Twist of Fate

Sarah went out of her house to replenish some groceries for tomorrow and she went out in her usual home wear of a simple spaghetti top and maxi skirt. Since she had some time to kill, she went to the highest floor of her flat to the corridor to enjoy the view of her neighbourhood, soothing her stress from work. As she breathed in the fresh air, a man in his 30s came out of his unit topless and...

Tiled Floor

Sarah was dragged into a corner of an abandoned flight of stairs at a run down shopping mall, with such force on her hair she could not scream or do anything apart of listening to the two men. Once she was thrown into the corner, the men stood around her and whipped out their cellphones, demanding her to exhibit herself for them. Having no choice, she did as told and was reduced to exposing her...

Good Receptivity

A receptionist would be someone who receives people, often a pretty face behind a desk, ideally with a sweet voice too. Sarah was one of them, for a small company, married to a lucky guy. They were home deciding what to do for the night when her hubby suggested they reminisce the old times by visiting a club they used to hang out at. Her height of 167cm would seemed tall for most guys, but it was...

Day Shot

Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go. – Kingsley Amis


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