Patched and More

Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NYP Block S stairwell, my house

I finally got in check with my emotions, controlling my choices so I won’t get angry over them. And Peiling even initiated to a conversation yesterday.

I went for a movie and left her to be with her project and friends, whatever made her happy. She called me at 5pm and asked where I were. Well, just in school doing my FYP.

She said she wanted to come down and meet, so I said okay, maybe after 6pm. She reached at around 5.50pm and waited me for a while outside my room. Once we’re released, she wanted to talk to me about our relationship, salvaging it.

We walked to the staircase where I always had my quiet moments to talk to her through the phone and such. Few people walk that stairs, one or two within an hour or so. We put our bags down by the railing and sat down on the first few steps to talk.

After about 30mins of talk, we ended up hugging each other and crying. I got myself a second chance, and she felt sorry too.

I pulled her up and onto the platform before the steps to kiss. Our kiss got intimate and our hands started to get naughty. She slipped her hands under my shirt to feel my skin and I did the same too. She sure smells and feel good.

She was wearing a simple shorts and tee and me in a bermudas and shirt. Being in school and in such a location, I could only massage her pussy through her clothes and she massaged mine too.

We had this intense kissing and teasing for a few minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore and left for my house.

We entered and went to my bedroom immediately. Lying on the bed, we had turns being on top and kissing. Soon enough, our clothes were gone, leaving us in our undergarments. We felt really close and took turns getting each other off over and over again. She sucked and jerked me off and I rubbed her pussy lips and clitoris with the use of vibrator too.

She kept me cumming non-stop and taking every load in her mouth. She had to spit it out everytime though. To return the favour I kept her wet and in a continuous orgasm mood.

As before, she loved it when I used my dick’s bulge (with FBTs) to press against the vibrator in her panties on her clit, she could still hug me tight for every orgasm and kiss. I totally respect her decision not to have sex. I liked it when she’s just servicing me happily though, I’m just contented with that.

No long after we fell asleep in our undergarments and when we woke up, my mum was watching TV in the living room.

As this is not the first time she could guess what we’re doing, we got dressed and walked out as though nothing happened to watch a little TV and left. I’m glad we patched, and strengthen my trust, which I always had an issue with.

Quietly Okay?

Day: Tuesday
Date: 10 November 2009
Time: 11pm
Location: East Coast tent

The BBQ started at about 5pm where it’s still bright. There were a group of us for the BBQ, and then, people started leaving and soon, it’s down to 2 girls and 1 other guy. We tried eating all the food but couldn’t finish.

The girls were thinking of camping here for the night until 2 other girls decided to go home. 1 of the guy and girl is a couple, so they went away for a while, with the excuse of packing the stuff into the car.

The lights were out in that area due to some power failure which was stated on a sheet of paper pasted somewhere. There was an unusual lot of tents too. Hehe

I entered the tent after her, zipped the entrance (mosquitoes as excuse) and laid on the base of the tent and chatted. After quite a while of gossiping, I looked at her and she was already looking at me. I asked her what was wrong and she gave a reply making me guiltily horny. ‘Feeling naughty’ she said.

She then rolled over to her left and put her right arm across my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing onto my right arm then. She moved her hand around my tummy and commenting I sure ate a lot.

Her hands then slowly ran down to my belt and paused. At the corner of my eye, I saw her face coming close and I turned to kiss her. As we gave each other some licking on the lips, her hand went downwards right into my FBTs. She grabbed hold of it and massaged it very slowly.

My dick was hardening at her pace then. I turned my body around and faced her. As we kissed, my left hand crossed under her right hand and went straight to her pussy. She was getting wet without any contact though. After I got her off a few times with rubbing, she loosened my belt and took my dick out. She sat up and used her hands to jerk me till I was about to shoot, which I signalled her.

She continue jerking me at a slower pace and positioned a cup of coke on top of my belly button, in front of my dick. She sped up and unloaded all into it. We each drank half and the reason why she did that? She wanted me to know how bad guys cum tasted.

We got dressed and slept through the night after the activity. Funny enough, I woke up finding ourselves hugging each other, with her sleeping on my arm, and my other arm around her.


Day: Friday
Date: 15 January 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: NYP, clubroom/ CCA room

I ended class early and went to collect the keys to enter the clubroom. As I had some designs to finish up, I didn’t mind doing it alone. There was no one else as everyone has gone home.

As I was focused on my laptop, my phone rang and gave me a shock. It was her, my crush whom knew I had a crush. She called and checked if I was in the room.

She arrived not long after and sat beside me to see what I was doing. Having little conversations about the design and work, I accidentally revealed my desktop long enough for her to catch the ‘porn’ folder I had.

‘Ehh.. 你们男生的脑每一次都色色的啊?‘

I replied her, ‘Uhh.. now counted?’  and she looked down onto my pants.

She giggle and said, ‘wah lau’ and rolled her eyes. I asked her if she does get horny and she replied, ‘Now counted?’

I put my left hand around from behind her neck and pull her head towards mine. She was kind of reluctant but closed her eyes to allow me to move her slowly and kiss her.

Our lips sealed and it felt like a dream come true. Her short cute tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it gently with my lips. We then let our tongue wild and the kissing didn’t stopped. As our kisses got wetter, I paused to lock the door, turning off the lights as though there were no one.

I held her up and pressed her onto the metal cupboard. Using both hands, I squeezed her boobs through her clothes in a few strong moves to keep her breathing faster. Her clothes got me hot and horny.

She was then working in a clinic as an assistant, thus she was in her nurse uniform when we met. It was pretty common, one piece, a little blue by the shoulders, and a long zip at the back.

I pulled the zip down from behind and revealed her white bra and panties. Her uniform slide off her smooth skin and onto the ground. By now, she’s feeling really shy, turning her head away. I pinned her on the cold metal cupboard again and went down to lick her nipples. Making a O with my lips, I placed my lips over the nipple and sucked gently. My tongue then proceeded to make twirls and fondling of the nipples.

She was as though high ecstasy. It was her first time making out in public and in school. My left hand ran downwards to her panties and massaged her. She got really wet and took my hand and placed it inside her panties instead.

Understanding she wants more, I fingered her (hymen broken due to sports) and then she whispered by my ears, ‘I can get very wet de, you ready?’

I seat her down and pulled her panties down to her ankle. I then spread her legs by the knees so I can reach in to get a taste of her. I sat down on the floor and started the pussy licking. There was no hair as she goes for waxing (swimming). I literally ate her pussy inside out. The amount of juice flowing was enough to quench my thirst, and moreover, it was fragrant with her smell.

I got her tired after a long lapping session and she needed to rest as well. She wore her uniform back but removed the panties as it was soaked earlier. I then sat down on the chair opposite her to rest as well. She squatted down in front of me, undid my belt and pulled it down along with my FBTs. She then knelt on my shorts.

She took my hardened dick into her small mouth and sucked in whatever way she knew. She doesn’t watch porn, has no boyfriend yet, not really exposed to the sexual side of life. Her techniques would not get me shooting so I asked her to take a rest. She didn’t know what to do but felt the urge to help me get off.

As we’re not going to be together long, sex is out of the question. She took her panties which was on the chair and placed it over my dick and jerked. Her small hands were perfect enough to cover the whole length of my dick.

The slurping wet sound from her wet panties, combined with her hand action on my hard dick, made it hard to control. I whispered, ‘shooting’ and she stopped jerking, wrapped it around my dick head and massaged the top.

As it was super sensitive, I came for quite some time, body expelling every drop from the teasing of the dick head. She looked at her soiled panties and grinned at me.

Her knowledge in medical science was way beyond mine. She stood up, and put the panties back on. Sharing her knowledge of sperms with me, I felt safer too. She sat back down to rest and spread her legs in front of me, revealing her soaked panties filled with my cum in it.

We turned on the lights and continued with my work. And there she was with her hands on her panties under the table, rubbing the sperms around her pussy. I think I caught her getting off again.

Wide Staircase

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 February 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: United Square, stairwell.

After going with Peiling to collect her jacket from Esprit, we went to the top floor where all the education centres were, and went to the end leading to a huge staircase.

It leads to an exit which is one way out, and hardly anyone will use it. So we walked a few flights down and stopped on one of it and started our kissing again. As we kissed, we just dropped our stuffs and my hands ran up her t-shirt to massage her breasts. This time, for comfort’s sake, I unbuckled her bra too.

We got seated and I helped her loosen her jeans by unbuckling her belt and unzipping it. Her panties were already wet by then and her breathing got heavier. I rubbed her panties for a while before putting my fingers in from the top. She moaned softly and cautiously for fear that our sounds might cause us NOT to hear someone approaching.

After a while, she asked for the vibrator and I took it out and slipped it into her panties. My hands got a little rest while she continued to orgasm. After she got really tired and soaked her panties enough, she pulled her jeans up and buckled her belt back. I helped adjusted her bra while she was doing her jeans – with the vibrator still in her.

She led me down that flight of stairs onto the wall in front and pushed me there, frenching me and pulling my comfortable pants down. I had to hold on the the remote control in case she was too far from me. She then knelt on my slippers and sucked me off.

The vibrator was on and off to help her a little. Somehow, I could not hold it long with her eyes looking at me and sucking my dick. That sight was too much for me, I came in her hands and quickly got dressed. Not forgetting to remove the vibrator from her panties though.

As her hands were covered in cum, I helped her carry her bag and stuff. I then held her hands and went to the toilet at the main shopping area to wash up with her. It felt really intimate as I held her cum-covered hands and washed together. Well, the smell lingered on for a whole day. Hehe.

Changing Room

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 February 2009
Time: 11am
Location: United Square, Esprit

Peiling and I went to Esprit to collect a jacket she reserved a few days ago. Walking around, I’ve always wanted to try wearing more skirts but she didn’t quite like it, as it didn’t give her a sense of security.

She picked a white top to try for formal occasions and I followed her into rows of changing rooms. She went in and I pushed the door open just as she was going to close it and entered. She didn’t say anything but locked the door and continued to take of her t-shirt to reveal her bra which I believe was common, the beige coloured type.

I pulled her by the waist to me and we kissed passionate. Somehow, making out in public was way exciting that doing it relaxed. My hands ran up her bra and massaged her breasts. Her bra was lifted up by then and I bent my head down to suck the nipples.

As it was very quiet outside and worrying that someone would be waiting outside, I wasted no time turning her around to face the mirror and slipped my hands into jeans and into her panties. I didn’t rest my fingers, making her wet and horny enough to give me a quick blowjob. My head went numb from her sucking until we sensed something coming.

We stopped after hearing some noise from the outside, so we got dressed and exited. We collected her jacket from the counter and left the place for some place more private.

After School

Day: Thursday
Date: 15 Oct 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NAFA

I was there to pick her up after she ended class. I was waiting at level 2, by the window, listening to music.

The lift rang and I saw her coming out in jeans and a while polo tee. She came behind me and gave me shoulder a squeeze. ‘Hello!’

I sit her down and talked about her day.  I then reached into my tote bag and took out a soft brown leather pouch. Her eyes followed and I opened the top to show her the black wireless vibrator I had.

I handed her the pouch and asked her to put it in her panties in the toilet. As this is the second wireless vibrator I had since the first one I ordered failed, I had two controllers. She exited the toilet and said, ‘感觉很奇怪leh.’

My dick rose immediately after she made that statement. I was wearing a pair of shorts quite hard in material. Luckily for me, I could use her A3 sized file to hide the bulge. We went down the steps and she had to adjusted it a few times, and luckily, there was no one around.

We walked to Bugis MRT and took a train in the direction of Jurong East via Woodlands. We’re standing by the glass panels as the train was crowded then. I passed her a control and I turned on mine.

She immediately placed her head down onto my shoulders. I was standing in front of her, admiring her horny look then. Leaning on her left side, her right hand then reached up and held onto my right arm.

She reached into her pocket to find her controller to turn it off. She had to cycle through 10 modes of speed and pulses to turn it off. It was an on-off journey and by the time we reached Bishan MRT, her legs were a little wobbly.

We got off the train to change to a direct bus to her house. On the bus, with cushions as buffer, I turned it on again and this time, she did not turn it off. We took the whole journey with it on and just when we’re about to reach her stop, I turned it off and she adjusted it to feel more comfortable.

We alighted the bus and she went behind the glass panels with bus directories to remove the vibrator. The view of her putting her hands into her panties and taking it out turned me on and I asked if I could feel how wet is she.

As the place is already very dark, I leaned on the glass panels and pulled her towards me. Wither her back on me and her bag in front, I moved my right hand into her jeans and massaged the wet panties. And true enough, very wet and warm.

I walked her to her house and went off home. Her mum hates me though.

Japanese to Chinese Garden

Day: Monday
Date: 19 May 2008
Time: 11am
Location: Chinese Garden

Peiling and I went out on a photo trip at Chinese Garden. Monday morning, everyone is at work and school. It was our holidays then.

We walked to the Japanese Garden just beside and took lots of photos. Finally we got tired of walking and rested under a shelter facing a pond. There were quite a few shelters there, but this one has a hill behind and a few rocks around.

We sat down and munched on the potato chips I’ve brought along. After eating we continued taking pictures of each other and the whole thing suddenly got very naughty. We started taking pictures of my hand in her skirt and her hands on my shorts.

After that, I got seated like normal and she leaned on my left side. She covered her legs with her jacket (for the cold MRT, was in her bag during the phototaking).  My left hand went around her to her waist and used my hands to massage her outside her panties.

As there was no water around to wash my hands, no entrance to pussy was granted. And it was too public for her to return the favour, she only massaged my dick for a while through my shorts.

We went off shortly and visit the Chinese Garden. The 7 Storey Padoga was tempting and we climbed up. Once we reached the top, we realised we can actually stand on the balcony stretching OUT of the tower.

We went out and walked into a corner (not all sides were accessible from outside). And into the corner, she kissed me and we did so for about a minute or two.

She then moved her hands to tease my dick outside my pants. The whole teasing thing lasted for about 20 minutes. Our lower body could not be seen because of the corner and the ledge which was quite high.

We did that from the top level downwards for about 2 floors. I then got very tired due to the non-stop kissing and teasing and left. There was no cumming on that day, but nonetheless, fun.