Vivian´s Works

Hmm.. I guess I will upload three of Vivian’s voice clips that she sent me ba. It had been delayed too long le, she sent this to me about 2 months back already. For those who doesn’t know about audio clips on /Kinky, the recordings are done and contributed by Vivian who is a frequent reader. She is open to suggestions about what type of audio clips to make but strictly no video. Yeah...

Vivian´s Short Rub

Vivian rubbed herself and recorded her moans for a while. It was almost the third time she came when she started recording, thus the short clip.

Hope you guys will enjoy this really short but tempting clip. [:

Vivian´s Toy

Vivian wanted to make a recording of herself playing with a new toy. Heard from her is a pink vibrating dildo with bling blings at the battery cover/ handle. And no, she didn’t put it into her love hole. She’s an adventurous virgin, nothing more.
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Vivian´s Blowjob

Vivian wanted to make a recording of herself masturbating and sucking on ‘something’. This clip was really cute as her tamagotchi sounded around 5:16.

Vivian´s Voice

Vivian was nice enough to do this recording for my readers here.

And finally I’ve got a embedded media player.


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