No!’, she whispered louder than him when he finished his words. After a minute more of discussion, I was done with my note taking and was about to lead him to the security gantry.

Guy: ‘If I let you do anything you want to her, can you let us go?’
Me: ‘I’m not even holding you back. But you need to leave this premises.’
Girl: ‘Then me? What will happen?’
Me: ‘You will need to redeclare the number of cards and who is holding them. It is protocol to revoke all access pass in the household if there is a breach.’
Girl: ‘Shit. No no. You cannot let my parents know. They will kill me!’
Guy (whispering): ‘Then just agree!’

The petite student then removed her shirt, making it impossible to bring her out of the staircase. Her skirt came off shortly after and before me, an almost nude body was clad in just a set of black bra. He shoved her towards me and she kneeled on the floor in front of my feet, reluctantly unzipping my pants to fish my cock out.

At that moment, a text came into my phone with the details related to her card’s serial number, indicating her name and date of birth.

Me: ‘Sherrie. Is it?’
Sherrie: ‘Yeah?’

I walked away from her to sit on the top step of the flight and she crawled to my side, leaning in my chest and stroking my dick. Her useless boyfriend just went out of the door, with his belongings right where they were initially. In time, her soft lips touched my hard rod and went down my shaft, sucking it as if her future depended on it.

Me: ‘Your parents don’t know about him?’
Sherrie: ‘Mmm.’

She nodded with my cock in her mouth and sent a tingle to my toes, head getting lighter as she increased her speed. As part of the administrative side of the condo management, I was doing a routine check of the infrastructure before I walked in on them. My thoughts were soon losing sense when she went deep throat, gaggin on my engorged meat.

Me: ‘Hey.. that’s enough.’

Stretching for her bag behind us, she brought a condom into view for our next part, and I instructed her to cap me on. The untrained hand took some time before it was on, and we moved to the spacious floor in the middle of the landing.

Sherrie placed the empty, padded laptop case under her knees while she bent over in doggy, lowering her chest so she could stick her pussy out at me. Under the front, she was hair-free around her anus, all the way to her pinkish vagina. I positioned myself behind her and gently stuffed my cock into her, filling her void with my proud reproductive organ.

Though there was a thin piece of rubber between us, her tightness made up adequately with its slippery fluid. In the midst of our unexpected encounter, she was soon moaning to the vigorous thrusts of my hips. Jutting rapidly at her baby smooth ass, her body couldn’t stop twitching randomly.

Me (panting): ‘Who makes you feel better?’
Sherrie (moaning): ‘Youuuu.. ‘

I slammed deeper into her upon hearing that compliment, and hammered her at my fastest speed for the next few minutes. Her back suddenly straightened against my chest, and held my waist onto her hips. The ever-sexy shiver came along with her orgasm, voice murmuring sweet nothings into my cheek.

Me (panting): ‘I won’t be able to hold in for long you know?’
Sherrie: ‘Then don’t let it go to waste.’

She lifted her ass away from me and pulled me to where we sat earlier. Sitting a couple steps lower, her mouth engulfed my cock again with a new found source of strength. Shoving her head deep down my shaft, I couldn’t believe how similar it felt to her pussy. Warm, and wetter. The dangerously audible slurps did not bother me one bit as I felt my limits, unable to give her a fair warning before my load blew into her mouth.

Sherrie kept sucking for as hard as I fought back, losing control of my hips to her strong suction. Finally, I had no choice but to skip away from her, seeing her desperate face for the first time. My gesture to hand her her clothes was unneeded as she was busy rubbing her clit, to relieve the intense pounding.

Me: ‘C’mon. Let’s get dressed.’
Sherrie: ‘Your number?’
Me: ‘Wear your clothes back first.’

She finished typing a text and proceeded to put on her clothes, giving no notice to her boyfriend who came in to pick his bag up. She stuck to me after gathering her stuff and we went down the stairs to the lift, where we exchanged numbers.

When we reached her floor, she led me to the stairs again, but for a talk.

Sherrie: ‘What time do you end work today?’
Me: ‘Six.’
Sherrie: ‘Let’s meet at the pool? I know another place.’

We went our separate paths after setting up our next date, which is planned to happen in a utility storeroom around the pool.


Lust Cafe

Shanice: ‘So how do you like working here?’

The little heard question came out of nowhere while Edd was finishing up with his coffee machine. Another part time staff who was on the same shift as him wore a checkered boyfriend shirt tied around her waist, and a frilly pair of black denim shorts complimented her sexy yet not sexual outlook.

Edd: ‘Good so far. I like it here.’
Shanice: ‘Your colleagues? You’ve met the morning shift people right?’
Edd: ‘Yeah. You girls are really lucky to be able to wear anything you like here. I have to say, it’s hard to concentrate with babes around.’

Her giggles echoed in the now-empty cafe, as switches were flicked into their off positions. Leading Edd around the place to do a final check at all the locks and powerpoints, they found themselves in the make shift storage room under the shophouse stairs.

Edd: ‘You’re changing?’
Shanice: ‘Nope. Just.. ‘

She undid the knot and tucked it into her shorts, about to put on the top button when he stopped her. Unsurprised at his bold move, their eyes met at the deepest possible level without any words exchanged. Her hands went to her shorts to undo the buttons, while he did the same for his jeans. In no time, his hand had found its way over her thongs in the restricted shorts-space, and she had wrestled his dick out of the V-shaped opening at his groin.

He gently stroked her pussy over her underwear until moisture dampened the thin material, feeling her hand pulling the elastic band wide for him to stick his hand into. A deep gasp of air was heard as his middle finger slid down her wet slit, stopping short of her clit to give her a brief ‘introduction’.

Shanice’s busy palm took a break to collect some saliva from their mouths, before resuming the handjob that just got sexier. He lightly chokehold her against the wall to make sure he wouldn’t miss his kiss, and the momentarily freeze in her movements hinted him at her preference for domination.

Soon, her lips were moaning to his probing digits, teasing the entrance of her vagina incessantly. Shanice did not just let Edd have his way with him, reciprocating with the quick thumb rubs over his dick head.

Edd (whispering): ‘You’ll be the last to make me lose control like that.’

He ignored his falling pants to carry her under her thighs over his arms, letting her koala hug him around his neck. Using a step ladder in a corner, he managed to let himself into her pussy slowly, tearing her apart as his arms relaxed. Her thongs were the least of their concerns since it was pushed out of the way like a used tissue.

Pushed against the wall, Shanice was filled with lust the moment he started thrusting. Her bent legs could not close even if she wanted to, giving him full access to do whatever he wanted to her. Her body began slamming against his dick when he let her dangle from his neck, swaying her back and forth in ecstatic moans.

Shanice (moaning): ‘I’ll faint when I cum! Arghh!’

He did a little skip to switch his hands from her legs to under her ass, holding her steady on his chest as consciousness drifted away. He turned around to sit on the ladder and kept patting her to calm her down, only to see her awaken in a satisfied grin.

She regained her strength after resting and turned herself around, facing away from the able-bodied new staff. Holding onto a shelf in front, her pussy was lifted a short distance from his dick.

Edd got her cue immediately and went all out on her, ramming her tiny ass so hard a few items fell from the shelf. His grip on her waist tightened as he neared his orgasm, significantly slowly down his thrusts to shove deeper.

Edd (whispering): ‘I’m shooting now babe.’
Shanice: ‘Where are you cumming?’

He helped her stand upright and let his cock slid out of her wet hole, intimately lining up horizontal under her pussy. She closed her legs together as he started thrusting again, massaging her sore clit while he trembled in sensitivity.

Edd picked up his pace as his load built up at his balls, cumming shortly after into her underwear that stuck closely to his dick head. The stimulation on his shaft and at the tip caused his orgasm to weaken his knees, but he cleverly used the shelf for support.

Waves of creamy, thick cum poured into her thongs to her astonishment, leaving a trail along her slit when he pulled out behind her. Feeling the warm liquid moisturise her pussy, she couldn’t stop touching her groin once her pants were up.

The lights in the store went out after they collected their belongings, walking towards the same bus stop for their respective rides home.

Shanice: ‘I’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll be doing the same shift again. Bye!’

It was hard for Edd to stop staring at her mesmerising bright eyes, especially after he knew how she felt and looked under that fashionable outfit of hers. What would she be wearing tomorrow?


Two in Four Will

Jolie: ‘Toilet?’
Me: ‘Sure. If you dare.’
Jolie: ‘If YOU dare!’

The sweet nineteen year old skipped into a female toilet of City Square Mall, among the vacant education centres in the upper floors. I hugged the only shopping bag tightly in my arms before walking casually into the ladies, knocking on the last cubicle that had a handicap sign.

Jolie: ‘Occupied.’
Me: ‘I know.’

A loud gasp later, the door opened and she pulled me by the plastic bag in. In the safety of the four walls, I placed the noisy crackling bag on the ledge behind the toilet, before pinning her to one of the thin walls.

Jolie (whispering): ‘What the fuck!’
Me: ‘Shhh!’

I silenced her response by cupping her breast hard, enough to turn her head downwards. She hugged me closely around my back, trying to stop me from doing any more ‘damage’. But there was little she could do once I slipped my hand under her blue spaghetti top, diving straight into her padded bra for her nipple.

A quick pinch relaxed her arms around me and her struggle died down as I massaged her boobs. Slowly, but strongly, I almost reshaped her breasts with my skilful kneading motion. Her hand had moved over my groin to see if I was hard, but how could I not be? The poly student had a perfect pair of hips that sealed her thigh gap with the right amount of muscles, along with two beautiful mountains to top it off.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Are you hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘What does it say?’
Jolie: ‘Super.’

In a graceful manner, I slipped my hand into her undone denim shorts and went into her underwear. Sensing the lack of pubes on her shave groin, there was nothing less than excitement when she shivered to my touch on her clit.

Jolie: ‘Hey.. ‘

My jeans came loose in her hands and she gently held my cock in her palm, stroking it as slowly as I was teasing that wet pearl of pleasure. Her moans went straight into my ear with my continuous circular massage, and a tiny bit of pre-cum smoothened out the sensual handjob.

Me (whispering): ‘Are we having sex?’
Jolie: ‘What?’
Me: ‘Fine.’

I spun her around in a flash and swung her towards the toilet. Pushing her on her knees over the plastic cover, her shorts and panties came off while she was in doggy style. There was no shortage of a struggle when she reached behind to stop me, trying to get off the toilet in vain of my strong arms.

Me: ‘Keep still!’

Something came over me when I landed a hard slap on her ass, scaring her motionless in the same spot. No amount of ‘sayang-ing’ would calm her down but I wasn’t going to change my mind either. Placing my dick under her pussy, I thrust a few times to lube my shaft up. Her body couldn’t hide the excitement when her waist trembled in my hands, and I could feel her getting wetter.

Leaning back a little, my erection went perpendicular to her pussy. It did not take me long to figure out the right hole, and I pushed my tip in to lock on the target.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Go slow k?’
Me: ‘I will.’

I had to bite my lips hard when I dipped my cock into her tight hole, catching her clench her fists from the side. ‘Kegel’ was what she mentioned earlier over dinner. That challenge was good enough to take on and I shoved the first stroke into her, loosening her vagina momentarily. As she regained focus, it became a competition to outlast her.

Changing my grip from her waist to her shoulders, I yanked her backwards again, only to start pounding her from the rear. ‘Oh fuck.. ‘, long groans along that line started coming as our hips slapped loudly against each other, sending my cock as deep as I could into her curvy ass.

For once, I had to admit that she could control her muscles well, as different pressures caused me to lose my tempo from time to time. Ramming harder and deeper into her, the subtle shivers and collapsing chest were the only signs of her orgasms, but there was no way to know for sure.

Reducing my intensity to her tightening pussy, I settled on a rhythm I could handle, no matter if she was doing anything funny. The gorgeous hair swung back and forth as I buried myself further, admiring her twisting waist to my forceful entries.

Me: ‘Argh.. I’m ready to cum now. You’re getting too tight.’
Jolie: ‘But I’m not even squeezing!’

I decided to pull out before I lost control, and she returned to sit on the toilet cover. Switching from her pussy to her hands, her saliva lubricated the rest of the journey in a handjob. Clearly having enough practise, she easily grasped my ideal strength and speed, pumping me to my natural end.

Me (whispering): ‘Here it comes Jolie.. ‘

She closed her eyes as she continued jerking, until my hips buckled and spewed a huge load over her nose and lips. The playful girl didn’t stop despite my pleas, until I had to pull myself away. Blinded by cum, I used a piece of wet tissue to clean her enough to walk out of the cubicle.

For that short period, I was left to wear my clothes back, before she sent me an ‘all-clear’ text. Making our way out past a security guard who probably spotted us, we left the memorable floor and went to Casa Italia, for a well-deserved cup of gelato.


Coffee ‘Creamer’

Just as I settled down in a cosy corner of StarBucks with my iPad, the sight of a shiny object under an occupied table got my attention. A lady in a blue floral dress, white columns lining the sides of her waist all the way to the hems, was seated opposite to my table. The tiny triangle peering through her neatly placed feet enlarged whenever she rocked her heels, and the glossy orbs reflected light in my direction.

Amidst my lecherous glances below her table, our eyes met once before I returned my gaze to my screen, now aware that she had caught me peeping. The movements of her legs only got bolder as she crossed one over the other, splitting the gap wider for a permanent line of sight.

The way she combed her long hair backwards, and the tilting of her head to expose her slender neckline, it was almost too clear to me as to what she was hinting. The narrow end of our tables were not the ideal spot to do any work in, so there were little disturbance to our privacy.

Me: ‘Do you mind if I join you? Since we are both going to be mostly working on our laptops.’
Lady: ‘Sure thing.’

I shifted my belongings to her round table and we sat opposite each other, without any more opportunities to watch her mysterious underwear. We were back to our work and sipping coffees, until I felt a kick under the table.

Lady: ‘Sorry! Was stretching.’
Me: ‘It’s alright.’
Lady (whispering): ‘So, did you see what I wore?’
Me: ‘Just something shiny?’
Lady: ‘Sharp eyes there.’

Her feet went to the middle of my heavy wooden chair and did a flick of her toes on my groin, bringing forth a whole new hint to our alone time. As I wore a pair of thin AirForce shorts for comfort, it provided a silky touch to her fidgeting feet. For her side, I slipped my foot out of my worn out slippers and placed it at the same spot on her chair.

Wriggling my way between her legs, a string of stiff pearls knocked against each other as I tugged on the elastic band (holding them together), watching her clench her fist in response. The greenhouse effect in our little corner had warded off other patrons, giving us all the freedom to shift our seats next to each other.

Facing the entry into the long walkway we sat at, she placed her feet on the empty chair in front, and I stayed seated firmly to let her knead my bulge. Her slightly ajar thighs permitted my hand to go between, and it didn’t take us too long to cross our arms. Her hand on my stretched waistband and mine under her dress.

Her eyes were glued to my screen where a story was in progress, stuck at the ‘concluding’ part of the passage. The pearly bits were pushed one side quickly and my fingers darted in and out of her, alternating with clit rubs while she moaned and jerked my erection. She leaned over to my keyboard with her free hand to type something, and the automatic backup did not cause any worry.


She pecked at my wireless keyboard with difficulty as I tickled her insides faster, forcing her to grab my cock harder. For her benefit, I clicked a ‘J’ alphabet to reply with my name and she was cool about my discretion.

Lynette (whispering): ‘J.. do you think we can do it here.’
Me: ‘Sex?!’
Lynette (whispering): ‘Shhh! You’ve got a condom?’

I reached for my wallet and took a Okomoto Crown rubber I packed for such emergency purposes, and she capped me on within another few strokes. The loud screech across the wooden floor gathered no attention given our distance from the main crowd, and she promptly sat on my lap with her dress in the way.

Very discretely, I lifted her clothes till the hard pearls touched my groin, and her hand quickly guided my cock into her. The brief moment of pleasure felt a few seconds long, but we knew it was only a couple. All it took us to get started was for her to slide her ass along my thighs, and I was slipping in and out of her pussy.

An overwhelming tightness was created with her knees stuck together, sending me into a frenzy as soon as she picked up her pace. Our hands never separated as she rocked faster and faster, listening to my disgruntled groans that I was barely holding in.

Me (whispering): ‘Are you always so tight?’
Lynette: ‘My ex says I have a body of a virgin.’
Me: ‘Agreed! (sighing loudly)’

I constantly worked on her clit as she did all the work, until a gentle shiver ended her robotic movements.

Me (panting): ‘I’m going to shoot if you keep going.. ‘
Lynette: ‘Don’t waste it in a condom.’
Me (panting): ‘Huh? Then where?’

She moved her ass a bit further back to let my dick pop out of her, before unrolling the condom in a gentle, upward pinch. Her fingertips touched me on my shaft a few times before holding me with her wet palm, reminding me about how wet she was.

A handjob sent me back to moaning for my life and it took her just a minute before I reached my limit. In her light but sensational grasp, I couldn’t believe a loose grip was the key to make me cum. She brought her cup of latte in front of her, out of my sight, and increased her speed.

I felt the steam from the coffee and the warm edge of the cup touch my cock, before she bent it downwards. Luckily for me, the coffee was just warm and not hot, considering how my balls were leaning on the side of the cup. My cum splashed into the latte and that was the only noise from us, until she brought it back to the table.

The brown, signature StarBucks serviettes were moistened with her cup of water and I used it to wipe myself clean. Returning my genitalia into my pair of comfy shorts, she stirred her coffee vigorously in front of me. Loud sips brought the content of the cup into her mouth and she was grinning at me the whole time.

Lynette: ‘Are you done with your work?’
Me: ‘Not yet.’
Lynette: ‘Let’s get back to work then.’

I brought us another round of cold drinks this time, finishing up my work while she packed her laptop before me. Leaving with good feelings and my number, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be at the right place, at the right time.