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After the girls claimed their victory at a beach volleyball competition at one of the beautiful beaches in Sentosa, the group of guys who accompanied them celebrated with a treat at the restaurant nearby. It was a tough fight as the opposing team was strong, but nevertheless, the girls did their best and won.

All tired but hyped, Cynthia and Randy separated from the group and headed towards his car, parked at the carpark where shuttle buses would arrive at to pick up the visitors.

Dressed in just her sports bra and beach shorts, he walked slowly behind her to admire her twisting hips, while she licked away on the ice cream they couldn’t finish. Upon reaching his car tucked away in a corner, they did not rush to start the journey back home. Instead, he pulled her by the neck in for a passionate french kiss, turning her excited mood into a lustful rage where her hand immediately reached for his shorts.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘I’m so fucking horny now. You’re growing bigger huh.’

She gave him a squeeze on his hard on and the knots came loose on both their shorts. A quick tug lowered his waistband below his erection and her back arched down at his groin, taking his manhood into her lips. Bobbing her head up and down, her tongue slid wetly under his shaft while he adjusted his backrest lower, groaning and thighs twitching to her impatient blowjob.

Randy (whispering): ‘You’re making me super hard.’

Her mouth went deeper to make him gasp for air and did not stop till he managed to slip his fingers into her g-string, and onto her clit that was soaking wet.

Randy: ‘Sit up. Let me finger that tight hole of yours.’

She ended the blowjob with a slow ascend and let him lean towards her, dipping his finger into her wide opened legs. As he was pumping his palm, she got on her knees and crawled between the front seats to the back, still moaning to his hand that did not stop.

Halfway towards the backseat, he held her waist upon seeing her legs opened on the driver’s and front passenger seat, jolting her to a pause. Of course, Cynthia knew what he was thinking and stopped crawling.

Randy stood above the gearbox and flipped his dick under her pussy, rubbing her clit a few times with his rod before angling it into her. Inches by inches, his raw meat disappeared into her wet slit and she was breathing deeply for air.

The long journey into her hole took her horniness to the next level and she was busy asking him to go faster. Randy knew exactly how to tease and the constant reminder to ‘fuck me’ went unheeded. Finally, he was fully parked inside her and she was desperately grinding her ass over his long cock, throbbing wildly inside her.

Not wasting any more time, he began pumping and she was just going crazy by screaming as he sank his rod into her deepest end. The two of them was so intense in that public car sex that the windows fogged up quickly, but not stopping them from raping each other.

As the orgasms hit her one at a time, the glistering sweat covered her skin and his hands went under her sports bra to ravish those constricted B cups, satisfying them with nipple pinches to turn her on even more. Cynthia could totally feel his dick getting thicker and it was creating a seal that sucked him back in whenever he pulled out.

Cynthia: ‘Horny boy, go back to your seat. I’m going to ride you till you cum.’

He returned to his driver’s seat and watched her kneel on the side near the door, while her other toned leg reached behind his seat. Hanging on his neck for support, she couldn’t wait to bounce on him, using her trained abs to squeeze the cum out of him. Imagine two masculine figures, locked in a fight to get each other to climax. That was exactly what was happening in that car.

Groping her breasts clumsily, her eyes were locked on his as she rode him, slamming her pussy over his rock hard dick that was touching her sensitive g-spot. Changing to a grinding motion, she moved her hips along his groin, till she felt the shiver in him intensified.

Cynthia: ‘Is my bad boy going to cum?’
Randy: ‘You know me best.’

Cynthia continued rocking on his abs till he hugged her tight out of a sudden, and she relaxed her pussy for a moment. In a focused state, she closed her eyes and worked her vaginal muscles, moving them in a milking motion with small grinding action.

Randy: ‘Cumming!’

He looked unwavering into her eyes as his hips jerked uncontrollably, shooting his load into her tight athletic body while she smiled excitedly. The warmth was spraying all over inside and she could feel herself filling up with his love juice.

Kissing lovingly, they remained inside each other till his dick had shrunk a little, easily pushed out of her pussy.

Panting and drenched in perspiration, they wore their shorts back and she was covered in a denim jacket without her bra on. On their way back to her home, she was busy stroking him while he had his eyes on the road, all hard and ready as he pictured his car parking in the multi-storey carpark of her estate.

In the empty second-top floor, they were fully nude and went into their second round of sex without hesitation, pumping the brains out of her with his energised cock. This time, she could not moan freely as there were houses just nearby, but still managed to orgasm at least twice before she felt a sore on her pussy.

Cynthia: ‘I’ll just suck you off this time k? It’s sore down there.’

She popped opened the door nearer to a wall and went out, squatting down and taking his dick whole into her mouth. Forcing her head into his groin, she let her throat did the work till he was shivering once again. As his legs started wobbling, she did not let him rest and just kept her lips deep at his balls, savouring the moment when his cum shot down her throat. Swallowing continuously, he couldn’t stop squirting till every drop was out, and got too sensitive for her to tease anymore.

Quickly hopping back into his car, they got dressed and she pinned him down on the backseats for a kiss, boobs dangling from under her unbuttoned jacket.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Thanks for the ‘rides’ home.’

She left with her top unbuttoned and went into the lift, where it would send her right to her doorstep.

What less can we expect from two fit young teens right? Nothing less than intense, wild sex that we are always jealous of. ;)

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