For someone who rarely touches herself, it proved even harder for her to do it in front of a camera. As soon as she became aware of how little noises she makes, and how still her body was, it was expected of her to want her voice to be muted out.

Nonetheless, out of gratitude for her supporters, she persevered through the 5-minutes clip, hoping that it will meet their expectations. The following disclaimer is specifically stated by Nikki, ‘If you are looking for a vocal, responsive, erotic performance of a woman pleasing herself, please skip this set. It is nothing like that.’

S$39 (12 photos + 1 video; 5 minute)

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In this beautifully-shot, picture-story, an ‘office lady’ is asked to do a ‘favour’ for her boss before he is willing to grant her a 3-month, year-end bonus. Motivated by her dreams and desire to travel, she made a call that wouldn’t be any less sinful than the men keeping up the demand for commercial sex.

S$59 (27 office wear + 12 kimono + 9 bonus photos)

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In this short, picture-story, a tired school girl puts her book down after a few pages and reached into the drawer of secrets for her toy, a pink vibrator she then used to wear herself out for a good night of sleep.

S$39 (16 + 13 bonus photos)

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Video 1 of 3
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A mini-series of a girl getting caught in a ‘blackmail’ situation after she fell unconscious at the staircase on the night she drank too much. Follow her in pictures as she helplessly obeyed the man’s instructions, afraid of making any wrong moves or risk putting herself in more danger. Everything came to a screeching halt when he was suddenly done with her, but there is no way to know if that is really the end.

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By Nikkinom

I couldn’t think of anything that would endanger me when I saw those photos and videos. The only thing that I kept pondering about was how, and when did he get my number. Thinking little of the ‘threat’, I did not reply to the sender until the third day, when he sent another few photos of me in a black crop-top and skirt.

That night, was the day I had too much to drink and decided to wait at the same staircase for me to be sober before I head home. It suddenly dawned upon me that he might have came up to me, unlocked my phone with my thumbprint, and gotten my number. More photos came later that day, depicting me in various states of undress that was surely his doing.

Unable to contain my fears any longer, I communicated with him and ended up getting too emotional, terminating our conversation for that day. For a whole day, I received no replies from him despite sending countless messages, some even submitting to his handle on me.

On the four day of receiving those creepy photos, he texted me with instructions to meet him at night in my sleeping attire. Receiving no replies from him after that, I could only obey his demands and turned up in a white t-shirt and shorts, where he quickly asked me to remove my bra.

As per his request, I let him take a few photos of me before giving him a handjob, without so much knowing his name or where he live. Luckily for me, he came pretty quickly into my hands and we parted ways after that. It was almost natural for me to come up with some form of revenge or methods to report him to the police, but it also meant that I could well be in more danger.

The next evening, he made me show up in my running outfit, which for some mysterious reason, he knew what I had wore the last time I ran. In my sports bra and yoga shorts, I let him rub his cock on my thigh and jerked him off briefly for a while before he unloaded on my leg.

Things were starting to look grim when I met him again on Saturday night, in my clubbing wear consisting of a bralet and skirt that he wanted to see me in. Like the previous nights, I gave him a handjob and let him cum into my palms.

After I washed up back at home, I saw the longest text he ever sent, telling me of the initial thrill, followed by the guilt he felt and that we would have nothing to do with each other again.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more but to put this chapter and my staircase-smoking habit behind me.

This 7-part story consists of 3 stalk-ish parts (6 photos + 2 videos), 1 unconscious-drunken part (8 photos + 1 video), and 3 blackmail-ish parts (21 photos). A small, separate set of 8, behind-the-scene photos will also be included.

S$59 (35 + 8 photos and 3 videos)

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