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Ann (whispering): ‘What do you think they are doing?’

The loud ruffling of sheets were unmistakable being right opposite them, and the soft satin nightgown she wore was caressing against his tough skin. B was gentle in filling his palm with her voluptuous D cups, totally in contrast to his wife’s toned breasts. They felt extra soft and mushy, a pair he would glad trade his wife for.

Working on her sensitive twins, it did not take long for her to bring his hand under her dress.

Ann (whispering): ‘Wet?’
B: ‘Uh huh.’

Her whole slit was completely drenched and it was easy to locate her clit, erected from hearing the ‘fun’ happening next to her. A simple pinch drove her ecstatic and she returned the favour by reaching behind, to stick her hand into his boxers.

The length took her by shock despite the under-performing girth, making her spend some time exploring the new size. The excited, breathless lady did not even bother to turn to him, and just tugged at his cock towards her pussy.

When she felt his weight leaving the bed, she laid on her chest and silently picked herself up into doggie, touching herself from under. B was pleasantly surprised by how horny she was especially when he intentionally missed her hole, only to be brought back to its rightful point-of-entry below her ass.

A single stroke nudged her flat onto the bed but she picked herself up slowly. Holding that love handles at the sides, he tucked his knees together and slid his cock in and out carefully, not to slap too loud on her ass. The guided strokes swiftly knocked an orgasm out of Ann, messing up the bedsheets when she closed her arms at her chest.

B could sense her horniness from the juices she was leaking all over his balls, forcing him to hold her head into the pillow before he could go faster. Her moans was one thing that he knew could get out of control, and the pillow did a fine job of keeping their activity to the minimal volume.

In and out his cock pierced deeply into her vagina, massaged by the super soft flesh heating him up. Her orgasms were small but definitely felt, gradually sending his thrusting cock into a narrower space. Ann could not get enough of that silent sex and went to masturbate her clit, scraping B every now and then with her nails.

Going berserk from her complete BBW package, it was her lust that made B so jealous of A. The monotonous sex continued into the night till she came again, and his cock grew stiffer towards the end. As the intense urge to cum surfaced, he had to slow down for the same fears when A was cumming.

Where? – was the question.

Her hand quickly went to hold him in and the backward jerks turned the whole table around. Her fingers had kept him within range as if she wanted him to cum in her. Abruptly kneeling upright, she slapped both hands on his waist and leaned on his shoulders for a kiss.

There was no denying that he was ‘A’ with that minty cigarette taste, finally getting his cue to cum.

Ann (whispering): ‘I am still on the pill dear.’

B’s mind broke apart and he shoved her down onto the bed, pulling that long hair of hers to pump at his new speed record. Her moans blasted into the thousand thread pillow as his cock reached new depths, stretching her pussy to expose those rarely-accessed nerve endings.

He kept ramming as hard as he could with his cum spewing into her vagina, forcing them deeper to her agonising cries. Her pussy kept milking him for every drop till he was dry, and fell over her back in exhaustion. Out of respect, he got off the bed and threw the blanket over her doggy stance.

Watching his back disappear out of the glass door, darkness filled the room again for the ladies’ sleep.

A: ‘How was Ann?’
B: ‘As good as you feel with Bev lo!’

The fist bump they did channeled more words than a whole night of conversation could express. They returned to their own beds after making a pact never to tell, lying next to their satisfied wives.

The next morning, Ann and Bev woke up to see each other smiling happily, aware of the fun they both had with their ‘husbands’. Ann brought her clenched fist to her mouth and flicked her tongue at the spiralling fingers, signalling a collaboration to wake their men up.

Going under the sheets, the guys jolted awake with mouths over their cocks, well hidden from awkwardness. The groans were almost in sync as they got their minds blown, to the first treat of orgasm through their morning wood.

The men now have a common secret to keep for life, on top of the mutual jealousy for each others’ wives. Only they would know what they fantasise about when they are fucking their own girls.

[su_spoiler title=”Alternate ending”]After the girls got their ‘breakfast’, the couples took their showers a pair at a time, before heading out for their second day of vacation. The water activities and heavy dinner exhausted them out at the very end, all four of them crashing way too early for a standard overseas holiday.

That night, the wives had already made plans to swap their husbands, but their secret was exposed as soon as the guys felt up their bodies. When the pussies lowered themselves over the distinctly different dicks, every one of them stopped in an unnerving silence, as if the ‘locks’ have had those ‘keys’ before. They all knew.

The girls exacted their revenge by following through with the swap, making their naughty partners cum multiple times through cowgirl and handjobs. The men even had to put on the supposedly-unusable (due to room sharing) cuffs on themselves for their ‘punishment’. Barely relieved by the occasional appearance of their own wives to ‘ride/ comfort’ them, they knew better to accept their fate quietly.

As for the part after they were thoroughly drained, apologies did finally appeased the wives – but not before they went out for another night of shopping in the city that never sleeps.

Oh man. I wonder if things would turn out different if the men never swapped wives in the beginning. Well, I guess not.[/su_spoiler]

Part 1 | Part 2

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