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Copy the following text and paste it into Topic title;

13/4/19 – 30M/25F LF Male for MMF

Edit details accordingly; If no specific dates are indicated, it means that you are on a constant search for suitable participant/s.

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Him: 30, Chinese, Stocky but not obese
Her: Age, Brief description of body

Seeking/ Details (Race/ Age/ Genders/ Venue/ Activities/ Protection/ Kinks/ Misc. Info):  Chinese male to host us in a decent hotel room, to partake in either MMF or cuckolding activities in the presence of Him. Protection is necessary, and not interested in post-activity meet-up. 

Contact: Reach Him (and Her) on Telegram, @jphantacee

Edit details accordingly, providing as much information as possible without divulging any identifiable information. Have separate, purpose-specific user accounts for any communication related to the unknown side of you.

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