Curious Condoms

First, it was Durex Featherlite that has earned its place on my blog, excelling in thinness, availability and reliability.

Then, came Okamoto Crown, outdoing Durex with its price, cutting the cost of responsible sex almost in half, and only took a few more minutes for me to locate a Guardian or Unity that carry it. Although they were slightly less accessible, the savings surely made up for it.

Finally, out of necessity or improvement in Q.O.L. (quality of life), I tried Okamoto 0.02 Hydro-Polyurethane, a latex-free alternative to doing it without. Starting at S$15.50 (on sale, or from Mustafa) to S$19.90 (retail price), it was definitely the first box you turned away from. And on top of its price, there’s ONLY 8 in one box! Such value!

Before more people jump to conclusion, let me share the only benefit (that’s possibly life-changing) I learnt firsthand from using over 5 boxes of this product. This breakdown is so short you don’t even have to bear with me.

Because it is not made from latex, it transmits heat better.

Just like how my lowly-educated ass has it figured out, latex is a derivative of rubber, and besides stretching itself long enough to deliver a painful snap, it is also a poor conductor of heat. So, ‘polyurethane’, made from plastic, would do a better job at sharing your body heat, like if you did it without protection. That heat exchange during sex? Is actually quite important and might improve how you two ‘connect’.

If you have S$20 to spare, or in dire need to surprise her without actually surprising her, give this condom a try! Too bad for you if she ended up liking this more than the latex ones, just don’t tell her how much 8 of them costs.

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