Hello Then

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Now, where did we left of ? Oh right!

I got on my knees again. As I spit and gently stroke baby’s D, going slow and fast. Occasionally, I put my mouth over the tip of baby’s D. I will then start licking, swirling my tongue and gently sucking the tip as how baby describe the way you want me to.

‘Cause right now, it’s time for me to take control and please my baby as much as I’m pleasing myself. I’ll stop for a moment, look at how baby’s enjoying your treatment. I will then stand up, take off my jeans. In my new bra set that baby picked out, I’ll climb on top on baby. Purposely grinding on baby and giving my kinky cute smile. Baby okay kan ?

I’ll slowly slide up and down. Letting the wetness of my pussy slip through the fabric of my panty and on to baby’s D. Letting my bra brushed against baby’s face. I move from left to right and rest on baby’s chest as I nibble on baby’s earlobes. I then continue tempting baby as I whisper for baby to open my bra and have my boobs in baby’s face instead.

As I took off my bra, I was partly sitting on baby’s stomach. I bend follow and place my boobs together for baby to lick and suck the nipples. As I try to control my moans and pleasure, baby’s hand already taken over my hands. And I’m holding baby’s shoulders for support so I don’t fall backwards from the pleasure.

I would then stop baby for a moment to remove my panty. I move to one side, get down the bed, purposely move in front of baby with my butt facing you. I would slowly wiggle out of my panty seductively, trying to control my laughter as it would be my first time doing it. I’ll turn around facing baby all flushed and blushed.

Now, Im standing in front of baby; I push you down on the bed but instead of climbing on top, I went on my knees and start giving baby a blowjob.

I wrap my hand on baby shaft as I covered baby’s tip with my mouth and start to move up and down. Tightening my grip, swirling my tongue aggressively, I pick up my pace. I then use my other hand to caress baby’s balls. Moaning gently as I enjoy giving baby the sensation. With my wet palms, sore mouth; I stood up and climb on to of baby. I gently push myself down on baby’s D, letting a sigh of content to finally have baby’s D deep inside the wetness of my pussy.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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