No Beach Today

April: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’ She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her […]

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Teenage Gang

A group of secondary school students gathered at Qun’s house, whose mum was known to be lax in her management. They had known her as a mother who did not mind her son smoking and drinking, sometimes even spotting them together at a nearby coffee shop with beers. After their long holidays started, a total […]

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Extra Mula

Adel: ‘Uncle Tim, I need extra money to go out with my friends. Can you spare me some?’ Tim: ‘What time do you end school today?’ Adel: ‘Around 3? But I’ve told my dad I end at 5. So we have some time.’ Tim: ‘Clever girl. I’ll pick you up at your school then.’ Tim […]

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How Old Are You?

Lying face up on the bed of the usual massage outlet I went to, I was expecting one of the regulars to pop in and give me the package I asked for. Most people would link massage parlours to shady whorehouses but this outlet was a family business, offering traditional massage that services a small […]

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Student’s Mess

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, I wanted to see you cause I think I am in trouble.’ Mr. Lee: ‘What happened? I’ll try to help you out if I can.’ Christine: ‘I.. got intimate with another classmate.. and his sperms were caught on my vagina.’ Mr. Lee understood what she was getting at as he was her […]

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