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For SG50, will be updated daily for these three days, ensuring you have something to wake up to every morning. To start things off, here is a little bonus material for you guys out there! Happy holidays! Have fun and stay safe.

Are you guys lacking in size? Or stamina? You have came to the right place! And more specifically, at the right time! Not only I do NOT have the proven methods to solve your issues, some could even be dangerous! Please do not attempt to replace any equipments I mentioned in this article (with rubber bands or whatever sauce in your kitchen). I HAVE and AM using the listed items here myself. Don’t assume that it will be suitable for you. Consult a doctor if need to.

Cock Rings (for Size)

What if I tell you there is an instant method to increase your size? As you might expect, it IS dangerous. What we often know as ‘cock rings’, they are used to restrict blood flow from your penis. They are placed around the base of the shaft, trapping blood with five-lane highway outwards, forcing a U-turn at the tip into a single-lane road.

I am not very sure about the size or types of cock rings you have seen, but this is my secret.

IMG_20150723_122148 (Custom)

An adjustable choker that allows me to control its tightness and offers a quick release option. Although it isn’t a 360 seal, I find a peace of mind using it. I won’t be posting any before and after photos here. Move along now.

Desensitising Spray (for Stamina)

Truth to be told, I am not very sporty nor active outdoors. ‘An unhealthy body cannot last long’, that was what I learnt during my NS and after. To solve the issue of ‘stamina’, one must embrace the fact that, the only beneficiary of this method is your partner. Not yourself, not your creaking bed.

This magic potion is my next secret.

IMG_20150723_122133 (Custom)

This is a delay spray that desensitise (numb. the other word is numb) your dick so you can pound her non-stop for the next 20 minutes. Then here comes the challenge. If you are ONLY with her for sex, good luck. Cause you are using that sensation running through your dick to stay hard, like an exercise. It’s like chasing a thief who stole from you, and chasing someone else’s thief. In which scenario will you run faster? Here, you can’t even feel your dick.

However, if you are with her for love, you will experience the most tiring sex ever (cause she turns you on with memories). You are connected to her physical response to keep going.

Imagine something erotic if your little one deflates (no matter if you are making love or fucking), you will get harder (hopefully). The intellect of the male user will be put to the test when using the spray, for he must be able to feel with what has no feelings.

Chim huh? Well, it’s a fucking delay spray for men. Don’t delay her orgasms. Using it without a condom will require you to rinse it 5 minutes after application, and using a condom will not require you to get out of bed. Just spray, foreplay somemore, cap on, and get it on. Don’t accidentally numb her.

A girl falling asleep while you are inside her just shows how.. tired she is? ;)

So! Those are the two items I use on myself for her pleasure. Of course, great sex goes beyond them, but I realise that there are hardly any replacements for long stamina with big dicks. This tiny sacrifice will go a long way in terms of the sex life with her.

About where to get it.. I can get them there are demands. But don’t expect them to come cheap. Fast shipping can be solved by money, but the customs are less forgiving. Well, do inquire if you are interested. Every purchase you make keeps this site alive, paving her way for expansion in all directions.

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