G-string Korean Girl

Lady: ‘You are working alone tonight?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just one hour to myself for the closing part.’

I tided the table beside the twentish looking Korean lady who had her jeans wore too low, showing a bit of her lacy g-strings. Not wasting anymore time, the new place was bigger and had more things to be done for the night. So I returned to work without chatting further till all the lights were almost out, leaving some paperwork to be done in the office.

Me: ‘Umm.. I will be pulling the shutter doors down. Can you help me look out if anyone wants to come in?’
Lady: ‘Sure. I can leave with you.’

I headed into the office after lowering the shutter all the way, silence filling up the place as I typed away on the desktop. Being in a small enclosed room, her appeared at the door caught my attention and she stopped next to me, looking at me stapling some documents together.

Lady: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I went back to the screen to close all the windows, and her hands came to my shoulders, massaging them as I felt a little lost.

Lady (whispering): ‘I saw you looking at my panties a few times.. you like it?’
Me: ‘It’s just.. really sexy. I don’t mean to offend you Miss.’

She brought her head next to mine and whispered her name, ‘Hyori‘ into my ears. Right after, her fingers undid the only two buttons on my collared tee, reaching into my chest as I took a deep breath.

Hyori: ‘I think you are really cute.’

I stood up awkwardly with her arms around me and turned around, gently holding her waist while our eyes sparkled, unsure if I should advance. In that moment of lust, I could see her eyes glancing at my lips, back to my eyes, and at my ears. Everything was telling me I should just kiss her.

After gathering enough courage, I tilted my head and leaned in for a kiss, where she shut her eyes and let me plant my mouth on her soft lips. As we froze momentarily, her sweet fragrance flooded my mind, parting my lips naturally to let my tongue get a taste of her.

As soon as our tongues met, the ambience got wilder and her hands roamed under my shirt, with me doing the same to her. Her bra was unhooked from the back and both her hands were busy at my belt. Her bottoms were undone quickly and my hand was between her legs, returning the favour at the same time she wrestled my dick out of my briefs.

Pumping her fist with my rod in her palm, I attacked her trimmed clit mercilessly, making her wet to a point juices was trickling down her legs. Her lips were just next to my ears, turning me on with her moans as she enjoyed how my fingers worked her hormones crazy.

Hyori (whispering): ‘Condom?’
Me (whispering): ‘In my bag.’

She sat down on the wooden chair as I reached over her head for my wallet, and felt her mouth going down on me. It was so soothing to my senses though a little hurried, sliding her lips hungrily up and down. Groans were soon escaping from me but the condom wrapper was torn, seconds ticking away.

Hyori did the honour of capping me on and she kneeled on the chair facing backwards, while I positioned myself right behind. Using just my hips, I poked my dick into her pussy and felt a hard clench immediately, driving me to pause in case I cummed too quickly. She had felt my sudden lack of movements and did not hurry, instead, breathing slower to relax her pussy.

Hyori: ‘Too tight for you?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I don’t know.. ‘
Hyori: ‘It’s okay. Try moving?’

I moved my hips slowly, piercing into her hole in long strokes while she turned her head at me, giving me the CFM look as I grinned with an I-need-to-be-careful expression. There was no rush at all and I could move faster, feeling my dick going a little numb from her tightness.

As time passed, we were increasing our pace to a vengeful speed and moans came free-flow in the tiny space, small slapping sounds of our hips accompanying her high pitched voice.

Hyori was moaning in Korean as I fucked her harder and deeper, jerking the chair as I pulled her waist down onto me. There wasn’t any other places to do it more comfortable with those CCTVs in place, but she was alright with just this position as well.

Hyori: ‘I’m going to climax!’

I planted my dick all the way inside her and made small thrusts, teasing just her deepest spot till a sudden squeeze almost made me blew my load. Luckily, I was slowing down then and managed to keep calm, to carry on for a little while more.

Hyori: ‘It’s so sexy and hot to do it here. I help you to shoot?’
Me: ‘You had enough?’

Hyori: ‘Mmm.. I’ll be seeing you again. So no rush.’

She let me exit her love hole and asked me to sit on the chair, squatting between my legs and taking some time to place her hand at her own pussy. Engulfing my dick in another round of wet, sloppy blowjob, she fingered herself to a moan while sucking hard, forcing my mind to go blank as she choked on that piece of meat.

Going at that speed, I couldn’t last much longer, giving her a warning that I was about to cum. Focusing on the top part of my dick, she attacked the area under my dickhead till I was trembling non-stop. Spurting my load quietly, my hips buckled as she sucked hard at the delivery pipe. I was soon in a desperate state from the oversensitive cock head, but she was not stopping her deep throats treatment.

Me: ‘Hyori, stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

She gave me a sly smile before lifting her head away, swallowing while I stood up with her. A peck sealed our little secret and we wore our jeans back, and her bra was removed from under her shirt.

Hyori: ‘What’s your schedule this week?’
Me: ‘Umm.. afternoon to closing time. Like today. But there will be another colleague to help me.’
Hyori: ‘Oh.. It’s okay. Cause I drive. I can pick you up.’
Me: ‘Let’s meet tomorrow at 10.30pm at the bus stop outside? So they won’t ask me too many questions.’
Hyori: ‘Okay!’

On the way to her car, I found out she was just 24 years old, and studying in Singapore while working in the vicinity. We did hold hands on the way home (she sent me home despite the distance), and the days to come wouldn’t be so lonely with a sexy, hot Korean girl lusting for me (or my dick).

Too good to be true? Haha. That’s for you guys to find out.

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