PSA: One to Ruin it All

‘PSA’ stands for Public Service Announcement, and I am highlighting a ploy at that gravitude. Also, a little update about the PLUS section (skip to the end for this).

We have seen many people, especially girls, marketing their ‘photo sets’ for sale, and damn the screenshots/ samples are tempting. Besides the occasionally-exorbitant prices (though relative to one’s level of income), one thing that we all try to make do with is authenticity. Sure, there is no way we can confirm what we are buying, really belong to the individuals. On top of that, the internet is simply too huge for even Google’s reverse image search to cover.

Before we touch on the prevention methods, let’s summarise the few situations we might have found ourselves in after we made the purchase.

1. The files never arrived.
2. Photos are clearly ripped from the internet.
3. Body, faces, seem to belong to more than one person.
4. Quality so low boobs become brown coloured buns.

That is exactly how photo ‘leaks’ happen, widely spreading the photos/ videos they were scammed to buy. Distrust leads to fewer transactions, demands for proof before purchase increases, sideline-ing the few genuine, honest sellers.

Here comes the better part – prevention.

1. If the sample photo/s seem too good to be true (e.g. perfect figure, overly-daring poses, faces included), they are probably taken from Reddit. Go ahead, amaze yourself.

2. If the description says something like, ‘if you don’t trust me, don’t buy it’, do as it says. Genuine, sincere sellers take the time to walk you through your uncertainties, overcome your fears, earn your trust. As much as they want your money, they want happy, return customers.

3. Second best defense, buy through a trusted source. If you enjoy photos and videos purchased from a user you highly suspect isn’t the original source, that is good enough to keep buying.

4. Don’t buy such photos/ photo sets/ videos/ sexting services at all.

5. Only from trusted source like me! More details below ;)

If you look to your left (on a desktop browser), or the drop-down menu (on mobile browser), you will see this PLUS banner that is so intriguing yet irriting, since it is not open to anyone. However! Everything is about to change since Maeve is about to join in on this, with my participation. *wink wink* That said, let me put a disclaimer upfront.

I knew her outside this erotica realm, and her interest in participating has been long-established but proved difficult to integrate safely. We have been physically close for some time now, and have decided to come into this as partners.

You guys will soon see an image of us (or just her) marketing a way to communicate with us. It will most likely be on Kik, with the option to talk to either her, or both of us. So yay! Stay tuned!

on the PLUS side

For visitors whom have noticed the ‘Private’ or ‘PLUS’ banner at the sidebar, that section is currently under alpha-testing for management, arrangement and publication of contents. It is still a concept-in-testing and will allow subscribers to access videos, stories (that’s all for now) that are more explicit than the rest of the site. Meant to be an exclusive, content-loaded section, there will be an appropriate price set for membership, though there are more kinks to iron out regarding the amount of media no matter the price.

Auto mobile theme switching has been disabled permanently, since clicking on the top-right corner of the mobile page will show you the menu without scrolling all the way to the bottom. Expanded entries might be a little frustrating, but all we need to know is if there is any new updates right?

Festive period is coming soon. Please stay safe, and practice safe.