Some of Her and Her

Reena (shouting): ‘J! Are you making drinks? Can pour me a cup of green tea?’
Me: ‘Okay!’

The daughter of my tenant dropped all her bags on the couch and went into the room, while stripping her cardigan off. The overhead cabinets had a box of Spanish Fly I bought for whoever I wanted to use on. And with that cup of iced green tea before me, I didn’t think much and emptied the thick clear liquid into the cup, swirling around a few times with the cubes clanging around.

Appearing in a singlet and pink FBT shorts, she took her glass on the table and gulped them all down. A loud sigh of relieve later, she went into the living room where I was in the middle of watching ‘Ender’s Game’.

Reena: ‘This show nice meh?’

She snatched the remote and scrolled through a few channels, ending my movie that just started. For a 17 year old, she was considered curvy as she loved eating, especially the meals I cook for the two of them. Being in a single parent family, I was the next person to take care of her, juggling between work and caring for her.

A good ten minutes after she settled on a Korean drama, she closed her legs and placed them together on the sofa, as though hiding something. As the intimate scene played, she covered her legs with a cushion and briefly stole a glance towards me, at the same time catching me looking at her.

Reena: ‘Why you look at me? Watch TV lah.’
Me: ‘It’s awkward lah. See them kiss.’
Reena: ‘You always do that with your girlfriend right?’
Me: ‘When I had one lah. Now no more le.’
Reena: ‘Haha. Then got do that thing?’
Me: ‘Eh. Buay pai seh (not embarrassing) to ask ah? Got lah. Don’t ask anymore.’

She giggled and her hand moved under the cushion for a while. I was still suspecting if the drug really worked for a moment till she went to turn the lights off. Her explanation to make things more romantic was irrelevant for a cop and thief show but I knew she was thinking about something else.

Me: ‘You leh? Got do that thing with your boyfriend?’
Reena: ‘Nope. Never do before. I’m a virgin okay!’

I kept quiet from offending her anymore and placed my arm around her to see if the solution worked. The lack of resistance allowed me to lean her head on my shoulders, and I placed her hand gently on my knee. It was a surprise to feel how cold her hand was without air conditioning, and my unusually-warm normal body was her only choice to stay cosy.

Slowly, I turned my body to her side and she lay with her back on my chest, wrapping my hands on her stomach. I brought my lips to her ear and asked in a whisper if she was alright. Well, she replied with a nod and my arms got pulled tighter around her soft, waist.

Reena (whispering): ‘You’re super warm.’
Me (whispering): ‘I know right.’

I brushed my lips across her earlobes and her neck twitched to that short tease. My palms were slipped under her shirt and the squeezes of her hands kept nudging me towards her shorts.

Me (whispering): ‘You want me to warm down there?’
Reena (whispering): ‘Can?’

I used one hand to stretch the waistband and wriggled my other right between her legs. The sudden partition gave me all the space and I reached straight for her pussy, where my fingers parted the moist thin lips apart to expose her clit. Poking playfully at it, the clenching of her hand on mine reminded me how good she felt, and my little one grew to her shallow breathing mixed with a soft moan accompanying every exhale.

Reena: ‘You’re getting hard huh?’
Me: ‘Duh! I’m a normal guy leh.’

She sat upright and placed one hand behind to massage my rod, still continuing my rub in her shorts. Minutes passed like seconds as we sped up, only to drive her hornier without any signs of orgasms. My shorts were gone when she got too desperate to drive me wild too, and we were just masturbating each other frantically.

Tired I was, but how could I cum before her? Perhaps she needed something inside, like a dildo. Never would I dare to think of deflowering this sweet lady between my legs.

Me: ‘You don’t cum easily?’
Reena: ‘I usually use a toy inside.’
Me: ‘I go get it for you?’
Reena: ‘Huh? Why? You have something I can use right now.’
Me: ‘No way. I’m not your boyfriend or husband.’

To her, virginity was gone when she used the toy, I had a different view on that though. It was the presence of a dick inside her that would claim her virginity, nothing else would affect her status. Just when I was about to adjust her to face the television, she moved herself to the other end, made me sit right behind her and asked me to pull her shorts. So still in a seated ‘spooning’ position, I followed her and did not know what she was up to.

She picked herself up into doggie and I was just lying down, unaware that she was moving herself towards my head. Before I knew it, her knees were by my arms and her dripping cunt was at my neck.

Reena: ‘Can you lick me? I never tried it before.’
Me: ‘I guess that’s fine.. ‘

I used one of the cushion to elevate my head and my tongue flicked non-stop at her clit, attacking it with every known weapon. From sucking, to nibbling, to rapid poking. She was breathing hot air over my dick head and when I jerked my hips a few times, her lips descend over the lap chiong and let her saliva dribble over it.

Just remembering how she used her untrained tongue made me all hard again. She just let her tongue rest on the tip and worked her lips up and down, in a nodding motion. Most of the focus was at the magic ring below the hood, blowing my mind into a state of blank. My thighs kept shivering as she tried to go deeper, occasionally getting too distracted and her teeth scratched so painfully good.

We maintained in 69 for a while till she was too breathless, and turned herself around to sit on me. Landing her t-shirt on my chest, her lips prevented me from talking and her body fidgeted while we made out. When I felt her pussy touching my rod, I tried to sink my hips lower into the sofa but the useless move rebounded me right up, plugging the first inch into her.

Gasping fearfully, she hugged me tight while breathing deeply, relaxing her tensed leg muscles till I was sliding easily into her. Unsure of why I still let her take her own virginity, what done was done. I was inside her warm, wet, pulsating tunnel and it was a one way trip.

She perched herself up after wriggling her hips to ensure a close fit, and rocked back and forth to watch me struggle. She was just so tight and slippery it was impossible not to cum pre-maturely.

Me: ‘Stop stop! I’m going to cum if you continue.’

A quick pause shot fear through her eyes and she dared not trigger anything else. We carefully separated and a quick hustle placed a condom over my genitals. Now de-sensitized, I let her lie down while I pierced my dick in missionary, deep into this eager looking girl.

Pounding came from a gentle start to a vigorous one, forcing all the air out of her as I tried to go deeper. Finally feeling her pussy contracting, I continued with deep-rapid thrusts without pulling too much length out. The poor girl grabbed her long hair and groaned a long breath with her teeth clenched, totally immersed in the climax that shook her body.

Reena: ‘Move Jhae! Don’t stop.’

I pulled my dick out of her and plunged right back in, channeling a scream out of her mouth. I closed her legs together and she flipped one move at a time, to get into doggie. Now in a tight position behind, I bit my lips and thrust real hard. Her arms remained straight as I hammered her, watching how her limbs wobble whenever an orgasm came.

There was no way to last more than ten minutes with that speed, so I was busy slowing down and telling her what’s to come.

Reena: ‘Wanna take it out first? I want to see you shoot can?’

I extracted myself carefully and laid relaxed on the armrest, while she excitedly turned around to unroll the condom for me. Bending her agile chest forward, my dick disappeared once again into her mouth, and she caressed my balls while her tongue tickled every part.

I had to guide her head to move while she explored my sensitive spots, pushing my balls to the limit before I let go off my hands.

Me: ‘Shooting!’

She sank her lips as low as she could go and wrapped her fingers around the base on the first shot. It was so intense with the mini suction, and the sliding of her lips upwards as I unloaded, simply drove every one of my sperms out.

Part sucking, part swallowing, I had lost count of how many times I fired. There was no evidence to see how much I came too. The single strand of stickiness from my dick connected to her teeth was the only trace left that I ever came in her.

Reena licked her lips in the most sensual expression and she pulled two wet wipes from the round tub on the coffee table. I managed to get her into 69 again and let her clean me up, while I licked up every bit of juices to replace it with my saliva. Somehow, both of us knew nothing would be cleaned if I continued.

We finally left each others’ bodies and wore our clothes back, sitting much closer but skipped the cuddles to hide from her mum. When she returned home, everything was normal and Reena was smiling extra wide that night.

As usual, her mum took a quick shower and turned in for the night, while the two ‘kids’ watched TV but with hands in each others’ shorts. When morning came, the second of the three bottles containing that Spanish Fly was emptied into the cup of hot Milo her mum would drink, officially bonding our relationship skin-close.

After Reena left for school, her mum stayed extra close to me while I did some housework, ending with an outcome you guys could guess without much problems. Now, my headache is to plan my roster in line with their work and school schedule.

Fairy Tales

Mum: ‘Son, are you sleepy?’
Eric: ‘Yeah. Tired from work ba.’
Mum: ‘Okay. Go to bed earlier then.’

He went into the bedroom without thinking too much into the glass of cranberry juice she gave him and laid under the blanket while his mum came to close the door.

The long day at work had worn him out and his mean manager didn’t make it any easier for him either. Finally closing his eyes, footsteps came from his door and a glow appeared just as he blanked out.

Eric (whispering): ‘Mummy?’
Mum: ‘Shhh.. go to sleep.’

The half sleeping pill she slipped into his drink did not totally knock him out, but let him drift between slumber and sober. The bold plan of her to check out his son’s growth came after her group of ‘tai tais’ gossiped about their children being as big as their husbands.

Halfway making out what was happening, Eric felt his boxers get pulled down to his feet, and the blanket flipped away to uncover his unsuspecting dick.

Mum (whispering): ‘Mummy is just going to check how big you are. My friends are always talking about it.’
Eric: ‘Huh?!’

A row of fingers went to his skin-draped cock and cold air immediately blew over the top as she peeled his foreskin back. Holding his dick with her index finger and thumb, a gentle move up and down turned the closed-eyes boy on. In no time, he was semi-erect to his mother’s hand, worn out by the dishes and clothes she had to wash for the men in the household.

Eric: ‘Mummy.. can already?’

There was no reply from her as she breathed deeper, exhaling warm air over his groin. The mother of two (him and his sister) have not had sex for almost a week after his dad had went overseas, and now, eight inches of raw meat was before her eyes.

A warm breath came down his dick head after a few seconds and Eric knew what was about to come. A slippery wet tongue went over his tip and circled with accidental flicks across the little hood. Lips closing tightly together, that softness of his flesh glided into her mouth easily, garnering a whisper-like groan as she pushed her head downwards.

That bit of saltiness told her pre-cum was leaking, but the motionless boy was giving her much more to do than just pleasing his rod.

Mummy: ‘Ric, just lie down and relax k?’

His pillow shook as he turned his head to reject her incestuous offer. Did she stop? Not at all. Reaching between her own legs, her fingers wriggled into her shorts, going between her wet folds of meat to seek that clit desperately looking for some attention.

The slurping sounds came after a while and she was so energetic to get some action going, even if it meant having her son as a partner.

Climbing onto his bed, the familiar scent of her dear boy was filling up her nose and the desire to be closer to her just get stronger. She then placed her legs over his waist and sat on his abs, slightly flabby from the lack of exercise.

Fingers leaving her pussy, she reached behind for his dick and pointed it upright, sliding her ass down his body as the tip popped into her love hole. By then, Eric had his head turned sideways with his teeth over his lips, unable to resist nor intended to say anything.

As her slimy vaginal walls wrapped itself over his manhood, Eric opened his mouth for a sharp intake of air, as though her tightness had forced some air out of him.

Mum: ‘Is it comfortable?’

Eric gave her a nod and she continued moving her hips, grinding up and down and letting the waves of pleasure flow through her womb. Her 24 year old boy had never been so sexy in front of her, groaning gently as she rocked her bottoms. The fact that he was growing bigger in her told her how much he was enjoying it as well.

She began shifting her feet to his thighs after a while and Eric was making a different noise, like a hum with his teeth together. Mum was getting wilder as she bounced on his lap, slamming down harder to reach deeper. Droplets of sweat was landing on his body as she worked out, squeezing her pussy to drive Eric crazy as well.

After a few minutes, she saw him shaking his head wearily and increased her pace. Seeing him opening his eyes suddenly, she leaned backwards and continued fucking him in a sliding motion, going up and down his upper thighs.

Mum: ‘I’m gonna cum!’

As she felt her pussy contract, a warm gush of liquid shot into her and she went faster, using his dick to rub against her g-spot till she herself was trembling too. The orgasm was so strong as she did not had sex for a long time, weakening her while Eric’s hips jerked upwards instinctively.

The two of them let their bodies tire themselves out before she resumed a squatting position over him, standing up while her hand held him down.

A few drops of cum landed on his dick as she left, but her mouth quickly came to clean him up before the blanket went over his body.

Right then, their main door opened and his sister called out to tell them that she was home. Pecking on Eric’s forehead, her hand moved away from his dick under the blanket to leave him to sleep.

Once Elsa left her bag on the couch, she went into her brother’s room, mother busy with her stuff in the master bedroom.

Elsa (whispering): ‘Kor, asleep?’
Eric (whispering): ‘Nope.’

Her hand went under the blanket to find him bottomless, and understood that he was horny that night, just like her. As she joined him under the blanket, he could not find the strength to tell her what just happened, and went for another round of crazy cowgirl sex. Which surprised Elsa with his extra long stamina to get two orgasms before he unloaded into her hand with a finisher handjob.

Twisted tales? Well, if only mummy knew what daddy did to Elsa when she wasn’t around in the day.

Helping a Family

Me: ‘Mam! Let me help you.’

Her hands were full when one of the plastic bags tore, spilling the smaller bags of meat onto the floor. I quickly picked them up for her while she squatted to help me out. The Ocean Pacific skirt she wore instantly gave me an upskirt view of her leopard printed panties but she did not notice me as she tried to find space to contain the meat.

For someone in the F&B line, I had gotten used to addressing all the females as ‘Miss’ and males as ‘Sir’, so she wasn’t too offended when I offered my assistance.

Me: ‘I’ll carry this home for you.’
Lady: ‘Thanks boy. I live nearby.’

The heavy bag did take its toll on my arms as we went into the lift, exchanging details about where I lived and my name. Upon reaching her floor, she handed me another bag of groceries before fishing the keys out, inviting me in after removing the slippers off her smooth feet.

Lady: ‘Can put it in the kitchen?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

Why not? I’ve carried it for so far, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few more steps. At the sink, sounds came from the toilet behind me and a girl’s voice called out to greet her mum. Just as I was turning around to wash my hands at the basin right outside the bathroom, a girl in just a towel opened the door, only to close it back when she saw a stranger.

Not wanting to cause anymore trouble, I went into the living room while the lady brought me a cup of water, grateful for the help to get her home. The daughter had no clothes with her then and rushed into her room in the towel, before appearing in a long t-shirt that barely covered her legs.

Girl: ‘Mummy, who is this?’
Lady: ‘Oh, he helped me to carry the groceries home. Finish your homework before you go out k?’

With that, the petite girl went into her room, leaving her mum with me on the sofa. After some small talk, I found out her name was Linda, and her husband had been out for an overseas work trip. There wasn’t any reasons for me to continue taking up her time, so I tried excusing myself before she asked me to stay for lunch.

It was only 10am when I reached her place, definitely too early for lunch. The awkward feeling of being in someone else’s home without any agenda was bothering me and she could totally tell from my restless hands.

Linda: ‘Can you cook?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just simple dishes.’
Linda: ‘Want to help me prepare lunch?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

We went into the kitchen and she let me used the chopping board to cut up some veggies, busy with her own things behind my back. All of a sudden, I felt her breasts on my back and her arms just went over my hands, guiding me to use the knife.

Me: ‘I think I can do it myself. It’s dangerous to have to many hands on my chopping board.’
Linda: ‘Sure? Okay then. I’ll do something else.

Her hands were clean as they only touched mine. So, her next move was to lift up my shirt and wriggling her fingers into my shorts, where I had not wore any underwear for the short trip to the market. Yes, I totally forgot about the salt I needed to get.

Her thin hands just dived all the way to my dick and when the cold fingers touched it, I couldn’t help but gave a little shiver. ‘Linda?’, my whisper went unheard as she jerked me faster, causing me to drop the knife and hold onto the kitchen counter to support my softening legs.

Linda (whispering): ‘Come to my bedroom.’

She stripped her sports tank top off and dropped it into the laundry basket before walking me to the room. My dick wasn’t in my pants for too long after she tugged my shorts off, unwilling to do any of this big-boy stuff myself.

Her skirt dropped onto the floor and my eyes went to her pussy like magnet to steel. It was so young and smooth looking that I would love to explore them. How could her daughter fit through that tight hole?

Linda: ‘Like it?’

I cleared my throat and did not reply her out of respect. She did not looked as old but nonetheless, she was a mother. She grabbed my wrists and placed them by her hips, pushing my head down gently to give a little attention below.

I did not wait anymore and opened her legs wider, before placing my tongue on her clit and making a few strokes along the slit. It was so clean and the lack of taste just kept me going, flicking her clit and causing her body to tremble. No moans came as her daughter was just in the room opposite, but her hands behind my head was pushing me harder.

After failing to get her to cum with my mouth, she raised my chin up and brought me to kneel over her head. I stuffed a pillow between the bed frame and her, immediately sending her mouth over my growing dick. Taking it like a pro, she was swallowing my dick whole and throwing me into heavens with every stroke (or choke).

Me: ‘Linda. That’s good enough.’

I went to her side as she rolled over to the drawers at the bedside table, taking out a condom for me to put on. I rolled it on halfway and she stopped me, saying that her pussy could take care of the rest. Turning herself over on her chest, her butt stuck out excitedly at me and I took no time to shove it right up her pussy.

Before I could even move, her back was arching to grind me and I was the one groaning. With little chance to act, I held her waist and rammed into her as she backed up on me, thrusting in the opposite direction to hers. She did not last long with my powerful strokes and let me did the work after she came in a few seconds of my pounding.

The sounds coming from our room was so loud that I was certain her daughter had heard it. Right before I could go all out, she picked her chest up and looked in the direction of the door.

Linda (shouting): ‘Joyce!’

The shocked me did not know what they were up to. Was she going to turn up with a camera to catch me in the act? The door opened to her daughter in the same outfit, and she was asked to lie on the bed next to us.

Linda: ‘She’s yours as well.’
Me: ‘I can’t do that. She’s.. it’s not right.’
Linda: ‘Alright then. Let’s go into cowgirl.’

I tried hard to ignore her watching girl as I laid myself on the bed, waiting for her to shift her body to my face. It was actually some pussy licking she wanted and I did not mind, since she was still pumping my dick with her hand.

Joyce (her daughter) got up instead and climbed over my condom wrapped dick, sitting down while groaning in pain to the penetration. My hands were locked by the knees of Linda and there was nothing I could do when the tight pussy lowered itself over me.

The grinding began as I sucked on the clit before me, getting her too sensitive while my dick was in the same situation.

Me (muffled): ‘Can I not do your daughter?’
Linda: ‘Okay okay. Girl. Stop.’

The ladies got off my body and the condom was removed, as I thought they had enough. Linda went to make out with me while her daughter continued pumping my dick, before a wet hole suddenly sent my mind blank. Joyce was actually sucking me while her mum made the distraction, blowing my mind off with the double attack.

We only kissed for a while before she joined her girl at my groin, taking turns to suck that rod at the same time teaching her how to do it right. What was I getting into? Do they do this for all the men that came to their place?

Linda (whispering): ‘Girl, are you on the pill?’
Joyce (whispering): ‘Ya why?’

The mother looked at me before her daughter did the same, waiting for me to give her the nod. Linda came to my face and asked if I could please her daughter for her, having no boyfriend and she did not want her to use toys to loosen her pussy.

As if my dick was any different, I grabbed her outstretched hand to pick myself off the bed and letting Joyce take the pillow. Knees between her legs, my back was bent over by Linda who held my dick from the back, pointing it in the right direction as she used her weight to pin me lower.

Then, I did not want to disappoint nor waste anymore time, so I slid my dick into her young daughter and proceeded to fuck her brains out. My dick was too much for her to take but Linda was helping by pinching her nipples to get her to relax more. The helpless girl kept moaning louder and louder as I went faster, plunging deeper as her pussy loosened.

Joyce: ‘Mummy! I’m going to climax!’
Linda: ‘Just let it all out.’

What were they thinking? Is such thing even legal? Her pussy tightened over my dick and it was the signal for me to unload too. It was just too overbearing in that tiny hole that was milking me non-stop inside her. The powerful gush of cum filled her small hole quickly and some of the whitish liquid came back out of her vagina as I rammed the last few times into her.

As I pulled myself out, I rested on my arms seated, till Linda helped her daughter up as well.

Linda: ‘Girl, lick kor kor clean. You will need to get used to the taste sooner or later.’

The frown between my eyes did not bother them one bit as Joyce went on her knees, sucking that juicy rod and cleaning every bit up. Linda left the room after her girl did her job, leaving the two of us silently looking at each other.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Joyce: ‘Sixteen.’
Me: ‘How many times have you done this?’
Joyce: ‘Just once. With you.’

She opened her arms to hug me and we were lying on the bed again, kissing as one of her hands went to stroke my dick. Getting it up in record time, I was back inside her, hammering away as the sizzling sound came from the kitchen.

She led me around their place to fuck at every corner, even doing it on the kitchen top where her mum was cooking with just an apron on. It was truly mind-fucking to meet this family who did not mind such acts in each other’s presence.

Joyce: ‘Mummy, can kor kor come over anytime?’
Linda: ‘Only until you start school. In three months’ time.’
Joyce: ‘Huh? And after that?’
Linda: ‘He will be mine. Don’t fight with mummy ah.’

Was that the deal I had no say in? After I was done with Joyce, Linda was next, but not after the meal. I was her dessert of the day.

Seal the Deal

Melody: ‘So, how do you find this place?’
Derrick: ‘It’s good. Quiet with a nice view. So all that’s left is the price. I’m looking to knock another fifteen thousand off the asking price.’
Melody: ‘But what you’re getting is the lowest. I assure you.’

She suddenly got tensed after she heard the request for a discount. The deal would definitely go through but her commission would be reduced to mere peanuts. In the furnished house, he was in one of the bedrooms, leaving her to consider his offer, or come up with something.

Having no choice, she was prepared to offer him something he could not reject. Not that Derrick couldn’t afford the price, but any savings he could get would translate into more investment funds or even the renovation expenses.

Melody: ‘Umm.. Derrick?’
Derrick: ‘Yes?’

He turned around to see her black skirt being unzipped, collapsing into the ground silently. He took a seat at the dressing table and watched as she unzipped her tank top.

Derrick: ‘So your offer is this?’
Melody: ‘Can I?’
Derrick: ‘Sure. It will be up to your performance then.’

She stripped down to her bathing suit and stepped up to him, kneeling between his legs and helped him remove his pants. His Calvin Klein underwear was gone and his dick sprang out half-awake. Bearing thoughts about the money rolling in, she held it gently stroked it awake.

The weathered look on Derrick’s face did not turn away nor showed her any expressions. He was just lying back and letting her give him a handjob.

Derrick: ‘You know you won’t get far with that.’

Keeping her knees on the ground, she straightened her back and brought her mouth to him, parting her lips just above the tip. Melody’s tongue reached out to go under the foreskin and circled it around to peel it backwards.

Derrick: ‘That’s something new.’

His penis was clean and did not leave any taste on her tongue. It was like a smooth piece of meat that had her saliva over it, inviting her to go further to please this wonder rod. Sliding her lips down his shaft, she took as much as she could and let her cheeks swell and deflate as she moved her head.

Derrick reached his hands to her boobs and fondled the nipples while she slurped away, pinching her rare pink raisins till she was moaning with the dick in her mouth. Her body was turned on by the energetic rod she was sucking on, throbbing wildly against her tongue. His fingers weren’t just hungrily touching her but he was massaging her, as though teasing ladies was part of his job.

Derrick: ‘Go to the bed. Let’s give it a test.’

Melody climbed onto the soft mattress and sat on her hips, waiting for him to suggest something. Instead, he went on his knees and helped her to turn around, going on her fours on the luxurious bedding.

He made sure to cap a condom on from his wallet before positioning himself behind. Moments later, she felt the tip poke into her pussy and he thrust shallowly till her body was ready to accommodate more of him. A minute passed and he was deep inside her, pausing to let her mind prepare for what’s to come. Except that she had no way of knowing that.

He grabbed her waist and pumped fiercely into her, knocking the breath out of her in just a few strokes. His dick was splitting her pussy all the way to her ends with every thrust, thick veins brushing along her sensitive walls as he buried himself deep. Her mind was sky high while her body was jerking non-stop to his forceful banging. There was only so much she could take and he was really pushing her to the limits with his powerful hips.

Derrick: ‘I am just going to cum in this position. Better hang on.’

Right after he said that, he tucked her legs together and laid her flat on the bed, except her butt was raised slightly so he could bounce on top of her. Her elbows supported her chest from the bed and his dick was long enough to deliver the waves of pleasure despite her ass taking some length away. The thickness, speed, intensity, depth, it all had came together so perfectly to form this beautiful sword.

Biting the bedsheets, the sturdy bed made no sounds even though he was slamming his hips on her butt. Her G-spot was in direct contact with his stabbing sword and it was driving her mind crazy.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Her energy was drained so quickly by the muscular guy who seemed to be enjoying the workout.

Derrick: ‘Still awake? I’m going to cum soon.’

His thighs landed on her legs and he changed to a sitting position. Jabbing between her ass cheeks in short pumps, he kept most of his dick inside her while thrusting at high speed.

The third wave of orgasm hit Melody hard and she drifted out of consciousness, but not before a pair of hands grabbed her breasts so hard it hurt her sober. The condom filled up with his warm liquid and some of it was forced out over her slit.

He quickly pulled out to avoid splashing his cum over her privates and disappeared into the bathroom to get himself cleaned. For Melody, her job was done and she got dressed, ready to meet another client in an hour’s time.

Derrick: ‘I’m happy about the deal. We’ll fix it at the original price then. I would like to see you here again, to sign the contract. Hope you will be prepared the next time.’

He picked his briefcase and left her alone, struggling to calm her excitement and sense of despair from what she just did in exchange for commission. As tough as the property market is getting, there are few out there who would be looking for such agents.

Foreign Bodies

Girl: ‘Hi there. Do you know where is block 336?’
Me: ‘It’s quite a distance from here. The block is opposite AMK Hub.’
Girl: ‘So from here I have to walk straight is it?’
Me: ‘Why don’t I bring you there? You’re not in a rush right?’
Girl: ‘I just need to get there by tonight. My plane landed late and I am not very familiar with this place yet.’
Me: ‘It’s just fifteen minutes away. I’ll help you carry your stuff and walk you there.’
Girl: ‘Thank you so much! So sorry to bother you.’

She sounded like a Singapore from her accent but was actually from China. I packed my stuff and kept the Google Maps opened on my phone, showing her the directions and that I wasn’t going to sell her away. The skinny girl was carrying two luggages, one duffel bag and the other was a trolley bag. I took over her duffel and carried them for her as we walked, chatting about her new life in Singapore.

Liqing: ‘What were you doing with your iPad?’
Me: ‘Oh. I was working. That place is quiet and peaceful. I like to watch people walk by too.’
Liqing: ‘You are so weird. People in my country would find their own house to be the safest place to work in.’

She had two weeks of holiday before her contract with a local design firm started, and was more than happy to let me show her around the island, especially the bus routes she had to take for work. We made our way up to her place after a tiring ten minutes walk and the surprise that awaited for us made me sigh out loud.

The 4-room flat had boxes laid up to the doorsteps and only a narrow walkway was made to her room. The luggage had to be carried overhead and it took us more than ten minutes just to get her belongings into the room. We had no idea how long the place had been in this condition, not that it was abandoned, but clearly had not been occupied for at least two months.

Me: ‘You want to change out first? I don’t expect you to clean the place up in a dress.’
Liqing: ‘I should not bother you anymore. It’s getting late.’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. I usually reach home around 1am.’

That white lie couldn’t be any lousier but the kindheartedness in me just couldn’t bear to leave her in this state, without a clean place to even sleep at. She took a fresh set of clothes, towel and her travel sized body wash into the shower and spent a long time inside, presumingly cleaning the toilet while she bathed. I was drenched in sweat and topless when she called out to me, causing me to tumble over the boxes as I dashed to her.

Liqing (shouting): ‘Is everything alright?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I just tripped over some boxes. You need something?’
Liqing: ‘Umm.. I forgot to take my bra and panties.. do you mind?’

I ‘swam’ through the mess and picked out a mismatched set of lingerie, handing it to her through the gap in the door. I wouldn’t expect her to go braless when she had a guest (me), and so I did not think much about it, going back to finish the sloppy job of wiping down all the furniture she needed for the night.

The freshly showered girl had smelled much better and was apologising when she saw the room cleaned of dust and her luggage opened neatly in front of the wardrobe. The rest of the house was still in a mess but I guessed she could sleep better that night.

Liqing: ‘I can’t believe it. You are really fast.’
Me (panting): ‘It’s not really cleaned though. I just wiped it through.’
Liqing: ‘Are all Singaporean guys so helpful?’

Little did she know we were only this good to pretty girls like her. I gave her a single nod and she went on to unpack her clothes into the wardrobe.

Liqing: ‘You want to shower before you go?’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I don’t have clothes to change into.’

I picked up my shirt hanging on the wooden chair and was about to put it on before she pulled it away.

Liqing: ‘别穿湿衣服。’
Translate: Don’t wear wet clothes.

Me: ‘那我就这样回家吧。’
Translate: I shall go home like this then.

She gave me a cute tsk frown and threw an oversized t-shirt at me. I caught it and told her I would take a quick wash before I leave. In the bathroom, the same body wash and shampoo she used was emptied, and I stuck to my words of having a fast shower.

Liqing: ‘那么快?有洗干净吗?’
Translate: So fast? Did you wash yourself properly?

Me: ‘有!’
Translate: Yes!

I wiped myself dry with her towel and was ready to slip her t-shirt on. Just as I was blinded with the shirt over my head, she came to me and hugged me tightly, leaving the shirt stuck around my neck. As her breasts pushed against me, she made some space between our lower bodies and I felt one of her hands digging into my shorts.

Me: ‘喂,别这样。’
Translate: Hey, don’t do this.

Liqing: ‘Shhh.. ‘

My dick was in her hand by then and her eagerness to please sent me carrying her to the bed, falling backwards with her on top. Her body slid down between my legs that were sticking out of the bed and she brought my shorts lower at the same time, taking a whiff at my manhood.

Liqing: ‘真的有洗干净哦。’
Translate: It’s really clean.

Her head turned sideways to give it a few long licks up and down, while I shamelessly placed my arms behind my head to enjoy her gratitude. She did not tease me for too long before devouring the throbbing piece of meat, gliding her lips up and down my shaft while watching the expressions on my face. It was so heavenly that I wasn’t thinking straight when she asked me how it felt.

Liqing: ‘你是在爽还是在受苦啊?’
Translate: Are you feeling pleasured or suffering?

Me: ‘是爽到很苦吧。’
Translate: It’s too pleasurable till I am suffering.

The answer was somehow accepted and the girl went faster for a while, stopping just as my hands went over her head. She turned around to her luggage and flipped everything out, appearing with a first aid pouch in her hands. The zip went lightning fast for her to fish a condom out of it, and she tore it like a hungry tigress. Placing it lightly over my dick, her mouth went around the rubber ring to roll the protection on and she gave me a bonus feel of how skilled she was doing a blowjob even with a condom on.

After everything was in place, Liqing climbed on top of me and kept her hips raised, inches away from my dick that was dying to get inside her. Instead of just sitting over it, she gave me a roselip tease by rubbing her slit along the base of my shaft a few times. She was using it to turn herself on and only after she felt a little more juices lubricating my rod, did she sit at my abs, ready to please me to her fullest.

Very slowly, she slide south over my dick and the penetration was uninterrupted. In one move, she sank my rod deep into her and a moan from her sounded like a click between a key and a keyhole. I had fitted into her so well that she could not move but enjoy the moment for a few seconds.

Liqing: ‘I was so wrong when I imagined Asian guys to be small.’
Me: ‘I could be only one of the few.’

I stuck my tongue out in the cheeky response and she began grinding me revengefully. At first, her boobs were swaying in front of me, then she leaned back onto my bent knees to let my dick stimulate the underside of her pussy, which she fell weak to after a few strokes. I used the strength in my forearm to keep her hips raised before thrusting my rod upwards, jamming it into her contracting pussy as she moaned louder.

Her wet, chest length hair fell over my calves and she did not last long in that position either. Shortly after, she went back to riding me while seated upright, letting her waist did the work fondling the tip of my dick. In that stance, she could move faster just by wriggling her hips and I was soon overwhelmed from the intensity. Despite not changing position, she had showed me the variations of it and was indulging in the fun too.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon. Keep going.’

She jerked for a few more seconds and stopped as my balls tightened, leaving me a little restless when she ended the fun. Liqing dismounted the stallion and sat next to me, removing the condom carefully and chucking it onto the floor. She went down to take my dick in her mouth and let the saliva accumulate before transiting to the next phase. It wasn’t a blowjob at all since her mouth did not move, only leaving some saliva for her to use.

She wrapped her fair fingers over my rod and jerked me gently, paying attention to the areas under the hood and mostly the shaft. The knowledge she had about where to stimulate was commendable, being a guy who did not mind handjob as long as it was done properly. After five minutes had passed, she showed no signs of tiredness but placed a finger under my balls, where the anus was inches away from.

Liqing: ‘About now.’
Me: ‘Huh?’

Her hand suddenly picked up speed and pumped me hard, playing with my balls as she went crazy on me. My mind did not have time to react when the powerful jets of cum took off like a space shuttle, launching into the air and covering her pretty fingers. It was so thick and dense that it did not flow everywhere but stuck onto wherever it landed on. She went on to tease the tip of my dick with her thumb till I was about to beg her, and she stopped in the most timely manner.

Liqing: ‘Let’s go wash up together.’

She pointed at the sides of her duffel bag and I took the two 1-litre bottle of shampoo and body wash, following her behind into the bathroom. There, we soaped each other up and she paid extra attention to my little one, cleaning it thoroughly till it was smelling brand new. I wore her t-shirt and was texting her on the journey, making plans on where to go the next day. She confessed to me that she masturbated herself with the empty shower bottle after I left, thanking me over and over again for the help I gave her, and the fun too. It seemed that she would now have someone to play with whenever she feels stressed out from work.

To think she even offered me an allowance out of her high salary to accompany her, what a lucky life she has here huh?

Deprived Helper

My maid Lati was doing the laundry when she called out to me, asking why were there holes in my underwear. I had figured out what she was talking about before I even saw what she was holding. It was a set of three underwear that I bought, that was made of sheer material over my crotch, somewhat like a g-string, but consisted of a little ‘pouch’ to hold my package.

Me: ‘This is a new design. It’s more airy.’
Lati: ‘Are you sure this is for guys?’
Me: ‘Duh. You look at the front, girls got things to hold meh?’

She giggled as she threw the two of it in, stuffing the washing machine full with her own clothes as well. We had fixed a day to wash all the inner wear for hygiene’s sake and the last few pieces of panties that went in had a similar skimpy designs too.

Me: ‘You also wear like me ah?’
Lati: ‘Like you said lo, more airy. I like.’
Me: ‘Where did my mum go? I didn’t see her today.’
Lati: ‘She went to Malaysia to visit her relative. I think she will come back tomorrow.’

After we hired a maid, my mum had been frequently out with her friends and visited more places to catch up with her dreams. My dad was a taxi driver and had a taxi to himself, choosing to work all day except to come home to sleep at midnight.

Me: ‘Since it’s just the two of us, you want to rest today? Don’t cook. I go buy food.’

For twenty over years, I had been used to living alone and taking care of all the chores, that’s why I still did not let her do all the work, respecting her as more of a helper than being a ‘mum replacement’. I went to the kitchen where the basket of dirty clothes laid and took out a pair of worn shorts, swapping out the torn boxers for it. Lati was right beside me dumping the detergent in and could see what I wore, the black coloured underwear that hid nothing beneath the see-through material.

I was semi-hard from the early morning and she was staring at it the whole while. And how did I know? Cause I was watching her as I changed, hoping that she was busy but soon, I realised she was bound to see such things in days to come.

Her upwards glancing eyes at me was telling me ‘good job’, probably for having that size. I went about buying the food for the both of us and we ate quietly at the dining table to the whining sounds of the washing machine.

Lati: ‘Does your girlfriend take care of you?’
Me: ‘Every now and then? Your boyfriend leh? You’re only 23 right?’
Lati: ‘He is too small for me. So I always take care of myself.’
Me: ‘Haha. Doesn’t matter as long as you love him right?’
Lati: ‘But now he is so far away, I think he go find other girls already.’
Me: ‘No lah. He won’t. Like you say, he is too small right?’

This domestic helper we hired was a little plump at first, but after doing all the work for a month, she was slimming down and her figure was no difference from a girl who had been working out in the gym. Nonetheless, her dress code was pretty conservative except for the times she chose to get dressed outside the bathroom, letting me catch glimpses of her in bra.

Me: ‘So am I bigger than him?’

She gave a shy nod and a slap on my arm, hurrying me to finish the meal so she could wash the chopsticks. After I was done, I went into the living room to watch the non-stop movie channel and she joined me.

Lati: ‘Yes lah. You are bigger.’
Me: ‘Show me how long is he?’

She held her hand up and showed me the diameter of two one dollar coins. Pretending not to know how long was it, I asked if she could show it to me side by side and I moved before she could answer. My shorts went down to my knees and I kicked it onto the ground. Wearing just the see-through underwear, she placed the two fingers beside my dick, and replied ‘this long’.

In a do or die moment, I grabbed her wrist and pulled it over my dick, where she naughtily leaned closer to hold it in her hand.

Lati: ‘It’s so warm.’
Me: ‘Can you make me happy?’

She gave me a slutty wink and tugged my underwear below my balls. She then tucked her hair over her ears and went down on me, licking the tip a few times to get me harder. My hands could not resist going over her head and pushing her, just to show her how eager I was. Finally, her lips parted and some warm saliva flowed over my rod.

Bending down beside me, her lips pressed hard around my girth and brought them up and down, going in a steady pace. I was growing harder by the minute and her hands were soon on her boobs, making small squeezes on them.

Me: ‘Since mother won’t be home so soon, we can do a little exercise.’
Lati: ‘You got condom?’
Me: ‘It’s in the blue Toyogo box. Help me take?’

She got up hastily and went into my room, appearing shortly after with a smooth glass dildo and the 3-pack box.

Lati: ‘Can I try this? I never see one before.’
Me: ‘Can.. I put on the condom first.’

She stood in front of me and I took the packet from her, ripping the silver wrapper and rolling the rubber. She stripped her shorts and a nude coloured panties off, before sitting beside me by leaning against the armrest on the other side. Her opened legs soon met the dildo and she was not shy in pleasing herself at all. The tip of the dildo went along her slit a few times before she pushed it in.

Lati: ‘Sir, can you buy an electric shaver for me?’
Me: ‘We go buy together next time.’

Although she had asked for it, her pussy was thoroughly shaved and clean, healthy pink between her dark skin. She masturbated herself non-stop and moaned hysterically, turning me on with her sweet voice that sounded like nothing her speaking voice.

Me: ‘Lati.. I can’t wait anymore.’
Lati: ‘You very naughty ah.’

She reached her hands out for me and I went on top of her, parking the tip in, I asked if she was ready and she said yes with her eyes closed. It must have been a long time since she had a dick in her and I was all armed and ready to fire.

With a strong thrust, I pierced into her pussy and she screamed in a sharp pitch. Seeing how agonising it was, the next thing to do was to keep moving so the pain would go away. I was pounding my heart out as her hands went to my ribs, holding me steady. We did missionary for only three minutes, before she suddenly went black and her body began shaking, from a gentle one to a violent convulsion.

I got worried at one point in time, but she quickly assured me that it was how she climaxed, especially with a huge dick in her. I did not care if she was telling the truth when she claimed I was the second dick she had, but kept ramming her swollen cunt.

Lati: ‘Let me go on top and make you happy master.’

I sat myself upright in the middle of the sofa and she faced the TV, before sitting down over my rod. She bounced her body on top of my lap continuously while moaning, leaning back on me whenever she came. I couldn’t take the shallow thrusts in that position and got her to bend over the coffee table, with her legs together.

Lati: ‘Don’t go too fast k? I scared I hit the table when I climax.’

Ignoring her words, I shoved my dick in high speed, holding her waist as her body weakened. We remained in that position for as long as I could remember as her pussy was contracting around my dick, stimulating the tip where it got too sensitive.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to shoot?’
Lati: ‘Wait wait.. take it out.’

I pulled out of her before I even felt the urge and she turned around to kneel between my legs. Her mouth went over it again after tearing the condom off and sucked me tirelessly, listening to my groans. She was so skilled in her oral sex that I was losing my mind as she went on. Forcing her face deeper into my crotch, my dick had disappeared fully in her mouth and I was too high to care.

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

She lifted her head till only her lips were around my hood, and went down in quick but short jerking motion. Driving my mind crazy with that focus around my dick head, I did not last more than thirty seconds before my load flushed into her mouth. Lati was swallowing as I came, sucking me like a straw till everything was out.

We were finally done with our little deed and she went back beside me, with her hands massaging my balls.

Lati: ‘Men need to massage after sex so it will feel relaxed.’

Her tight grip on my dick kept pumping my shrinking rod till it was too small, and she cleaned me up with her bath towel from the toilet.

Lati: ‘Since mother is not home today, can I ask my friend over?’
Me: ‘Who is your friend?’
Lati: ‘She lives just below us, also a maid. But her family is on a holiday, so she is doing nothing too.’
Me: ‘Okay then. But please don’t make too much noise k?’
Lati: ‘I want her to meet you. Cause you always take care of me.’

She texted on her phone for a while before the doorbell rang. A small girl with the same skin tone as Lati entered in a long t-shirt, with her nipples poking against her shirt. Luckily, I had my boxers on but this time, without anything underneath.

Girl: ‘Hi, I am Lemmy.’
Me: ‘Hi. You can call me.. ‘
Lati: ‘Boy boy!’

Lemmy giggled at her interruption and sat next to me, clamping me between two girls. Lati did not waste anymore time in pulling my boxers down and bringing Lemmy’s hand to my dick, speaking to her in their mother tongue. Lemmy soon flashed a smile at me and took the box of condom I had forgotten on the table, placing it on my chest.

Lati: ‘Take care of my good sister too can?’
Me: ‘Hello. I am not even hard yet.’

Sensing a chance to display her skills, Lemmy got on her knees and took my little one into her mouth, giving it a mouth-to-dick resuscitation. After it grew to a proper size in her mouth, she stood up and lifted her shirt to show me her bare butt. Lati helped me put on a fresh condom and pointed it upwards to the girl climbing on top of the sofa, slowly descending down to my dick.

Lemmy was much tighter than Lati, and we were fucking in seated-cowgirl throughout the session. She was much more active in her hips and grinded me non-stop till she came. After about two orgasms for her, my second load was about to unload and I told them what was happening in my balls.

Lati: ‘You want to taste him?’

Lemmy did not answer her and crawled to the empty side, remaining in a doggie position as she mouth fucked my dick. I came shortly after into her inexperienced mouth and she did the same, swallowing it before taking her rest.

Lemmy: ‘Oh! What is this?’

The flushed face on her did not show any exhaustion at all, picking up the glass toy on the table. I got up and let the two girls sit with their legs opened, facing each other. As a benevolent master, I helped them get the toy into their pussies and let them have the afternoon to themselves, fucking the fortunate dildo to their hearts’ content.

Me: ‘Lemmy, it’s getting late. Do you need to go home for dinner?’
Lemmy: ‘No one is home. I can stay here tonight.’

The girls did not have anything for dinner except my dick, where I felt like a king on my bed as they took turns to suck me off. By nightfall, I was dead tired but the girls were still hyperactive, probably excited at their newfound ‘freedom’ to unlimited orgasms since their arrival in Singapore.

Lati: ‘Master, can I not wear my underwear when we are alone? I don’t want to keep washing them.’
Me: ‘Sure. Up to you?’
Lati: ‘But you also must do the same. Or you can wear just the sexy underwear. It’s easier to wash.’

I did not mind her requests at all, and we had our fun around the house whenever we were alone, which equates to ‘most of the time’.

Last Sale

Me (shouting): ‘Devi!’

The girl looking barely 18 walked towards me in a decent red dry fit tank top and pink FBTs, waving as she took the notes out of her wallet. Devi had contacted me through my site to purchase a bullet vibrator and the deal was quickly sealed with a meet up in the neighbourhood. Handing the toy over to her, she took it out to check if it was working.

Devi: ‘You included batteries?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I have a few lying around. But I don’t think they will last.’
Devi: ‘Means I can use it tonight!’
Me: ‘Haha. Too much info!’

She gave a cute tongue out smile and walked beside me as I headed back home. I had no idea where she was going but it was the least I could ask from the short brown haired girl wearing so simple yet suggestively.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid of being raped going braless?’
Devi: ‘No ah. You live around here only, and if anyone comes, they will rape you first! I have perfect vision you know?’

True enough, she had noticed the hard on under my thin shorts from the short messages we exchanged about using the toy. We walked a little distance towards me place before I spotted a void deck with flickering lights, imagining to do something fun with her. The alert girl knew where I was walking through and stopped with me at one of those seats around the lift, with our backs facing the main walkway.

Devi: ‘You live here?’
Me: ‘Nope. Just see if you are going to accompany me.’
Devi: ‘Okay then. I am going home.’
Me: ‘Just kidding luh!’

I grabbed her hand out of playfulness and she collapsed onto my lap, poking my dick at her shorts instantly. There was no signs of her getting up and I proceed to take the toy from her hand, uncoiling the wires to give her a test drive.

Me: ‘I show you how to use it k?’
Devi: ‘Very outdated pick up line huh? I think everyone knows how it works.’

I pressed the pink coloured bullet against her crotch and rolled the speed dial, setting off a powerful vibration across her body. As how foreplay went, I quickly slowed it down and felt her legs spreading to the sides of my thighs. The girl was grinding her butt as I guided the toy up and down her slit, getting her hornier for something more adventurous.

Me: ‘Can I put it in?’

The few seconds passed without any reply from her and I pulled her shorts opened, slipping my hand into her panties directly to conserve the battery. The moment it came in contact with her clit, her hands went to my hips and the fingernails dug into my flesh. As painful as it was, I did not squirm a bit and focused on running the bullet all over her pussy.

Devi: ‘Do girls put it inside?’
Me: ‘Let’s give it a try?’

I brought the toy lower to her entrance and pushed it in slowly, closely monitoring her body’s reaction to it. Instead of letting me continue at my pace, her hand took over the docking and shoved the rest in, arching her back forward as an orgasm caused her body to shake in the most gentle shiver.

I knew she loved it inside and it had answered her question. While she was indulging herself in the vaginal stimulation, I lifted her shirt to massage her bare breasts, nipples erected to my pinch-roll actions. She only lasted about five minutes before complaining that her pussy was going numb from the powerful vibrations. Knowing that the ‘demo’ was over, I tugged at the wire to pull it out and she was comfortably sitting on me.

Devi: ‘Want to check this block out?’
Me: ‘Isn’t it like any other blocks? That is a flat out lousy pick up line.’
Devi: ‘Okay. I am really going home this time!’
Me: ‘Ehh!’

I ran to the lift pulling her along and clicked on the second highest floor, no reasons in particular. Our little fling continued in the brightly lit lift with one of my hand in her shorts and rubbing on her clit so fast her knees almost gave way before we reached the floor. It was just an attempt to get back at that shy but adventurous girl.

After the lift, we went to a corner of the stairs between two floors and she hastily lowered my shorts. I didn’t even feel fair when she began jerking me, cause she did not allow me to touch her (anymore). A few minutes of boring handjob later, I could not take the lack of excitement and gave her the emotionless look until she stopped.

Devi: ‘What’s wrong?’
Me: ‘I can’t cum.’
Devi: ‘Okay.. that’s new. Good or bad thing?’

I did not speak a word more and led her in front of a wall where no one could see us. As soon as I made sure the distance was sufficient for her to bend over, I nudged her body down and roughly tugged her shorts down to her ankles. The surprised girl did not resist a single bit and I proceeded to aim my meat bullet at her, before ramming it in in one swift thrust.

I anticipated her oncoming groan and covered her mouth as I sent my hips into a violent shiver, sliding that piece of meat deep into the unprepared girl. One hand was over her mouth and the other was at her waist, pulling her backwards as I rammed forward. She did not last more than two minutes before an overwhelming tightness stopped me in my tracks, sensing a relaxed pee-like stream onto the ground between our feet.

Right before I felt her loosening, I carried on fucking and resulted in her almost kneeling onto the concrete ground. My hand had moved to her waist and prevented her from falling, all the time pounding my hard stick at her.

Devi (breathlessly): ‘You really can’t cum?’
Me: ‘Of course I can cum. And it’s coming soon.’

Her hands reached for the PVC pipes beside her and held onto them, while I felt another wave of contraction from her.

Me: ‘Are you squeezing me?’
Devi: ‘No.. I am cumming!’
Me: ‘So fast ah? Let’s cum together then.’
Devi: ‘Outside k? Not inside.’

I gave her my last burst of strength, ramming her brains out and exited as the last stroke clicked the ‘Fire’ button. The sight her whitish cum over me, with the incoming strong jets of semen rushing out for war, remained deep in my memories. The super glue landed on her pussy lips and I kept myself occupied by aiming at the ‘clean’ areas to cover every part with my cum. Thankfully I was still sober, avoiding an accident when she suddenly lost her grip and falling back on my body.

Seeing the girl had no more energy to even stand straight, I helped by pulling her panties and shorts over the lubricated pussy, even giving it a quick rub to make sure it was snuggling fit. We sat at the steps for sometime to recover our strength and she was leaning on me throughout.

Devi: ‘You very mean eh. Pull my panties so high up. Want to make sure I get pregnant ah?’
Me: ‘No lah. Keep you warm mah.’
Devi: ‘It’s really warm though. If only I can sleep right now.’
Me: ‘Let’s go home then?’
Devi: ‘Your home?’
Me: ‘Why not your home?’
Devi: ‘Serious?’

We were caught between an awkward joke that turned serious all of a sudden. Of course we went back to our own homes, but I didn’t sleep there though. The still-horny me went to her place for the night, where we explored every possible use for the vibrator and kept ourselves sweaty till the sun was almost out.

The worse thing I had imagined came true when her mum knocked at her door, walking into the two of us naked under the bedsheets. Smiling as she placed the tray of soy bean curd and fried fritters, the only greeting I could mutter was ‘Auntie’. It was only during breakfast (on her bed) that she told me her mum was so happy to see her with a guy instead of always bringing girls home to sleep.

Auntie: ‘Going home ah Ah Boy?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Need to work later.’
Auntie: ‘Come by often k? Don’t need to be shy.’
Me: ‘Sure sure.. ‘
Devi: ‘Ignore her lah. Still sure sure.. ‘

Devi hurried me out of the door to her waving mum, with a confused but glad face following me home. Thinking about it, isn’t her mum a little too young? I am now in a dilemma about the night I spent with her, unsure if she was les, bi or straight, cause girls bringing girls home could be a totally harmless thing.

Acquired Taste

Joey: ‘Yuck! It’s so disgusting!’

She opened the door of her boyfriend’s car and spat the load onto the concrete ground. He had been fingering her since they started on the road and she gave in to his request to suck him off, for the third time in their relationship. It was the first time he shot in her mouth and it totally turned her off. Tony did not care about her comfort and made her did it against her will, but it was nothing too painful she could not handle.

Tony: ‘You just need to used to the taste.’

He started the car and drove on, making their way back to her place where her parents were out at work. The perks of having a good looking, sexy figured girlfriend was that she could easily turn him on by just removing her bra under her shirt. Although she had a killer body, never once she flaunted it causally even if he demanded her. The plain body hugging t-shirt revealed a little of her slim waist, but nothing more. Her pair of leggings took her some time to remove but it was gone at the same time Tony stripped to his underwear.

Tony: ‘Lie on the bed and wait for me. I go wash it first.’
Joey: ‘Again?’
Tony: ‘Yeah. You don’t know you have a horny boyfriend meh?’

She tied her hair as she asked him to hurry, knowing that the CIM act had gotten her in a situation he would always want it. He came out of the toilet after a while and found her lying on his pillow, ponytail adjusted to the side so she could lie comfortably. Laying beside her, he planted those relaxed lips on hers and she was immediately brought to speed to meet his desires.

Her hand went to his raw dick and his fingers wriggled into her thongs. The mutual masturbation turned each other on wetter and harder, making them as energetic as before they had the first round. Must of her handjob was out of sync as he fingered her deeper, curving his fingers upwards to tease the g-spot she always succumb to.

Joey: ‘I.. I am cumming!’

She grabbed him by the wrist and kept his fingers buried deep, biting her lips as she trembled to his satisfied look. Panting from the meek orgasm, she was still horny and used his hand to resume the masturbation.

Tony: ‘Someone so horny huh?’
Joey: ‘You luh! Turn me on with this.’

Her hand went back to jerking and he was eager to move to fucking his hot girlfriend. He was the type of guy liked the normal sex positions and somehow, her cowgirl did not stimulate him as much. But she loved how his dick would poke at her g-spot in that position. He moved between her legs and opened them, pushed his dick down at her pussy and gently let the head pop in.

Joey’s hands were on his forearms beside her hips as he ripped his way in, spreading those closely stuck vaginal walls to fit his size. The teasing entry simply made her want more and her legs were over his ass once he penetrated into her.

Tony: ‘Ready?’

She nodded shyly and he started the missionary. Her head tilted upwards and eyes shut themselves to enjoy every inch of his manhood, thrusting vigorously at her. It was one of those non-overwhelming, slow-build up momentum that she knew would ‘charge’ her orgasms up to the max before he would let her cum. The demure looking girl had taken on a wilder side and moans were filling his ears as he rammed harder.

Joey (whispering): ‘Yes yes.. keep going.. don’t stop.. ‘

She neared an orgasm and he picked up his speed, pounding her deeper till he felt her pussy tightened around his shaft. Suddenly, he paused right before she could climax and made her use her legs to pull him in.

Joey: ‘Why did you stop? Don’t torture me.. ‘
Tony: ‘Let me shoot in your mouth again?’
Joey: ‘Anything.. just move.. ‘

The correct answer pushed him to fuck her hard all the way and she was shaking once again to his powerful dick that was stroking against the sensitive spots on her pussy. It was so mind blowing that she went blank for a while and Tony’s dick disappeared out of her. He was lying next to her when she regained consciousness and his finger was rubbing on her clit to wake her up.

Joey (tiredly): ‘I thought you wanted to shoot in my mouth?’
Tony: ‘I haven’t cum yet.’

She flipped around and went between his legs this time. Lying with her hand on his dick, she gave it a few stroke before she licked it up and down like an ice cream. Joey was in charge this time and she kept doing that until he had to beg her to put it in her mouth. A sheepish grin appeared on her face and she put the head in, sucking it so hard he groaned in pain. The subsequent swirling of her tongue brought a relieve to him and her lips slowly descended down.

Keeping it at that depth, she did not move much and only used her tongue to wriggle under his shaft.

Tony: ‘Your turn to torture me is it?’

A nod from her gave him a new sensation that was both soothing and arousing. He liked the little stimulation on his dick head and she nodded a few more times to his request. A while of watching the grown man falling weak to her motionless mouth later, she began the blowjob proper and pumped her head up and down.

This time, she was making longer strides and he was totally weak from her mouth. She had successfully found the perfect tempo, pressure and spots to press her tongue against. Never had he been so helpless and the urge to cum came much sooner than expected.

Tony (groaning): ‘Fuck.. I’m shooting!’

The surprised look on her face did not stop the blowjob and she went faster, neck stretching and moving in a circular motion. In less than a minute, his hands went over her head and her mouth was forced all the way down. The first wave came hard onto her throat and she quickly pushed against his thighs to get the choking feel away before she really stopped.

He knew better to let her relax and his arms fell to the sides, letting her lips stop midway along his rod and she flicked on his pee hole to get the rest of his cum out. The blissful expression on his face was priceless as the cum filled her mouth up. She did not taste much of his sperms since it all went around her mouth that was pointed downwards.

The long minute finally ended and she removed her mouth, climbing over his body in a cowgirl stance. Joey sat over his sperm-covered dick and faced down at him, where he thought she was going to let his cum fall over his face. Instead, she swallowed and began grinding her hips, rubbing that slippery cock in her.

Tony went soft despite having a pussy over him and she understood her boyfriend well. Laying on his chest, he was still inside her when she rested.

Tony: ‘You like to sleep with me inside?’
Joey: ‘Yupp.’
Tony: ‘But the sperms.. ‘
Joey: ‘I’ve licked it clean.’

His arms went around her and patted her to sleep, smiling at his wonderful girlfriend who was getting accustomed to swallowing his load.

Tony: ‘I love you baby.’
Joey: ‘I love you too.’

The couple fell asleep for a long while until he felt her getting off him. The tired guy did not stay tired for long after her mouth went around his dick again, sucking him to reach a full size for another round of frenzy sex.