Explore a business idea with me?

Unlike Shark Tank, I have an idea that hasn’t been explored thoroughly yet, let alone made any money of it. Yet, my mind seemed to be convinced of the viable success of such an idea.

The target audience will mainly be males, but with some tweaking, I believe it can be expanded to the female market too. I would say that this plan would fall within the ‘self-service storage’ industry, with additional (optional?) services like maintenance and cleaning packages.

I’ll try to be as vague, yet precise as I can be. Imagine entering a pin-protected room, not too different from a bank vault, but with clear (see-through, locked) safety deposit boxes around you. You are able to see what others has stored, since the value of those personal effects are only in the eye of the beholder.

With a key to your own box, you unlock it, retrieve your life-size belonging, and set it down on a furniture in the middle of the room.

For a stipulated amount of time, you have complete privacy in the room, without any recording devices. With perhaps a speaker, you can play your favourite tunes while utilising the sturdy couch or desk in the middle of the room. Once you’re done, you just have to make sure you didn’t leave any valuables behind, and a professional will clean, sanitise, and replace your artifact in your storage compartment.

The revenue, will come from the use of the storage facility, as well as the room based on a reservation basis. This particular storage unit will be used to store item/s too big for your bedroom, but never food or perishables that will be consumed in the room. Ideally, it should be accessible 24/7, but the manpower issue will be something to work out.

If you know what I’m talking about, hit me up. If you don’t, but have the capital to expend, hit me up too. I have no ‘amount’ in mind for this, but I know it will cost at least $1800 a month for a suitable, commercial venue.

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