Asumi had exclusively allowed me to publish this photo, and no, I don’t have any personal photos of her. I think she has been a great writer and would not mind to help her gain more popularity through my site. After all, erotica writers do need the support of as much people as they can […]

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Open Invite

It had been too long since Sarah had a good rest and she returned home to find her husband on the laptop, working although it was late. As busy as he was, he left his desk and went to pour her a glass of wine before continuing his work. Sarah was feeling horny that night, […]

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Dirty Me

This entry is written on behalf of a friend’s wife, Sarah, from her point of view. My husband was a weird man, somehow, I find him too loving and understanding, almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, I love him a lot and am grateful for him. This recount was written to express myself to […]

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Real Play

It was unusual night where Sarah felt incredibly horny. Perhaps it was her perfect age to get pregnant, or was is her work stress. But it was a day for her to spice things up with some role play. Ignoring the fact it was three in the morning, she went under the blankets and ran […]

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