​Gradual onset, first of warmth. 

Indulge of calm, smitten slurs. 

Growth in length, expansion of area. 

Jolts be felt, from the down. 

Flashes, pulses, urges the exhale. 
Breaths drawn, in loud silence. 

Gentle buzzing, within front of mind.

Wild beats of heart, rising unknown waist.

Yearning more, of that fear.

Wanting all, but not beyond.
Perfect beat, impeccable deep.

Of right and good, eager pleasure.

Doom inbound, end begins.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Erupts the warm, slight cream.
Giant flinch, giant twitch.

Void of purpose, for time being.

Careful grip, help smooth.

Slumber soon, eyes weary.

Self gone, but not done.
Sudden hot, in between parted.

Rise up to, fall wide apart.

Of wet and wild, dirty tones.

Counting, counting of last.

Five, three, two, one.

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