Lusty Lit

Joey’s literature teacher, Mr. Jayson Chan (we’ll just use Jayson for this recount), was a cute and hot guy that she couldn’t stop fantasizing about. She’s just thirteen, but horny as hell. Jayson was a fresh NIE teacher, 20+, raging hormones, yet couldn’t cross his own principle to hit on those school girls. Always so tempting and seductive with them in blue pinfore and who-knows-what beneath them.

Joey had been having some problems with her literature work so she gave her teacher, Jayson, a call, to arrange to meet in her classroom to help. It didn’t take much for him to turn her on, the soothing voice, pretty face and hot body which his white sleeved top couldn’t hide at all. She had her hands free while listening to him go on and on about the lessons, and her hands started to move on their own under the table at her pussy.

Jayson: ‘So Joey, understand everything? What are you busy with? Texting someone?’

He walked over and saw her hands quickly lift away from her hips and skirt were crumpled, as though she had been masturbating. That thought alone made him semi-hard, and another thought became strong. To make her tell him she had been masturbating, or to let it pass without risking anything? Hmm.. why not ask Joey herself?

Jayson: ‘Are you masturbating?’
Joey: ‘Yeah.. I was thinking about you as I got wetter. So I.. ‘

There was an awkward silence after that, since it would be wrong of him to extort or threaten his student. Packing the books into his bag, it was his final bet to suggest something. He stood up and hugged her tightly, allowing his hands to caress her body on their own, from her butt, to her breasts, and much of everywhere. It was like a groping touch, but a sexy and manly glide. Finally, he leaned towards her and kissed.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Can you blow me?’

At her temporary classroom 2/6 on the second floor, it was a safe place for what she was about to give him. Obstructed by walls and pillars, echoing natural instincts to get physical in the dim, quiet and private spot. She placed him at an arm’s length and there wasn’t any problems to undo his pants for him and pulling it low enough to free his pent up rage. Stretching her head towards it, her tender pink lips started from his pee hole, forming a kissing shape, then pushing her mouth along his shaft, pressing against the seal of her lips.

Jayson held onto the tables and let his student did her work, slurping up and down, tickling his full length with her soft tongue, and felt her warm palms toying his testicles. On and on she worked, but it did not last long. The fun just started. He stopped her by gently lifting her head upwards to his and kissed, while he buckled his pants back.

Joey: ‘Where are we going now?’

She knew it wasn’t over, not when neither her or Jayson had been satisfied. He led her to the Indoor Sports Hall, empty and quiet. Making their way behind the steps, he impatiently pulled her pinfore off along with her soaking wet panties. After he was done, Joey helped stripped his bottom and she bent over immediately, telling him with her actions to ‘Start now’. He pried her pussy open with his dick, and slid in without much effort, lubricated by her own juices wet enough even for some anal. Pumping furiously, his desperation turned that slutty little student even more, knowing she was making her favourite teacher very happy.

With each stroke, she could feel him getting bigger and thicker, brushing against her vaginal walls with his big, strong manhood. While she was in a trance enjoying his effort, Jayson was struggling hard to cope with her caving pussy, each passing minute squeezing tighter on him. Damn.. Jayson whispered to himself as he reached his climax.

Jayson: ‘Come, turn around.’

She knelt on the wooden floor gave him a hand/ blow job to release his little monster. After 2 – 3 minutes, the treat came all over her face and into her mouth. It wasn’t the first time she sucked someone off, nor tasted her own pussy juice. After all, her fingers couldn’t meet her body’s demands. 13, and no longer a virgin.

*Gulp gulp*

Jayson: ‘Feeling alright? You know, I’m not really done yet.’

He helped her up and put her back in position. Feeling his dick back inside her was a relieve, but it wasn’t where he wanted to go. He would need some help right? Gathering as much juice for an anal job. The first time he pushed it in, it wasn’t that pleasant, but as her ass loosened, the entry got smoother. Within minutes, Jayson claimed her virgin asshole. Fully penetrating her in and out, it had a different feel from her pussy. Her body guided her hand to her clit, which she massaged while getting fucked in her ass.

It was definitely as good as normal sex, her pussy was getting orgasms she never felt before. And as she hoped it lasted, she felt his dick convulsed and warm sprays of cum filled up her ass – to the brim. Jayson continued his strides for a few more times before pulling it out, going into the Gents with Joey to clean up. For dinner, then home.

To say that this was over would be wrong, after all, this girl received all she needed – for the day. This couple continued meeting up and having sex at his place, and all over the school, from the toilets, to classrooms to their first touch, the Indoor Sports Hall.

*This is based on a true story. And it crosses the very line even the sickest of the minds would not. The act of sex is harmless, it could implicate families, friends, but harmless in the sense of physical abuse. But if it implicates anyone’s future, bodies, minds, then I would consider it harmful.

Now, read and forget. Or would you like to do something for Joey? Anyway, happy 2012 (:*

Opposite Room

As Jordan peeped from the corner of his eye, the door swung open and his younger brother came home with yet another girl, too damn young for sex, probably thirteen or fourteen. The two of them were perspiring a bit but still seemed ‘decent’ without their privacy yet.

Jake (shouting): ‘Mum! I’m going to my room!’

He then pulled that girl along and the door creaked shut. After Jordan’s fifth straight hour on his MMORPG, tiredness got the better of him and he made his way to his room, which was opposite his brother’s, Jake. The door didn’t shut completely, and it was just wide enough for him to peep through. The girl was at the edge of the bed, while his brother’s face was between her legs, working his tongue skilfully which threw her head back in pleasure.

It was a little wrong to be spying, but it was like porn, just that it’s live. By then, their mum had left the house for her daily mahjong session with her kakis, and it was the three of them left in the house. As his eyes stayed on the girl, his hand had already reached into his shorts, underwear-less for comfort at home. The girl was soon lying on his bed, heaving and puffing vigorously from the non-stop flick action. Jake then raised himself up for his dick to meet her pussy and without much delay, he pushed right in, letting loose a micro-yelp, loud enough for the house to hear.

Jake started moving his hips in and out of her, and the slurping sound was as distinct as the yelp, sensual yet wild. Jordan was wishing he could be right beside, watching them and even letting the slut use her mouth or hands on his, the speed he was going at was getting faster, but he was still far from cumming. As his mind fantasized, his brother continued working. After a few minutes of missionary fucking, he pulled out of her without mercy, flicking a few droplets of her juice onto her back from the recoil of his retracting rod. She flipped over into doggie style and Jake rammed into her again, making the *piak piak piak* sound as though to gawk at his fapping brother.

The dripping of the little girl’s juice were clearly visible in the light from the window, her ass was sticking out of the bed for his brother’s pounding, and the long strains of honey were stretching all the way before it hit the ground. Like a king, Jake was doing it hands-free, which the girl wasn’t complaining since he was long enough to reach everywhere. As both the brothers were getting bored of the same action, the one inside the room got the girl on her back once more, and hammered her from the top again.

Jordan couldn’t hold back much longer either. It was close to the end.

Jake (loud whisper): ‘I’m cumming in you.’

Girl: ‘Yes please!’

Jake: Shhh.. !

The two brothers froze as they emptied their balls, one into a soothing warm pussy and another in his shorts. The girl was still rocking back and forth with her legs around Jake’s waist. After Jake pulled his limp penis out, he took his camera and snapped a few pictures of her, as well as her overflowing slit. He then slumped onto his bed to sleep with the girl he wasted.

And for Jordan, he went back to his room and changed his bottom before going to bed, pleased by what he saw and the extra tiredness he received.

Childhood Dilemma

Joseph: ‘I want a girlfriend who is daring enough to do this.’

Jenna couldn’t bring herself to be photographed naked despite being with him for so long. He would ask her at every opportunity without fail, to lower this to remove that. Sure, she can do it if it isn’t that risky. To think that he booked a chalet and planned everything nicely, only to remind everyone else that the night is for the two to enjoy.

Jenna: ‘Please? I don’t want to.’

Just then, another of her friend, Wanni, came out of the bathroom and heard that phrase. This girl was good looking, pretty to a point Jenna would sometimes be afraid she would steal Joseph away, but they did not get too close for her discomfort. Joseph and Wanni came from open backgrounds, families in global businesses, so they could chat quite easily too.

Joseph: ‘Jenna doesn’t dare to bare her body for the camera.’

Wanni: ‘Jenna? It’s common, and easy too. I won’t think so much if I need to do this for my boyfriend.’

Then, the glimmer of hopelessness came about and Joseph became more interested in Wanni. Though the night was for the couple to enjoy, Wanni was invited to stay and turns out that she became the one to be baring her skin for his camera. Getting into various obscene position, Joseph who was just 15 doesn’t care about the implications. Any boys at his age would be eager to get their girlfriends’ nude photos to boost their ego.

Shortly after that night, things went down hill and Jenna became single. She didn’t hate herself that Joseph didn’t want her. She knew it was the right thing to do, to be free from this kind of jerk. But sometimes, she wished to have that courage to get naked, but definitely not for any random guy who simply wants her to be. On MSN, this guy whom she always confided in, spoke to her, clearing her mind and making her feel right. It wasn’t everyday such a person would appear, but he was the next thing closest to a boyfriend.

Jenna (MSN): Do you take photos?
Sam (MSN): No I don’t. I suck at it.
Jenna (MSN): If I ask you to help me take, can you?
Sam (MSN): I don’t think it will be a problem. What are you taking it for?
Jenna (MSN): Just to get some experience in front of a camera.

Sam didn’t think too much about the meet up,  but nonetheless wondered what different kind of experience could one gain from a camera. He made his way to Pasir Ris, where she lived and met up with her. A sweet 13 years old, wearing a dress, with breasts proportioned to her body. Standing around 155cm, she looked all normal just like any other.

Sam: ‘Where are we going?’

Jenna: ‘Just here.’

She reached her hand behind the aluminium sheets of a construction site and opened the latch. The location weren’t far from the bus interchange, but there wasn’t any higher buildings that could see what they were doing inside too. Other than dusty, it was pretty tidy inside, with a table and plastic chair.

Sam: ‘So.. ‘

Jenna: ‘Here. Take this camera and just take photos of me.’

Sam: ‘Sounds easy, but why here?’

He turned on the camera, placed his own SD card as instructed and familiarised himself with the buttons. He was a photographer, but sold his camera when his family’s financial ran into problems. As he finished setting the ideal configurations for the weather, he looked up and saw Jenna’s dress on the floor, standing there in just her tube bra and boyshorts.

Sam: ‘Umm.. what are you doing? Can you put your clothes back on?’

Jenna: ‘No. This is what I want you to take.’

His berms was getting tighter by the hard on he was expecting. Her brown nipples were clearly visible through the white tube and not to mention about the obvious cameltoe. Looking at other parts of her body doesn’t help at all, since every part of her seems like the curves of a Lamborghini, every one carefully carved for a purpose.

Jenna: ‘You’re so hard. Can you start?’

Sam stammered a yes and started looking for angles, pressing the shutter first before even thinking. Not that he is excited or horny, but the very thought of being caught doing this in public worries him. After about 50 or so pictures, he was mostly done and by then, she had her bra and panties off, strewn above her dress.

Jenna: ‘I see?’

She hopped over before Sam could even suggest her to dress up. Jenna was all smiles as she scrolled through the photos, and finally after a few minutes, she went back and got dressed. Leaning against the table, Sam was trying hard not to watch her dress, which in case you girls don’t know, can turn a guy on to his maximum ‘size’.

Jenna: ‘I’m done!’

Just like before they stepped into this private-public spot, she looked all happy and ready to go. She was standing in front of him when she suddenly propped herself on her toes and kissed Sam. That magical kiss sealed around his lips, and slowly pulled his tongue out, initiating some sensual tongue caressing. His hands went around her waist, and all over her back, to realise that her tube bra was gone, with her bottom.

Jenna’s hands weren’t just resting, it had reached his hard on, and pulling his shorts down was so easy with that dick pushing outwards. Soon, his warm dick was in her hands, stroking up and down, using his foreskin like a wrap. There was no urge to shoot with that tempo, but it was getting too big for comfort. He knew he had to release.

Sam: ‘Jenna, I think we have to stop here. I need to shoot, then we can go k?’

Jenna: ‘Huh? I want to help.’

He smiled and placed her hands back on it, but her lips parted his and went downwards, squatting in front of his blushing penis. Sam took her head and pushed gently towards himself, which she gladly opened her mouth to receive her treat. Her mouth weren’t trained at all, but the innocent tickling and attempted deepthroat was commendable. There was still no way he could cum with that beginner blowjob.

Sam: ‘Jenna, it’s okay. You can use your hands. Come up?’

She shook her head and changed to a handjob for Sam. The fast and furious strokes felt exactly like his own hands, and it was just moments when he thought she could never make him cum. Trying to calm his mind and dick, his hands were holding on tightly to the edge of the table he was leaning against. Her mouth was still there, teasing his pee hole with her tongue, sucking on it once in a while like the ice lollipop, to get whatever was melting inside.

Sam: ‘Jenna!’

She quickly sucked on him lightly like a baby, and got what she worked hard for. The juicy warm cum that streamed out of him, wasn’t all that bad tasting at all. Sweet, with a dash of salt, and consistent thickness resembling yoghurt. After she was certain there wasn’t anymore inside the shaft, she got up and Sam was frantically thinking of what to do.

Sam: ‘Jenna, you can spit it out if.. ‘

Jenna opened her mouth that instance and showed him that there was nothing revolting about it. Was it over already? She held his hands and pulled him away from the table, before resting her arms on the table.. in a position known as doggie-style. Lifting her dress up to her waist, it was an open invitation. But Sam wasn’t there to take anyone’s virginity, nor to risk getting into trouble with the law.

Jenna: ‘Do you need a reason to do this? My sister said I can tell this to you. If you don’t have sex with me, I am going to tell the police you took naked pictures of me.’

Which was worse? To have obscene pictures of a minor? Or to have sex with her? 

He inched his penis towards her pussy and as it got within Jenna’s reach, her hand extended between her opened legs and started stroking to get awake. Requiring just minutes, it was done and she used her fingers to spread open her pussy lips. Pushing his thoughts away, he guided himself in, and forced her tight pussy loose. As it entered, it felt like his dick going through the softest sponge in the world, wet, smooth, sensational. He finally got the last inch of it inside and began his work.

The tightness was indeed overwhelming, but it was all in his control as he learnt how to distract himself without softening. His hips thrusting in and out, forcing whatever excess moisture out of her like a spray, dripping onto the raw cement floor.

Fuck, too tight.

Sam underestimated her and there isn’t much to do to prevent the final straws from coming. This is one risk he would never take. Pulling it out of Jenna, her pussy ran into an orgasm just at the same time, juice drooling out of her in a fine line to the ground.

Jenna: ‘Come.’

She turned over and got into the squatting position once again, sucking him faster and deeper, while fingering herself with her free hand. Minutes passed and the second serving of yoghurt was served, just as thick and creamy as the first shot. She licked up everything, including her fingers, reminding how good he was. After Sam was done dressing up, the two kissed for another few moments before having to go their own ways.

Jenna: ‘You’re good. I’m so sore down there now.

Sam: ‘So are you. I am getting hard down there again.’

She pulled the memory card out of the camera and handed it back to him. Walking him to his bus queue, she gave Sam another peck and watched him board the bus. The photos are his to keep, as well as her bra and panties, which he wasn’t even sure how it got into his bag in the first place.

Last Day of School

Joey could clearly remember what happened on the 28th of October, for it was the last time she met her literature teacher, Mr. Jayson Chan. School ended for the year and both their minds were already onto each other before they even met. The teacher offered Joey a ride to his place, which she slept through, missing the location of his house.

Jayson: ‘Joey? We’re here.’

He tapped on her shoulders and they both went up to his double storey private bungalow, ladies first as he called it, Joey entered and he followed through, hugging her from behind and locked the door at the same time. Her hands were all over her boobs and squeezing with lust.

It wasn’t just a normal school day for her, emotions got the better of her in the earlier part of the day and she suggested going for a shower to rinse and get rid of her sweaty smell. Inside the bathroom, it was just like any couples. Her teacher soaped her up and fingered her at the same time, confusing the lubrication of the soap and her juice into one. After the long minutes of teasing and cleaning, his fingers were still in her, driving up the sounds of her moans and slurping sounds.

Joey: ‘Umm.. We’re done already.’

She could feel his hard dick between her butt as his finger tips toyed with her clit. After that, his digits went into her again and the whole orgasm ride started, making her pussy drool all over his fingers. Finally, after the unbearable treat, her attempts to escape failed and she held onto the bathtub edge for balance. Being a naughty student, Mr. Chan only had one punishment in mind, to spank her, non-stop. The pain and pleasure was mixing so badly her body was asking for more. Giving way to the wet ceramics, her hands slipped and she fell onto the floor.

Jayson: ‘Come.’

Joey reached out for his hand and allowed him to carry her to his room. Although she was still dripping wet, Jayson just wiped himself and clearly had other ways of drying Joey. He leaned onto her body and bit her ear, and whispered something sexy.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Baby, you’re too wet. Let me dry you up.’

His fingers then surprised her by piston-ing in and out of her, getting her ready before painting her. His tongue was well trained, the constant clit and pussy attack was making her cum over and over.

Jayson: ‘Why is it that when I am trying to dry you, you ended up getting so wet?’

What did Joey did? His tongue went back to work while Joey lay on the bed, feeling her juice trickling down her slit and between her butt, before dripping on the sheets. A big orgasm came and went with her grasping for life and a happy teacher quenching his thirst by lapping it all up, and then giving her a taste of it through a kiss.

Jayson: ‘Where is the homework you owe me since last month?’

Joey: ‘Umm.. I didn’t do.’

Jayson: ‘Aha! Naughty naughty girl you are! Well. as a punishment, you are going to have my dick inside for not doing my homework. I am not going to be gentle on you baby!’

I guess here is where role play could either make one feel silly or funny. After he plunged his dick in, he went berserk and on a rampage, building an intense within her with that speed and friction. It was never that rough, she felt like a bitch. A dog which deserved all it, yet enjoying it. Throughout the whole ordeal, they did not change position until after a while, he carried her on his lap and placed her on a chair, where he continued pounding in missionary till she cummed.

Unknown to her for a few seconds, he cummed into her as well, that explaining the warmth and extra wetness out if her. Jayson continued by placing her on the bed and kissed. Hinting to her at another round.

Jayson: ‘I want to try your ass again.’

He must have missed that gulp of fear and only heard the ‘yes’ which she gave. That answer was in fact her giving in to temptations of the first attempt weeks ago. Getting on her fours, it felt so weird yet full, differently ecstatic. Even the climaxes was awesome, undeterred by tiredness, the two energizer bunnies went on fucking anally and handled whatever came. First was the pain from the penetration, but being the great teacher everyone adored, he calmed her down and kept pushing in and out, loosening her ass muscles and resumed going as fast as normal sex.

Within minutes, he creamed into her asshole at the same time and the two just collapsed, with him on top of her, dick still spurting cum. That was the most wonderful feeling she had, the sense of togetherness, yet with someone whom she knew she could never be with. After all, he was her teacher, engaged to a very pretty fiancée.

Another long bath and she was on her way home, which she fell asleep again.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Joey.. we’re here. Just to let you know, I want to do something like that again, but more, next time.’

Will this end? Will you be the one who put an end to this?


This was an event the camp always organize probably every three to four months, right before the sergeant trainees start their course. It was more of an open house by the army to expose JC and secondary school students to a soldier’s life. Being stuck inside could only meant activation for that, as a tour guide. To be frank, my job scope was only to bring the kids to various checkpoints and let the facilitator take over, showing them whatever.

I was bringing one group of JC students to the Leader’s hall, by that time, my mind was looking forward to booking out than just eye candies. They were in white top and green bottom. Not sure which school they were from though. Soon, the last guy was in and I walked off to get a drink after I reported the strength to a sergeant. Just two minutes out of the place, a girl tapped on my shoulder and I turned around, staring at a petite girl about 160 tall, with a sling back across her shoulder.

Girl: ‘Umm.. may I ask where is the toilet?’

That’s a very good question. I thought for a while before replying her, because usually these camps hardly have females, and even if there were, it would be only a couple of companies hosting them.

Me: ‘Alpha.’

Girl: ‘Ehh?’

Me: ‘Oh. Sorry. If I remembered correctly, alpha company has female cadets once. I’ll walk you over?’

Girl: ‘Thanks.’

As the walk is quite a ridiculous one, we had to walk a distance around the cluster since we can’t cut through the parade grounds. Of course, she introduced herself and I didn’t have to, I was basically labelled like every other green man. Her name is Hui Qi, mid-back length hair, quite a girl who behaves. I could usually tell from their school skirt, no? Upon reaching, I went to the few floors above while she checked the lower levels.


Me: ‘Uhh. So sorry. I think it’s Delta. I know it’s one of the company at the ends.’

Huiqi: ‘It’s okay la. Haha. Let’s walk.’

We walked over and sure enough, the whole place was quiet for everyone was in the hall. After we reached, I went up to the second floor and there it was. She hopped in and popped her head back out.

Huiqi: ‘Help me stand guard here can?’

Me: ‘Yeah sure. I was going to do that anyway.’

There was no way anyone can have fun in camp. In fact, that thought never came into my mind at all. I treated this place more of a ‘prison’ than camp. As I sat at the stairs nearby, I could hear her peeing and even her adjusting her clothes. Finally, the water flowing draining from the sink and I got up. Ready to send her back to the hall.

Huiqi: ‘Are these the rooms you sleep in?’

She turned right towards the bunks instead of the stairs down. Oh well, since the talk is probably some ‘bullshit’ like always. I brought her on a little tour and we ended up in the unlocked Annex room, or what was known as Recreation room. The aircon was blasting strongly and being in there was totally awesome compare to the hot glaring sun.

Huiqi: ‘How long will the talk last?’

Me: ‘According to schedule.. about two and a half more hours.’

Huiqi: ‘Hehe. Then we can stay here and relax.’

She sat on the couch and took out her phone to play. Well, how can I say no to be ‘officially’ occupied and not asked back to COY line to do ‘sai kang’ (shit work). I sat beside her and we continued talking, I was really paying attention to her, her sweet voice actually, ranting about her work, CCA, and how the guy she liked, cheated on her.

Soon, she got a little teary and I did what guys would do, I placed my hands around her shoulders and pulled her close to me. The room was pretty safe then, with the blinds pulled. We hugged and I made the do-or-get-charged move, kissing her pink succulent lips. It wasn’t much of a tongue fight, but a gentle peck that lasted for some time. Our bodies turned to face each other and both my hands met at her first button.

*cling clang* (sounds of padlock securing)

Oh shit, the room was locked from outside and we stared at each other in shock. Knowing there is only two ways left, one is to keep the fire burning, two would be to ask for help immediately. We relaxed and continued kissing, occasionally touching tongue tip to tongue tip. My fingers undid her top and separated the shirt wide enough to reveal a hot pink strapless bra. It was quite risky to remove any more clothing then as we had to be on the ball if anyone was to barge in. Back to her bra, it was even laced around the edges. Without breaking our lip-lock, I ran my fingers from the back to the front looking for the lock. Her bosoms were so full and fair that I couldn’t resist but gave them a gentle squeeze. I guessed right about the strapless and undid her bra from the front, letting the two soft cups bounce into the open air. I pushed her body backwards and she adjusted herself comfortably on the sofa, while I glide my face down her toned abs. My hands were running up her legs, anticipating some shorts or panties anywhere around her butt.

It wasn’t a surprise after all when I couldn’t find any, except for a width about two finger bone of spandex. Thongs maybe? This little lady was definitely more than meets the eye. I hooked the sides with my finger and swiftly pulled it downwards, shooting off her ankles, strewn on the floor, ignored. She knew how to handle me in such a situation (on a couch) though, she pulled my thighs, asking me to kneel over her waist as she unbuttoned my trousers, using only the wide pee hole for action. It was sexy to see her biting her lips as she put her hand in and went further into my boxers to pull my little brother out. Somewhat afraid of the hairy monster.

By then, her ‘extraction’ had caused my dick to be in sedia (attention) position poking out of the pants. Quite a sight I remember, that pink among the green. She pulled up her skirt till I could see her wax slit, like a coin slot, clean and totally delicious.

Huiqi: ‘Why are you staring at it? Tempting?’

Me: ‘How did you.. know what was I thinking?’

Huiqi: ‘It’s that smoothie that triggered your thoughts, I could have guessed.’

She gave a smile and I went down south to examine it closely, it was like baby smooth, even the pores were too small to be noticed. My fingers were then pressing into her slit to give her a little warm up. It was wet before I laid touch on it, and that massage just further improved the lubrication between her labia and the area around.

Huiqi: ‘You can lick it if you want to. My ex didn’t like the idea though.’

Without giving her a reply, I peeled her pussy lips open and attacked her clit, small and pretty, wet and glistering with her natural moist. Her moans echoed loudly and she cupped her hands over her mouth, while lifting her hips up for me to access, sucking and tongue-ing every spot, even nibbling on her super sensitive clitoris. Finally, she came once when I stuck my tongue into her sweet hole and released some juices into my mouth, relieving a bit of my thirst.

Huiqi: ‘Sorry.’

She gave the shy blushing look as she thought she could portray herself more demure even though we’re at this stage.

Me: ‘Don’t apologize, you tasted sweet.’

She pulled me via my collar to her lips and guided my manhood into the slot, whispering me to push to get inside cause she can’t open her legs any wider, I gave it a shove in and she gasped, clenching tightly to my uniform. I inched my ‘mushroom’ head in, feeling her grip get stronger. Looking at her expression, I paused and let her took a breather.

Me: ‘You alright?’

Huiqi: ‘Umm.. yes. You’re bigger than my two ex-boyfriends. Sorry.’

There was no need for her to apologize, I gave my dick a twitch and kissed her forehead. I took her hand and singled her middle finger, placing it on her clit.

Me: ‘Do this for me, massage your clit. It will help you relax.’

Huiqi: ‘You sure? Okay.’

She began rubbing and I could feel her pussy relaxing, even getting a little more wetter, juice exiting and flowing around my girth. I bent over to her forehead again and I placed my lips very near her ear.

Me: ‘Huiqi, are you ready?’

Huiqi looked at me with a shocked expression and held my shirt with both hands, as I moved my hands above her head on the armrest to deliver a pounding session. As my dick is still rock hard in her, all I needed to do was to drive it down and pull it back, safely held by her tight hole around my mushroom head.

It was literally a war zone, all I could remember and describe was the force of the ramming and how good it felt against her vagina walls, guiding me right into the depth and out. Her tightness created an unintentional vacuum and kept the both of us going even when we’re going into ‘hyper-sensitive’ mode every now and then. Close to an hour have passed since foreplay and about twenty to twenty-five minutes into sex.

The air-con failed to cool us down and she was tearing a little as I continued the hammerage, dipping my honey coated stick in and out of her. She was there biting her lips and breathing heavily trying to handle the size and soreness, opening her legs so wide.. I could say they were all over.

Finally ten more minutes was all I could last and I can no longer take the control anymore. The load was waiting to be delivered. But where? We did it without condom, and that was pretty much wild enough.

Me: ‘Huiqi, where do I unload?’

Huiqi wasn’t even listening, she was staring at my dick going in and out of her, fingers busy masturbating to relieve some pain, and emitting a vocally-possible-high-pitch ‘ngeeeee‘ sound, those which kids would do before crying. I could tell she was close to losing it. I had to end it and probably wake her up. It was too much I guess.

Me: ‘Huiqi?’

I pulled it out of her and instantly she snapped awake, with panting and vision tracking restored.

Huiqi: *gulped* ‘My mouth?’

She remembered. I went over to her mouth and she sucked me well, allowed me to mouth fuck her and even claiming a few strokes of deep throat. Her throat was responding well and although it wasn’t as tight as her pussy, the five minutes or so of blowjob soon loaded my ball load of goodies. I stopped moving my hips and she suckled on my dick like a baby, while I grabbed the couch’s old leather skin with my might, my shaft pumped every drop of protein into her mouth, credits to training which powered the pressure chamber for unloading of rounds every five days.

She pulled it out of her mouth squeezing it with her lips and closed her eyes before swallowing it with a few gulps. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small bottle of water and flushed her throat. I buttoned my trousers back and she lay exhausted on the couch.

Huiqi: ‘You’re awesome. I was in a trance when I zoned out. Felt like heavens.’

Me: ‘Are you sure? You looked scary. I thought you had lost your mind.’

Huiqi: ‘Oops. Hehe. I’m missing the feeling of you inside me already.’

There was no longer shyness between us. Her undergarment was picked up, folded and stacked nicely,while I texted my buddies who were in the hall about the progress. ‘Boring. Got delay. At least two more hours.’ was his reply. Siesta! She fell asleep quickly on my shoulders and I made sure I hugged her the whole time to keep her warm, especially with my abs protector (fats).

I took her iPhone and gave myself a SMS to get her number. After the allocated afternoon nap hours, I woke her up by putting her panties back on for her and sitting her up for the bra. We still could sit around for a few more minutes for the talk/ show/ presentation to end.

Huiqi: ‘So soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’ve sent you a text, so you’ll get my number.’

Huiqi: ‘Okay.’

We got up and managed to get out of the room with a call to the COY office, explaining I fell asleep inside. She joined back the group and made their way back to school on buses. I sure hope she was feeling as sexified as me. I think I have to meet her soon. :P

Made possible with Advanture Girl’s help. (:

Teens In Love

Stacey: ‘How long will it take?’

Matt: ‘Depends on how good you are?’

Fourteen year old Stacey was Matt’s  girlfriend, and Matt wasn’t all that old either, a smart fifteen year old athlete. He was at her place for a quickie, and he doesn’t stay close to her too. Both Stacey’s parents were out and only her maid was in, well.. she brought a guy home for breakfast, in her room. It was definitely a new experience for them as they decided to do it at the stairs of her condo, which no one would use and will stay free from disturbance.

Matt: ‘You’re so sexy in this.’

Stacey: ‘You, just surprised me and I can’t change to anything proper! My mum would find out if I wore new clothes.’

What could be more seducing than a sweet young body in a red translucent laced nightie? Of course, with an oversized jacket to cover herself, bra-less and the Hello Kitty design at the back of her pink underwear. And in her hands, a seven inch long throbbing meat slab full of life and vigor. It was comical the first time she saw though.

Stacey thought it was sexy and normal for girls to seduce their guys especially when it comes to sexual fun for the first time. So she slipped her hand into his shorts and giggled when she touched something soft and small, she removed his shorts quickly to watch it grow. She wasn’t alone when she did it with Matt then, Noelle was there with her boyfriend – to have sex, right next to them. Well, what was a better place than hotels? Since the two of them always wanted to go to his place to see and try out the king size bed.

Soon, his penis grew beyond her palm width and her fingers no longer can wrap around the two inch thick anaconda. Approximate length? Seven inches. Both Noelle and her boyfriend’s jaws dropped, but Noelle’s mind was on a different wavelength, her eyes showed more of, temptations to try it, than being in awe.

Noelle: ‘Oh my god. Stacey, you’re the luckiest girl in the world.’

Stacey was still a virgin, and Matt was her second boyfriend, quite a perfect one too. She didn’t know what to do for their first make out, except what Noelle taught her, to put some lubricant (this time more) and stroke it till he cums. That was the first time she came in contact with a dick, and Matt was gentleman enough to not frighten her with that white load from him, and showed her the world of pleasure, both receiving and giving.

Okay, back to story.

Two teens, standing in a corner, in a dark staircase. Stacey squatted down and gave him a lick-tease, before devouring it with her mouth, going as deep as she could take it. And Matt did had a surprise too, there was no gag reflex from her even though it went some distance down her throat. Seems that when Stacey was younger, she was anorexic, forcing herself to slim down till she lost the reflex. And now, she enjoys the slim figure every girl wants, and does sports, and has her seven inch toy to enjoy.

Her throat took every stroke well, there was no bit of teeth hitting his rod, and it felt so heavenly he thought he was in the heavens. She stopped after five minutes to breath after she went down on him for so long.

Stacey: ‘Matt, can I just use my hands?’

Matt: ‘Yes yes, stace. I think you did enough. It felt awesome.’

As her hands work their way up and down, lubricated by her saliva from the blowjob, he slipped his hand under her nightie and went into her panties. Rubbing on her clit in a super fast pace and in random directions, he made her squeal and tremble as she held onto his dick, stroking it in randomly paces as well. His fingers were fast, strong, and consistent, never once in the twenty minutes of quickie he got tired. Instead, Stacey was the one who had to rest as she handled the overpowering clitoral orgasms. Even sprawling on the floor and convulsing, Matt was the kind of boyfriend who would hug her till the orgasmic attack was over.

Finally, after a good long time, they sat on the stairs tired and she continued to use her hands and mouth, until she felt a rumbling in his sensitive testicles.

Stacey: ‘I think you’re cumming. Umm.. oh no.. where do you want to shoot?’

Now, this was unplanned. She haven’t learnt to swallow, and he doesn’t know if she should try. But if there is a time to try, it’s right then. So Matt made the suggestion as calmly as he could, though she could tell he was excited when he told her.

Matt: ‘In your mouth? You want to try?’

She immediately sat back on the steps and placed her mouth at the unloading bay while her hands continued running along the shaft, using the saliva dripping to lubricate it. Within a minute, she felt the balls shrink and the thick pipeline under his shaft pushed a big load out into her mouth, and it was not just one mouthful. One gulp down her throat, and the second one was simply too much, she pulled her overflowing mouth away and covered his pee hole with her free hand as she tried to prevent the thick hot white cum from spraying everywhere, which most of it got saved in her palm.

Her other hand was at her mouth, holding herself back to swallow and not to puke. The drama took a whole five minutes before Stacey calmed down and wiped her mouth clean. The whole floor wrecked, covered in both their bodily fluids and sweat.

Stacey: ‘Matt.. I did it.’

Matt: ‘Yes you did. Thank you. I love you sweetie.’

Stacey did it, swallowing one and a half mouthful of his cum, and did gave him the most rewarding release ever. They sat by another flight of steps and spoke openly about their sexual lives, before meeting each other. Fact is, Matt never masturbated before, though he do get hard from watching porn. Stacey never touched herself nor felt pleasure before, and she suspected her hymen was broken a year ago from some sports.

Nothing can go wrong with a perfect boyfriend, and a sweet and understanding girlfriend.


Jolie had a model-look despite her young age, I could say, a body to die for. People could mistaken her for a secondary four student given her figure and maturity, that’s what I liked about her too.

We decided to meet after some time chatting on the net. We met on a online chatroom and cause she hardly signs in, she’s glad that we shared a few similar interests. We met at Simei MRT before deciding where to go. Because it was a Saturday, everywhere is bound to be crowded. We settled for lunch at a kopitiam under some flats and headed towards her school.

J: ‘My CCA is having a camp until Sunday night. Cause only a few people in my CCA only, everyone brought their friends along lo.’

Me: ‘Ehh? No teacher in charge meh? And the security guard will also take note de mah.’

J: ‘No teacher in charge, even if got, she also bring her boyfriend into school to check on us. That’s why I can sneak out mah.’

Me: ‘Okay then. Let’s go to your school.’

Once we stepped into the school, she told me in a voice close to whispering.

J: ‘You will be my date for today k?’

I nodded and she led me by my hand to where everyone else is playing LAN.

Jolie found a seat and sat with her friends while I sat beside her. ‘This is my date. I see you all have one I also went to get one =P’, she told her friends.

We went on to the room where all the bags and stuffs are placed, only to find one couple there kissing and making out. It was close to evening when we were there, and she was just lying on the sleeping bags. Lying beside her, I asked, ‘You’re really pretty. Makes me want to ask if I can kiss you. Can I?’

A hand rested on my cheeks, turning me to her side. Closing her eyes, she seemed prepared. I planted my lips onto hers and she merely took a deep breath without resisting. No one else was around, and the couple earlier I think has proceeded to the toilet for the next level.

Pulling her further hand towards me, her body became a wrap over me. Seemingly, he knew what to do. Sliding her hand into my pants, it didn’t take a lot of fumbling to find the rising stick. Wrapping her fingers around, I was a little shock she knew what to do.

Me: ‘How come you’re so good in this?’

J: ‘Cause I watch a lot of porn like you mah.’

Putting my hand that is closer to her, I pulled her school skirt up and went into her undies. She wasn’t wearing and shorts since there’s not many guys around, most of them addicted to games anyway. Her slit was a little wet already. Perking her own knees higher, I could dig deeping into her.

Her gentle moans kept my fingers going, massaging her hole. Her pussy was truly one of a young girl’s, short soft hair, mixed with her own juice. After about 40 minutes of fondling, her legs were getting closer, and her stroking of my dick got faster.

Finally clamping my hand with her thighs, a warm stream of her juice flowed through my fingers and onto her panties. She lie on the sheets exhausted but still moving her hand on my stick.

With the load ready to be delivered, I lay on top of her and wriggled my hard little brother in her undies. She didn’t resist, and she even hugged me. Slowing rubbing my meat stick under her drenched pussy, her moaning resumed and her hips were moving on her own as well.

In another 10 minutes, I squirted my sperms hard into her panties. And continued smearing it over her pussy. She climaxed for the third time and cummed again, but this time faster with a piece of warm meat instead of fingers.

We slept hand in has through the night and I had to leave in the middle of the night to get home in time to change for work.

I might just fall in love with her. =)