Someone I Knew

By Nikkinom

I almost instantly knew something was wrong when he leaned against my back. The hard on I can feel through the shorts I usually wear to sleep, I thought it would be a short trip to the top of the block where he wanted to ‘show’ me the view from up there.

He squeezed the back of my neck with one hand as the other hand went under my shirt, to pull my shorts down. The panties I wore was so old that it was loose, and that went down my legs fairly easily too. Things were moving so fast that when I heard the zipper sound, I knew it was too late.

The way he jerked my hips back, I felt anger, and impatience. He didn’t care that I was dry, and rammed his hard cock into my pussy. I felt tears swelling in my eyes the moment the tip went in, without anything to make it slippery. It took him a while to keep jabbing it in me, until I got a little wet from all the ‘teasing’.

As soon as he could get more than an inch in, he forced the rest into me and went all crazy, fucking my sore hole until I was crying profusely. Up on that floor, no one occupied the two units there, so that left us, no, him, free to do whatever he wanted to me.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to rape me, he chose to do it in public. A place where any neighbours could see us from how noisy we were. If that happened, it would be partly my fault too. I couldn’t keep myself quiet from all the pain he was causing.

That said, he was quiet as hell. He knew what he was doing. After a few minutes, I was thoroughly wet and my body went numb from the pain. I stopped crying and let him have me as hard, as fast as he wanted. He too, wasn’t shy to help himself to my breasts, grabbing them so tightly that it burnt.

The whole thing lasted for what, five minutes, before he began calling out my name. Over the last minute, he fucked me so deep that I almost came, and I actually did so when he came inside me. There was so much cum that a lot of it poured out of me when he pulled out. It was thick and slimy, and even made a small puddle.

He got dressed as I pulled my panties and shorts up. I have never felt so dirty, as dirty as the floor there.

‘See you back in the house.’

How could he do this to me, his.. his very own..


By Nikkinom

For once, there was a certain thrill in taking his underwear off, but it wasn’t to see how hard he was for me – because he always is. What I really wanted to see, was the mess in his underwear that I have caused.

When I arrived at his place in the morning, he couldn’t be more surprised to see me in the short, red dress he bought for me. Since I was ready to go, he skipped our usual fornication and went straight for a shower. Feeling especially playful that day, I helped him get dressed and just before we left, I decided to give him a handjob through his underwear so he would have to spend the day with in soggy pair of underwear.

For that particular day, I planned an itinerary that required us to take long bus rides, where I had another chance to rub one out of him for no reason. All I needed to do, was to let finger me, an exchange I didn’t mind at all.

After lunch, we went for a 90-minute-long movie, only to spend three-quarters of the time with my hand in his pants, fondling and jerking him off into his briefs – twice. It was no wonder he dozed off at the untimely last fifteen minutes of the show.

After that, we went for dinner at a Five-stars hotel, complete with wine and fine steaks which experience would last a lifetime in our minds. In return for the ‘trouble’ I was causing him that day, I had no second thoughts about paying for all the expenses.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing we were having!

On the long bus ride home, I had to put in all my effort to make him hard, and managed to make him cum at the last ten minutes of the ride.

Boy, if only you could see his exhausted face after that ‘long’ and ‘hard’ day, you would understand why was I so pleased with his performance.

It wasn’t till we were back at his place, that I finally stopped teasing him, and laid him in bed while I ‘did the rest’. I had to remove his pants so slowly, so not to hurt his oversensitive member I had gone overboard with.

By the time I got to his underwear, I instantly felt myself get wetter when I saw how much cum was in there. It was so thick, warm, and even fun to play with. In all fairness, I didn’t expect him to get hard again when I went down on him, slurping up everything around his groin, before I put him into my mouth.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, he grew hard and I went all out on him, with my mouth of course. I kept sucking until he was groaning, and got me even wetter. There was almost nothing left when he came in my mouth, which I had no reasons to complain about.

My king fell asleep right after that, leaving me to clean him, and myself up. I could say that that was the most satisfying day I had with him.

For once, he was mine to do anything I wished to.

Too Little

By Nikkinom

Truth be told, I didn’t know what ‘horny’ was when my clit was first touched. The mild numbness throughout my whole body, ridden by overpowering excitement, drifting in a somewhat relaxed state, I was so sure that this, this thing happening to me, couldn’t be bad.

He slowly split those delicate, complex folds of skin between my legs and the coldness told me of how sensitive that spot was. From the second he laid one of his fingers on it, I was shaking. Everytime he vibrated his fingertip, I would tremble hard, then gradually slow down, only for him to repeat the process again.

There were no hints that he would be going after any thing more. It was just the two of us, in bed, enjoying this physically-pleasing activity. Soon, things got slippery below for some reason I didn’t understand. Instead, he used it to his advantage and moved even faster.

In no time, my mind was blank and all over the place at the same time. Each time he pushed my thighs apart, the warmth of his hands calmed me down. Those warm, big hands then went over my stomach, and over my small boobs that never grew much since then. He would cup them in his hand, close his fingers together to squeeze them for a bit, before two fingers, his index and thumb, went around my nipple.

That very pinch forced a moan that came easily out of me, as if I have been waiting since he first laid hands. Minutes passed rapidly in the euphoric mood, packed with continuous moaning and jitters shooting through my tiny frame.

I could tell in a comforting way, that he was as pleased as I was, to see his little girl in nothing else but smiles.

The whole ordeal went for a short while longer than thirty minutes, where I was asked to sit upright, to watch him lie on the back on the other side of the bed.

He gently brought both my hands to his loose boxers, for me to feel that cute little bulge risen midair. The innocent me simply undid the button over his fly, and wrestled for the surprise he had hidden underneath in plain sight. How would a girl like me not squeal in shyness when I saw it?

I didn’t know what overcame me when I impatiently held it in my hand, bringing my face so close to it I could smell a tinge of saltiness, but nothing pungent. It was so smooth, so glossy, so attractive. I just had to touch it.

The whole time I have my fingers wrapped around it, the slight growth in length and girth fascinated me even further. There was even a droplet forming at the very tip.

The curious me wasted no time to dab my pinky in it, to taste it like how I tried his cooking. It was sweet! He later took out a red, plastic bottle with the word ‘strawberry’ on it, and pumped some sweet-smelling liquid into my hand.

Seeing how some of it was dripping through my fingers, I quickly rubbed it over his cock and there he was, shivering and twitching like I did earlier. I thought, ‘he must be feeling good like me!’ Using both my hands, I held his cock and jerked it up and down, constantly breathing in the strawberry scent of the lubricant.

I couldn’t resist tasting some of it from my fingers! It was so good that I had to have more from the source, well, not from the bottle but his dick. The ‘marinate’ has somehow got under his skin and I was smart to notice how his moans differed from when I was using my hands.

His dick, in the end, was too long for me to put in my mouth. I could only manage the first few inches of it, comparable to the length of my pinky. Which wasn’t too bad right? Compared to my thumb?

He was nice enough to stop me just as I grew tired, and explained that my hands were more than enough. I didn’t know what I was doing then, nor what was going to happen. I followed his instructions and tightened my grip, pumping faster and slower to his call.

His cock kept growing in thickness until my fingers almost couldn’t stay around it anymore. Plus, he was getting a little too loud.

After a few more minutes, he let out a deep groan right as hot, white, translucent liquid sprayed from the tip, landing all over my hands and his stomach. Since this was of another colour, I had to taste it again.

It was strawberry, with some bitterness. I wiped as much as I could off him with my hands, and he brought my sticky hands to my face, wanting me to slurp it up.

For a long time, I have been a fan of undercooked eggs, and the texture was exactly like that, save for the taste. We went to the toilet together after that and he washed my hands for me.

Back in bed, he asked me to lie down while he had his ‘supper’, which was actually him eating me out. I fell asleep some time in between and woke up to wet panties – my favourite pair of panties he knew I can go without changing for weeks.


In the Bedroom

By Nikkinom

You can call it ‘charm’, when I found myself seated on the man’s bed, without any clothes, and legs spread as wide as I could. The only thing I knew about him, was the fact that he was almost twenty years older than me. But it was something else, that made me so comfortable to bare my body for him.

Even though he was shrouded in darkness, I could make out where his eyes were looking at. They were, on my naked body, at the area below my neck. My fingers mysteriously went to work, on my clit I never showed anyone how it was done. Little circles would cloud my mind, and taps would send tiny jolts up my back. There was no fear, of him doing anything but watch from his seat, a chair beyond the end of the bed.

The fiery tip of his cigarette would glow, as he took a puff of it, all in an unhurried, calm manner that helped more than he knew. I was slowly, touching myself to an orgasm. It would never occur to me, that I will come in front of a stranger, and even more so, at my usual loudness and intensity.

His smile that came when I climaxed, put my mind in even more ease. From where I sat, with the darkness he was in, I could tell that he was doing something to his pants. The unmistakable sound of zippers, messy ruffling of linen, he stopped moving once something tall, hard, poked out into the air.

‘Come’, his deep voice summoned my helpless body over, and I did. As I crawled closer, I could see how thick he was. It resembled his stature. A firm, grounded pillar, wrapped in flesh as thin as my labia. I went on my knees in front of his chair, and peered up at his overshadowed face.

Seconds passed without a word from him, and I knew better than to let him speak, for I cannot imagine what he might say. I put my hand around his penis, bent it towards me and brought my face closer. It was pink, I think. It was hard to tell from the yellow, tungsten light, but I could sense its power.

A power I craved to overpower.

My mouth went right up to it and my lips went around it carefully, without tasting anything yet. I held it there as I stuck my tongue towards it, pressing hard to know how much pre-cum, if any, was there. Salty, sweet, clean. That was all I needed to know of his hygiene. My head moved back and forth on its own, using saliva that gathered in my jaw to help him slide easier, in and out of my face.

I didn’t hear him groan, nor felt any twitches. He just sat there, smoking and enjoying it with his eyes closed. I almost liked how calm he was, but the competitiveness in me wasn’t gone. Like a natural, I went faster, taking him a little deeper but not enough to gag. Then, he flinched. I saw him tilt his head back, and he didn’t suck on his cigarette anymore. Ashes dropped as his toes clenched, until I suddenly felt his hand on the top of my head.

‘That’s enough’, he said in a suppressed-agitated tone. Had I won? Apparently, not. He helped me up and brought me into the bathroom, to the sinks where a wall of mirror laid behind them. All I noticed, was how my make up was still on, even my lipstick, that should be gone from the saliva and vigorous motion over it.

He put me over the sink and took a while to find my entrance, but it didn’t take any longer than that. He fucked my wet pussy so easily, as if I was made for him. My mind was all over the place. Especially so when his cock stretched my vagina walls so thinly, like a condom. I think I lost my wetness, when it got more and more intense. I could feel the bumps on his erection cleaning my insides out. He was reaching a spot no man had been, in a way no toys could match.

I was about to come again, and he could feel it too. He kept going faster and faster, hurting me at my hips where the sink was. Out of nowhere, a jet of hot cum sprayed inside me, and did not stop until I heard the loud, dripping noises of thick fluids hitting the floor. He gradually slowed his thrusts, but did not stop. He just went slow and steady until I felt my walls getting spread again.

He had already began picking up speed, shoving his meat inside my full vagina. As a first for me, to use cum as lubricant, I couldn’t help but get wetter. The thought of having cum pushed so far up me, while some of it was going to make another load. It turned me on so much.

Halfway, he grabbed a handful of my hair, and without yanking on them, brought me outside to the balcony where the cold wind blew. Somehow, he managed to bring his pack of cigarettes and lighter along, to light one up for each of us. While he made himself comfortable on the solid, steel chair, I bounced myself on his cock, feet tucked between his. It was an experience to be smoking at the same time fucking a man. I made sure to see where the lit end of the cigarette went when I put my hands on his thighs, so I could ride him better.

The second, consequetive round lasted longer, longer than the stick he handed me. Once I was done smoking, I could ride him better, and faster. I loved the huge electrifying shocks to my brain whenever I slammed my ass down on him. It would never fail to stop him from taking another puff. It was like a game, a child would play.

When my desire for another orgasm overwhelmed me, I stopped caring about his smoke. I rocked atop him so hard that when I was about to come, I made sure to use that tight, pretty pussy to milk him until his face crashed into my back. I felt the second squirt into my pussy coming so hard, and I went to rub my clit so I would still be throbbing on the inside.

He just came and came until he fell back, arms hanging over the armrest like a dead body. I only knew I felt full when I lifted myself up, but not how much until blobs of cum drenched his stubby cock. Not wanting to leave any stains on the floor, I turned to him and ate those excess cum up. I swallowed it like medicine, which taste didn’t get to me until they were in my belly.

We went back into the bathroom for a quick shower, and then to sleep. I remembered how I kept playing with his cock, wanting to see if a man could sleep with a hard on. The third round he so angrily forced it into me from behind, told me otherwise. The little anger made me wet quickly, and made him cum as quickly. There was almost nothing when he collapsed over my back.

Luckily, he still had strength to roll over before falling asleep. I couldn’t complain about the rage-sex that happened in the middle of the night when I sucked him because I couldn’t sleep.

I will miss his cock.

Hello Then

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Now, where did we left of ? Oh right!

I got on my knees again. As I spit and gently stroke baby’s D, going slow and fast. Occasionally, I put my mouth over the tip of baby’s D. I will then start licking, swirling my tongue and gently sucking the tip as how baby describe the way you want me to.

‘Cause right now, it’s time for me to take control and please my baby as much as I’m pleasing myself. I’ll stop for a moment, look at how baby’s enjoying your treatment. I will then stand up, take off my jeans. In my new bra set that baby picked out, I’ll climb on top on baby. Purposely grinding on baby and giving my kinky cute smile. Baby okay kan ?

I’ll slowly slide up and down. Letting the wetness of my pussy slip through the fabric of my panty and on to baby’s D. Letting my bra brushed against baby’s face. I move from left to right and rest on baby’s chest as I nibble on baby’s earlobes. I then continue tempting baby as I whisper for baby to open my bra and have my boobs in baby’s face instead.

As I took off my bra, I was partly sitting on baby’s stomach. I bend follow and place my boobs together for baby to lick and suck the nipples. As I try to control my moans and pleasure, baby’s hand already taken over my hands. And I’m holding baby’s shoulders for support so I don’t fall backwards from the pleasure.

I would then stop baby for a moment to remove my panty. I move to one side, get down the bed, purposely move in front of baby with my butt facing you. I would slowly wiggle out of my panty seductively, trying to control my laughter as it would be my first time doing it. I’ll turn around facing baby all flushed and blushed.

Now, Im standing in front of baby; I push you down on the bed but instead of climbing on top, I went on my knees and start giving baby a blowjob.

I wrap my hand on baby shaft as I covered baby’s tip with my mouth and start to move up and down. Tightening my grip, swirling my tongue aggressively, I pick up my pace. I then use my other hand to caress baby’s balls. Moaning gently as I enjoy giving baby the sensation. With my wet palms, sore mouth; I stood up and climb on to of baby. I gently push myself down on baby’s D, letting a sigh of content to finally have baby’s D deep inside the wetness of my pussy.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Hello Again

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Now what do I wanna do? Let’s start continue where we left off, shall we?

After the smile and respond from baby, I would continue to gently tug and grope on baby’s balls as I slowly lick from baby’s balls, spitting as I go. As I move up towards baby’s D. I’ll have one of my hands to straighten baby’s D upward as I lick and suck gently around the shaft. Paying close attention to not touch the head of baby’s D.

I want to tease my baby. I want to make baby’s D all wet and slippery so I could give my baby a handjob. I would use one hand to stroke up down slowly and the other hand gently massaging baby’s balls. I’ll try to keep eye contact from time to time to see if baby is enjoying it.

I would then start to lick the tip of baby’s D playfully. Slowly put my mouth around it as I swirl my tongue all over and move my head up and down. I would attempt to go as deep as I can, try not to gag. And I’ll pick up my pace, spit as much as I can and continue moving up down as my hand continue to stroke and caress baby’s balls.

I want baby to occasionally put baby’s hand on my head. I don’t mind if baby decide to take control just be gentle with me. I would push baby on the bed and continue to stroke baby’s D as I gently start to kiss and lick baby’s nipples. I’ll move from one nipple to the other.

After ensuring that both nipple get the same amount of attention, I would start kissing baby’s chest and slowly continue to kiss towards baby’s neck and ears. Nibble on baby’s earlobes, stop to breathe. Smile and kiss baby on the lips again.

Stop and smile again. I’ll kiss baby’s earlobes again, down to your neck, your chest. I’ll nibble on both nipples and here comes the ticklish part. I would place pecks of kisses from baby’s nipples, abdomen, stomach, pubic area and continues sucking, licking and stroking baby’s D.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

What do I wanna do ?

Baby. Dont undress yourself. Wait, maybe u can take off your shirt and leave your pants on. I’ll do it later. You mustn’t be shy okay ? You always tend to be. Hehs. I love you.

I want to be on my toes as we kiss. I want to hug baby close ’cause so many things has happened and I miss baby’s touch. As we kiss, I want to hold your cheeks with one hand and hold baby’s neck for support. I don’t want those peck on the lips kisses. I want to be kiss by baby so passionately, that it would make me wet and want more.

As we kissed, slowly open lips and stick tongue out. Gently move tongue in and out of baby’s mouth, and continue kissing baby on the lips. Gently biting, nibbling on baby’s lower lips, pushing baby’s lips open and find baby’s tongue.

As we stop to breathe, I’ll take my shirt off. And I’ll make baby stand, looking at me as I slowly get on my knees. I reach to unbutton baby’s pants, pull down your pants and boxers. I look up and smile playfully ’cause I know at this moment, my baby is probably shy.

I want to start by licking and playing with my tongue. Let’s start anywhere but the D. Let’s tease my baby for abit. I’ll slowly caress and kiss baby’s pubic area, kiss baby’s inner thighs. Slowly and gently start to grope baby’s balls. And I continue to lick and nibble everywhere. I’ll stop and leave baby hanging for abit. Look up and give my kinky shy smile.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The Ultimate Addiction (TUA)-Inspired Fanfic

Nancy stepped into the bedroom and I immediately attacked her from behind, pulled off her white blazer and bit forcefully into her left shoulder causing her to squeal in pain. She reached underneath my chin and pushed upwards causing me to release my grip.

“That really hurts, do you know?” she whimpered.

“Then do you know how I felt when I found out that you kissed another girl?”

“I what?”

“Yup, you kissed that dirty whore Kate Tsui, didn’t you?”

“Listen, it was a-”

I interrupted her by kissing her hard on her luscious pink lips and she gritted her teeth preventing my tongue from entering her mouth. I pushed her forcefully against the wall, pinned myself against her and assaulted her lips once again as I pulled down the zip at the back of her white dress. I pushed the two sides of the dress apart and it slid right off her revealing the black bra and lace panties underneath.

I reached behind myself to grab the vibrator I had left on the bedside table, positioned it against her cloth-covered asshole and flicked the switch to “on” then pushed aside the back of her panties and penetrated her rear opening immediately causing her to scream. I then unhooked the back of her bra and began to suck forcefully on her nipples, sinking my teeth into them, while I fucked her ass with the toy.

“Would you please stop that, it hurts!” Nancy begged. I released my mouth from her hardened nipple.

“Promise me you’ll never lay a finger on Kate Tsui again?”

“Ahh… yes!”

I pulled the vibrator out of her ass, carried her to the bed, placed her down gently and pulled down her panties then touched her very swollen red clit causing her to give another loud scream of pleasure and she came, wetting herself and the bed. I returned my lips to hers, kissing her gently this time, removed my own panties and began to grind my private parts against hers and we fucked the whole night till we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

PS: Haven’t been fantasising about Tavia lately but I have been fantasising about a lot of other people so I’ll probably be writing more stories ;)

Published with permission, courtesy of Vivien.