All Alone

Once the 10pm news started, Janelle went for her usual shower before sleep, but instead of getting into bed, she put on the brown tube top she wore the day before along with a pair of beach shorts, going panty-less since it was just at her void deck. Secretly, she tucked the box of cigarettes […]

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It was easy sneaking out of the girls’ sleeping quarters after midnight as the whole day was spent on really draining activities organised by Charmaine’s Girl Guides group. As expected, the guys’ room was still brightly lit and laughters were coming out of it. After she had showered earlier, all she wore was a long […]

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Great Possession

Jason: ‘Baby, you’re going to wear this today.’ He threw the set of a a tiny bralet top and a piece of small black cotton skirt that was so thin that it would be translucent under strong light. Alice had never wore such suggestive clothes before, usually dressed in her dress or shirt and tight […]

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Buzzing Tempo.

My meeting finally ended and I quickly packed my things before heading down to my secret spot in Seng Kang. Lyn had arranged to meet up as soon as possible for the dual bullet vibrator that she wanted so badly. As I reached before the meeting time, I sat at the void deck with two […]

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A friend Lyn, 17 years old, had just broken up from a bad relationship, and never missed anything from it, especially not the forced oral sex she had to give to her ex. She had given me the privilege to write this recount on her behalf since my work had helped took her minds off […]

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