Authors & Contributors
To some, J is secretly a millionaire who have all the time in his world to pen his sexual encounters down for the peasants who would never get to enjoy the luxury of getting different women at their every meal.

To some, J is a fuck/ playboy, manslut, who managed to get enough pussies to possibly open a cat shelter, inspiring him to write about all the sex he couldn’t stop having.

To some, J is just an office worker in his late-thirties who have no life except to work and write his fantastical, sex stories in his free time. He probably had a bad childhood.

To all, J is just a man, armed with a working, imaginative, creative mind AND some sexual experience to translate the dirty, sick, taboo, disturbing, much impossible-to-happen fetishes, into words.

He writes with more passion than you can imagine, publishing his work, along with a few other contributors, on Phantacee.com. It will be explicitly made known to all, that J WILL do everything he can to ensure the safety, privacy and discretion of his honourable and respectable contributors AND readers.

As fun as ‘connecting-the-dots’ may sound fun to learn more about J’s life, work, or if he might be suffering from some mental disorder, please rest assure that he is more concerned than you about YOUR mental health, having so much read one of his stories. As a website categorised under ‘Entertainment’, he does not expect you to take him any more seriously than the flat Earth theory. Perhaps it is time to get back to your work or study, which you have not done because you are more interested in his life than your own.

In short, you are the reaping the results of a man’s hobby. If you willingly come here when you shouldn’t be, don’t go about complaining (or reporting) me because YOU unwrapped the present.

Don’t pretend the pop-up disclaimer didn’t appear.

Note: As the site expands into the sale of digital and tangible products, it is only right to credit the contributors appropriately for their works that had brought, and kept the support of readers on his very site. If at any point in time, the authors (with published content) would like to review their involvement Phantacee.com, please drop me an email.

Objectional & Debatable Topics
As the word ‘fantasy’ suggests, there are no boundaries to the imagination of man, let along the types of stories appearing on Phantacee.com. From the common, heterosexual intimacy, to incestuous acts of love, even going beyond consensual sex, as readers should be forewarned about the unpredictability and unrestrained spectrum that ‘erotic literature’ covers.

Apart from challenging less-accepted-but-commonly-fantasised-about genres, J do have his restraints pertaining to bestiality, same-sex intercourse, necrophilia, lolicon, toddlercon and other lesser-known subjects.

As far as possible, appropriate warnings will accompany the introduction if extremely offensive topics are attempted.

Personal & Biased Beliefs
All entries that appear on Phantacee.com are written based on the personal beliefs, habits, styles of their respective authors, and do NOT represent the country, religion or race of any individuals.

Safety, permission and appropriate knowledge of related activities MUST be exercised before enacting any scenarios depicted in this website. Discipline, righteousness, respect, proper placement of trust, MUST all be present no matter the parties involved.

Coincidental Mentions or Appearances
Like all work of fiction, pinches of salt must be taken when browsing Phantacee.com. The following is the universal disclaimer for works of artistic value.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Though some entries might be recounts of actual events, the mind’s ability to imagine is beyond one’s understanding. While genuine, based-on-true-story entries are common appearances, names, venues, characteristics of persons are DEFINITELY edited. Do not have any hope at all. I repeat, do not, have any hope at all.

Copyright, Intellectual Property & Related Design Works
As far as concerned, giving due credits AND quoting the source(s) of an author/ artist’s work is NOT legally recognised under the Intellectual Property law(s) of Singapore. Consent (also known as explicit permission) is the ONLY acceptable approach prior to obtaining resources for republication, features, or other dissemination methods. Therefore, all information and data on this website, Phantacee.com, are protected by Singapore laws pertaining to intellectual property and its related topics.

Hyperlinking, quotation (under 25% of individual entries) are permitted, unless the intended use is of commercial interest.

Use of Images, Audio Clips & Images
As much as I try to keep the photos and videos unwatermarked, there are cases where the subjects appearing in such media requests to leave a trail back to the website that they produced those content for.

Apart from those specific requests, logos and texts are intentionally avoided to deliver the full integrity of the photos/ videos. I would like all of you to view my content at their full entirety, despite the risk of plagiarism. Feel free to use it as your wallpaper, the icon for your ‘secret’ folder, but I ask of you;

To NOT reproduce any of the photos, videos, and audio clips appearing on Phantacee.com, on other websites, AND claim ownership or that it belongs to any individual. If you would like to spread the love for Phantacee.com, remember to attach a line or two of thanks (credit me!) to bring them to this site.


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