Day: Wednesday
Date: 28 October 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her house

Sitting beside her on the couch, I had full view into her tank top. Her nipples were so close to be seen, in her bra. I asked if I could use her laptop to check something and she said, ‘Help yourself’.

Once I entered her room, I sat on her bed and switched on the webcam recording feature on her Vaio. I shouted, ‘Ehh! How do you use this ah?’ She came into the room and looked at the screen. I rolled her swivel chair to her back and pulled her onto my lap.

My hands went up her top from her stomach and massaged her cute little breasts, fondling her nipples with my fingers. With one hand on her nipples, I lifted up her legs to rest on the armrest of the chair. I managed loosened the catch on her shorts and wriggle my way into her panties.

The warm moist feel below made me swiped some juice off her pussy and tasted it. Her face was in full view of the camera, which I have already minimised so she wouldn’t find out. With the excuse of waiting for an important email, I turned the laptop to the bed and nudged her towards it.

She made me lie on the bed before pulling my shorts and panties down and giving it a good suck. Without taking a pause, she made me cum into her mouth and swallowed it to save time.

I lie her down and pulled her shorts and panties the same way she did. Position my hips at hers, I pushed my harden dick into her slippery and tight pussy. She pulled my close to her body and hugged me tightly while I started to move my hips.

In out in out, the slurping wet sound that follows didn’t make anyone of us any tired. The whole love-making got more intense as I paced myself faster but calmer so I would make her feel good for a longer time.

She gestured for me to pull her up so she could do me in a cowgirl’s style. She rode me non-stop for close to 10 minutes, grinding and bouncing hard and deep on my dick. As I say I was cumming, she bounced even hard and replied, ‘Me too!’. I came hard into her and her tight pussy got even tighter and wetter.

During the whole orgasm together, I moved my hips upwards to keep her bouncing while I pushed my seeds deep into her. She collapsed onto my sweating body and fell asleep, with my dick in her pussy.

After a 30 minutes of dozing off and waking up periodically, I was awakened by her pussy moving again. She woke up and started to move instinctively. I turned my body around to place her on the bed while I lie on her and moved only my hips.

Her face was flushed with pleasure and soft short moans kept me pumping till she had enough – and really wanted to sleep. I went to her laptop once she fell asleep and quickly upload the video and some of her pictures I saw onto my server.

I didn’t leave after that, I went back to join her and hugged her to make sure she is really comfortable.

It is very surprising how this relationship could go so far on friendship. I suppose this doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you tried, maybe the chance will come.


After I took off my pants and undergarment, I went out to the living room and dragged her by her hair to my room. I held her hair and choked her, talking straight into her face.

‘You hurt me, this is what you get. I’ve already warned you not to make me desperate.’

I pulled her by her hair and threw her onto the bed. I pinned her hands down with mine, kept her legs spread with my calf on her thighs and used a scissors to take her panties away. She obediently did as I said because I was very angry at that point in time and armed with a scissors.

The cellphone placed in front of us was already recording every action down, from the moment I pulled her in.

I took the vibrator on the table where the camera was and turned it on before placing it on her pussy. I did so just for the sake of making her a little wet, so she could get the punishment easier. She struggled and even so, her pussy got wet and started juicing.

I positioned my dick in front of her pussy and looked at her. She realised what was happening, and begged me not to put it in and would agree with anything else. It was too late then, as much as I pity her, I wanted to get my revenge.

I put the dick head into her pussy and slide it in bit by bit. She was really crying for help but the closed windows muffled her out. As I pushed my dick into her hymen, she went berserk and struggled in pain.

With my dick covered in her juice and blood, I continued pumping away while watching her pitiful expression, still begging me to stop.

‘No way I’m going to stop. You made me do this, I’ve tried giving you so many chances, but you took it all away. I’m going to shoot into you!’

Upon hearing that, she struggled harder but wasn’t successful in her current state. I continued pumping and when I was about to cum, I paused and asked her,

‘What do you think you can offer me now NOT to shoot in you?’

She whispered ‘anything’ just sobbed away. Suddenly, it all seems silly and I released my grip on her. She curled up on the bed and cried. Covered in blood, bruises on her hands and thighs, I knew I was in deep shit. And so was she.

I took my cellphone out and removed the memory card, put it in my bag. I sat beside her until she stopped crying to packed her stuff and left. I quickly switched on my laptop to upload the video into my secured server.

Five minutes later, an unknown number called. It was her mum, demanding to see me in an angry tone. I went downstairs to see her mum shouting, and her in the car. I entered the vehicle and requested for permission to speak.

A simple phrase and she had to think twice. ‘I’ve uploaded the video onto the internet. I can still bring it down, I can still do something about it.’

Thinking of her poor daughter, her tone changed and asked me for a way to remove the videos. There wasn’t anything else I could asked for. So I said, ‘You have nothing I want’ and got off the car.

I went to upload the video onto my server, and made back-ups just to play safe. For the next 3 days, her parents came to my house and asked me for a solution outside court. I passed them a copy, and demanded she meet me. If I am arrested for doing that, I would spread the video the same.

We met, we quarrelled and we broke, but she couldn’t run too far away from her rape video.


Day: Monday
Date: 5 October 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her house

Her pussy was already very wet, and her juices haven’t stop flowing since the last orgasm. As I saw the little stream flowing, I tried using my mouth to suck as much juice as I could and just as I intended for, she got all horny again.

I spread her legs open and positioned my dick with a condom over, in front of her tight love hole. I pushed the tip of dick in and let my hips did the rest of the penetration. Once the started moving, her moan was louder than I’ve ever heard, probably because of the teasing I did earlier.

She wrapped her legs tightly around my hips and helped me thrust deep into her. Her pussy was so small that I could feel the end of her pussy. Wanting to make her feel good, I did not slow down until her tight pussy tightened and became super wet. She was having an orgasm but wanted me to continue pumping her.

I kept my pace and made sure she took the full length in her. Her body trembled and twitched at every thrust I gave it to her, after close to another 10 minutes of pumping she was knocked out.

I didn’t know what to do then and had my dick still in her. I took a rest and went to give her a pussy licking until she regained concious. She loved the feeling of fainting in pleasure and asked for another round.

I turned her around to doggy style and plunged my dick into her overflowing hole. No matter how many times we’ve done this, her hole is always tight. We moved in sync and she was just there clenching her pillow and bedsheets tightly. Her pussy didn’t get any drier as we continued and even dripped onto her bedsheets, making the patch bigger.

She didn’t care then and just want me to go faster and not stop. Given the speed at that time, I couldn’t quite keep up and starts to find it hard to hold it in either. Giving her the signal that I was cumming. She turned and sat on the bed, removing the condom  clumsily and took my dick into her mouth. She didn’t quite know how to suck and this made the whole experience refreshing and I fired my load into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and got back to the doggy position. I wasn’t even hard yet. I put on a new condom and tried masturbating to get it up faster. She was already fingering herself with her pussy in front of me.

I got a little harder and I pushed my dick into her again. This time, I went fast and hard since I just unloaded and needed a longer time to cum again. The slapping sounds of my balls on her pussy was constant and we kept in sync. Without giving me any rest, she pushed my dick out of her pussy and pushed me on the bed.

With my dick standing high up, she went over my dick and took my dick in. And now, I am the one lying down while she does the work.

After making me shoot another load, she did stop and fall onto my body. My dick was still in her and my cum was overloading the condom and flowing out. I just hugged her and we fell into deep sleep.

She woke up first and sat on my dick. Moving her pussy up and down, my dick was awakened and I had to stop her to change a condom before continuing. Her parents were at Sentosa Cove and like usual, her boyfriend was feeling lazy to come out. So I had to satisfy her without making her feel bad.

I came thrice during the whole period at her house. It was at night when her boyfriend asked her out for dinner. We washed up and walked out to J8 before going our separate ways.

GirlPOV> I Gave In

Day: Sunday
Date: 4 October 2009
Time: 10am
Location: My house

I was taking the bus home from Bras Basah. I was there to collect a book I’ve reserved for someone else. On the bus 133, there was 3 other people sitting in front of me. Seated 2 rows from the back, I could get a good view of anyone boarding. Then, at the Bugis stop, I saw this guy who looked kind of funky.

I always had the hots of funky guys. He gave me a glance and seated the same row, but across the aisle. Going out early, I didn’t wear more than a one piece dress which I grew out of. This piece made me feel a little insecure with the skirt ending about a palm and a half length above my knees.

As more people boarded the bus, I sat beside him and he couldn’t stop glancing at my legs which I have did so much to maintain. I typed an sms, ‘Boy, you’re so hot I couldn’t keep my eyes off you’ and placed it in front of him. He looked and said, ‘Hi’.

We talked about where he went and how old is he.. 17. It was a huge turn on for me to try someone 3 years younger than me. I asked if he could alight with me and he said he wouldn’t mind. I got off at the stop after Thomson and he followed me to my place.

I could tell that he was happy and shy at the same time. I suppose I am the one in control now. I opened the door to my house and he walked in, not knowing to sit or what to do.

I asked him to have a seat while I went to put my stuff in my room, and a micro vibrator in my panties. I walked in front of him and lifted up my dress to reveal my panties. Feeling naughty, I put my hand into my panties and turned on the vibrator.

I immediately trembled and sat down, due to the vibrator and the thought of thinking of him being hard for me. I went in front of him and took off his shorts and pulled his undies down. I sit him back down and wrapped around my hands around his dick.

I put some saliva onto his dick and spread it all over.

I squeezed gently and moved my hand in an up down action. Asking if it was his first time, he said yes. Now, what’s left in my mind is to give him the best handjob and make him only enjoy mine.

I placed my thumb below his dick pointing upwards and teasing it while jerking him off. He could not last long and said he was going to cum soon. I stopped jerking him and massaged using my fingers. He calmed down and I started slow again.

Placing my hand in front of his mouth, he gave me some saliva to keep it lubricated. I pumped him again speeding up and he shot his huge load straight up and onto this dick and all over my hands.

He quickly apologised and looked like he felt real bad for making a mess. I shook my head and went to tease the tip of his dick which his reaction was to grab the cushions tightly. It was such a timing that he shot when I had my orgasm too.

I massaged his whole shaft until it was up again, covered with his cum and our saliva. I made this time lasted longer until he had to ask shy to please let him release. I made him cum hard again but didn’t stop my hands until he finished shooting and going into a little spasm and getting hard again.

My pussy was really wet then but I had no intention to going further than a handjob. I went to my room to slipped a bullet vibrator into my pussy. Going back to the living room, I took off my bra under my dress in front of him, making him hard again. I made sure he could see my nipples through the collar though.

I went for his third round again, and he just sat on the sofa enjoying with his eyes in my dress. Being really naughty and adventurous, I sort of ruin the guy’s perception of handjob by giving him 7 rounds without rest.

I had to admit I had more than 7 orgasms though. He had to remove his clothes to wash his dick as it was covered with so much cum. I sent him off after he cleaned the sofa, without even exchanging much less a name.

My panties was soaked by the time he left and I immediately had to get off again thinking of his orgasmic face. Hehe.


Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: My house

As I watch her sleep on my bed, everything felt calm and slow. She was in her tank top and skirt today. Seated at the end of the bed, I just looked at her. Despite the hard on caused by her cameltoe through the white cotton panties, I didn’t want to interrupt her sleep.

Peiling had to reach school at 9am, have lessons till one and have lunch with her friends after. After lunch, she went to meet me at Bishan Library to do some research before coming to my place to do work.

The fact that I cannot sleep as peacefully as she triggered many happy and sad moments we’ve been through. Things hasn’t been going very smoothly then. She slept for a whole one hour and I sat there for exactly as long as she is in her dreams. Slowly turning around, she turned and looked at me. I just smiled and crawled towards her.

Positioning myself above her, I kissed her lips gently and looked at her. Never I have seen her so refreshed and willing to pay so much attention to me. I bent over to kiss her again and slid my knee under her skirt, against her pussy.

With our lips still sealed, she took a long breath through her nose and relaxed. Leaning over to the other knee beside her hips, I gently pushed the knee that was in between her legs, forward onto her pussy, rotating it on her sensitives.

She closed her eyes in pleasure and her kisses got more passionate. Her tongue went in and out of my mouth, making slurping sounds with our mixed saliva. The intense kissing lasted for a few minutes while my knee made occasionally motion on her pussy. After a while, she lifted my head up with both her hands, giving me a seductive look.

Slowly, I ran my hands down her shoulders to her waist and stopped at the bottom of her tank. With my hands holding her waist, my hands moved north, pulling her shirt along and revealing her belly button. She looked at me innocently without saying anything, signalling to get me horny and going.

I lifted her shirt higher and soon, her black strapless bra is in full view. I placed my hands above her head and went down to give her a peck. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, ‘Can you help me unbuckle my bra?’

Pulling herself up by my neck, I supported myself with one hand and loosened her bra with my other. She released her grip on my neck and fall back onto the bed. Her B sized breasts were in front of me, I brought my mouth to her left breast and gave the nipple a gently suck. Covering her nipple with my mouth, my tongue started twirling around the soft brown nipples.

Alternating between both side, my hand and mouth did not rest at all. Her nipples were soon hard in my mouth and I could tell she wanted more. ‘You want to go get the vibrator?’ I reached into my bag beside the bed and took out her favourite pink vibrator.

I sat back down on my ankle, knelt in front of her. My hands disappeared into her skirt in a spider crawling motion, giving her a little tickle. I pulled her panties down a little lower and placed the vibrator bullet in position inside her panties.

I leaned forward and made she my bulge through my pants is on the vibrator before turning it on. She hugged me tight and pressed my body onto her. Wanting more of me, she lifted my shirt and took it off. Our warm body was stuck together while making crazy kisses.

Going into a frenzy of non-stop orgasms given to her by the vibrator, her moans and twitching of her body did not stop for a moment and she enjoyed every too. I do asked her if she wants a break but she just shook her head, reserving all her voice for moaning.

Soon enough, she gave my back a pat and I slowly the speed down to give my attention to her. She looked down at my pants and stretched her hands which hardly reached my belt and tried to took it off.

I helped her took my belt off and only left my FBTs on. She pulled my body down by my shoulders and hugged me closely. ‘Can you turn it on again?’ I listened to her and gave her another round of continuous orgasms.

She closed her eyes, stopped her tongue action, but kept me hugged. She fell asleep and I know I have to give her a break too. I turned the vibrator off and went to lie beside her. She turned towards me and gave me a hug a wife would give a husband.

It was today, that I had a thought clear in my mind when I started tempting her into this. I choose not to ask her to help me get off. I just want her to relax and enjoy. She had been troubled by projects and our relationship.

She woke up at 8pm and I sent her home without any requests or questions, knowing she has a lot of work to do. Hoping she felt relaxed after our session.

GirlPOV> First Time

Day: Sunday
Date: 4 October 2009
Time: 12pm
Location: His house

We are together some time now, being two years older, he is someone who can respect my decision about ‘sex after marriage’ and of course, despite having ‘no-sex’ restrictions, we had our fair share of kinky experiences.

We went to his house after some shopping at Junction 8. Once I entered his house, I could feel my pussy warming up and my heartbeat going faster. It was always playtime whenever I’m at his house.

After taking off my slippers, I went straight into his room and laid on the bed. He came on top of me and kissed me. Everytime I went out with him, I would dress myself appropriately for others, and sexily for him. And what do I mean?

I wore a tube bra, and a Puma jacket over it. He was the only one who knew what I wore inside. I never unzipped low enough for others to realise I was only wearing a bra.

For my bottom, I wore a short denim skirt with black cotton panties, I always felt comfortable wearing it and knew he loved to feel it too. Soft and comfy.

With him on top of me, I spread my arms out and allowed him to unzip my sweater and pull my bra down. He then lie on my stomach area to give my nipple at good licking. It was heavenly, the stimulation goes straight into my head. The tingling feeling went on even after he stopped.

His naughty hands ran up my skirt and took my panties off. He looked a little surprised at my newly shaved pussy. I seldom shave it as I somehow think that it’s there for a purpose and when I do shave I didn’t shave it really clean as I was afraid of cutting myself. He didn’t mind and went on to play my clit with his tongue, I could feel his wet, soft, slimy tongue attacking my clit and trying to enter my love hole.

He knew where my soft spots were and used them against me. That’s why I always helped him out.

I had my jacket open and bra down the whole time, and without my panties too. I liked the feeling of no panties and bra but with my clothes on. It’s stimulating for the horny side of me.

Once he started licking my pussy, I couldn’t stop him. It felt like I was going crazy in ecstasy but my body wants it. I held him by the side of his head as he gave me the final flick to my wildest orgasm. He stopped and admired the juice flowing like a stream onto his bedsheets. It took me close to 1 minute to stop, relax, cool down, whatever, it just felt too overwhelming.

I asked him to sit at the ledge of the bed to give him a surprise, blowjob – for the first time. Before this, the furthest I would go to getting him off is giving him a handjob, but was feeling really adventurous today.

He removed his pants and underwear, sat on the ledge of his bed and I sat in front of his dick, on the floor. I held his butt and moved him closer to the ledge so I could put my whole head between his legs.

I took his dick in my hand, gave it a small lick for taste test and it tasted a little salty. I didn’t mind and put it into my mouth. I played with it with my tongue for some time, not knowing what to do next. Sensing that I was lost doing the same thing for quite some moment, he held me behind my head and pushed my head forward and backwards, taking more of his dick in and out..

Suddenly, it got into me that the same ‘in out’ action is linked with the hands’ ‘up down’ action. I closed my lips around his dick and made sure my teeth didn’t touch his meat. My mouth took it in and out slowly, trying to pace my breathing with the sucking.

My left hand was holding the lower area of his shaft and unconsciously, my right hand went to my pussy. I spread my legs opened and started masturbating. Now I know doing it make things a little easier.

After a while, he stopped me and said he is going to cum if I continued. I went back to the bed and lie down. So he asked if I wanted to help him out. ‘Yupp, I want to’ and I asked one question that made him really excited and horny. ‘Do you have a condom?’, immediately he ran to this bag and took one out.

I offered to put it on for him with his assistance. After getting it ready, I laid back and opened my legs wide. He climbed on top of me in a push up position, knees on the bed and slowly inserted his dick. I think he read a lot just for this moment.

Every time he went in, it would go about 1cm deeper, it went well till 3-4cm in. It reached one point where no matter how many times he slide in and out, I will feel pain. I pulled him closer, hugged him and whispered, ‘Try again. It’s a little painful, but I can 忍.’ He pushed it in and I felt a slight pain, I was tearing and accidentally clawed his back. He didn’t mind and even asked if I felt okay to go on.I wiped my tears away and nodded my head.

He started moving in and out of my pussy, covered with a little blood, and the varying speed made me cum twice. Soon, the pleasure numbed the pain and I was enjoying it will a little ache. For a first time, my pussy was really tight and he was moaning along with me too.

Not long after he came in the condom and wanted to go to the toilet to clean me up. I held him by his hand when he was getting out of bed and asked, if he wanted to try doggy and he said, ‘Next time can? I want you to get better first.’

I nodded my head gladly in agreement. He led me to the toilet and washed me up, unknowingly giving me another orgasm while rubbing my pussy and jets of water hitting my clit.

We got dressed and I fell into a deep sleep only to be awakened by his tongue action on my pussy. He got me hot and helped me came once before cleaning me up and sending me home.

He was happy, I was happy. I was only 16 and he was 18 then. FML.

Patched and More

Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NYP Block S stairwell, my house

I finally got in check with my emotions, controlling my choices so I won’t get angry over them. And Peiling even initiated to a conversation yesterday.

I went for a movie and left her to be with her project and friends, whatever made her happy. She called me at 5pm and asked where I were. Well, just in school doing my FYP.

She said she wanted to come down and meet, so I said okay, maybe after 6pm. She reached at around 5.50pm and waited me for a while outside my room. Once we’re released, she wanted to talk to me about our relationship, salvaging it.

We walked to the staircase where I always had my quiet moments to talk to her through the phone and such. Few people walk that stairs, one or two within an hour or so. We put our bags down by the railing and sat down on the first few steps to talk.

After about 30mins of talk, we ended up hugging each other and crying. I got myself a second chance, and she felt sorry too.

I pulled her up and onto the platform before the steps to kiss. Our kiss got intimate and our hands started to get naughty. She slipped her hands under my shirt to feel my skin and I did the same too. She sure smells and feel good.

She was wearing a simple shorts and tee and me in a bermudas and shirt. Being in school and in such a location, I could only massage her pussy through her clothes and she massaged mine too.

We had this intense kissing and teasing for a few minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore and left for my house.

We entered and went to my bedroom immediately. Lying on the bed, we had turns being on top and kissing. Soon enough, our clothes were gone, leaving us in our undergarments. We felt really close and took turns getting each other off over and over again. She sucked and jerked me off and I rubbed her pussy lips and clitoris with the use of vibrator too.

She kept me cumming non-stop and taking every load in her mouth. She had to spit it out everytime though. To return the favour I kept her wet and in a continuous orgasm mood.

As before, she loved it when I used my dick’s bulge (with FBTs) to press against the vibrator in her panties on her clit, she could still hug me tight for every orgasm and kiss. I totally respect her decision not to have sex. I liked it when she’s just servicing me happily though, I’m just contented with that.

No long after we fell asleep in our undergarments and when we woke up, my mum was watching TV in the living room.

As this is not the first time she could guess what we’re doing, we got dressed and walked out as though nothing happened to watch a little TV and left. I’m glad we patched, and strengthen my trust, which I always had an issue with.