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For a long time, there has always been a surplus of guys-wanting-to-get-laid, and never enough ladies who want the same. Major (online) marketplaces, have been swamped with so much of such ‘advertisements’, that most companies just ‘pass’ the never-ending work of ‘moderation’, ‘filtering’, to AIs which didn’t fare too well either.

Like other local forums, which aim to create a convergence to the discussion of sex, kinks, and everything related, this is my attempt to make the ‘hunt’, less of a two-way street, and more of a ‘one-night-stand for couples’.

Heated, intense, impromptu sessions are hard to come by, and even more so when one or both parties in a relationship decides to try something ‘different’ that moment. Be it threesomes, foursomes, gangbang, cuckold, feet adoration, soft-bondage, rape-play, these require some form of assistance, no matter sexual in nature or not.

‘We are looking for a man to host and join us for MMF.’ ‘We are looking for a female video/photographer.’ ‘We are looking for a female to watch us.’ ‘We are looking to a man to help him pamper her physically.’ ‘We are looking for someone to pay her for sex.’

– some ads J ever saw

As wild, crazy, non-nonsensical as her, or yours, kink might be, it will get some attention here. Making yourselves heard is as easy as following a template, edit most of the texts, and put up your ‘ad’.

TIPS: Leave a comment only if necessary. Else, contact ad-posters through the social media handle they provided.

That said, the forum is still in its testing phase and might/ might not work out. Any couples who are interested, you can contact me via this link. In future, I hope to make the threads public, having had a ‘non-Googleable’ clause set in place since the beginning (of this website). That means, anyone searching for ‘jphantacee’, will highly-likely not be able to find my threads on ‘How to Love your Partner Wholeheartedly’ (pun intended)!


This site contains sexually-oriented, adult material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older. If you are not yet 18, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is prohibited by law, PLEASE EXIT! If you understand and accept these terms, you may ENTER.