Sex, Love and Everything Nice

Girl: ‘Hi there. You’re a new barista here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Is the coffee any good?’
Girl: ‘It is. One of the best I’ve drank. I always grab my morning cup here. It’s really good.’
Me: ‘Thanks! Hope to see you more often then.’

Her long blonde hair over her shoulders totally mesmerised me, but I knew better to maintain my professionalism than to stare at the Caucasian girl for too long. Even though she had asked for a coffee ‘to go’, she sat at the table near the coffee machine and there was where I stood after cleaning the portafilter.

Girl: ‘How do I address you?’
Me: ‘I’m J. Yourself?’
Girl: ‘Anderson.’
Me: ‘That’s a cool name. Like a movie character.’

She giggled and took another sip out of the brown paper cup, with her peeking sideways of the cup cover at me.

Anderson: ‘Do you want to grab a drink after work? Not coffee though.’
Me: ‘Oh? I’m ending my shift at 4pm.’
Anderson: ‘Sounds good. I live nearby. Perhaps I can cook dinner for us?’
Me: ‘Haha. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but I’m certainly free.’

She thought for a moment before looking out of the glass window towards the alfresco dining area. It was just silence as she emptied the last bit of coffee, before handing it to me for disposal.

Anderson (whispering): ‘See you at that corridor outside the management office after four?’

A calm ‘okay‘ ended the short interaction and she left after bidding goodbye to all the staff around the bar. None of them had heard our conversation as they were just doing some stock refilling and admin work.

Weirdly, that shift passed quickly with everything going extra smooth. All the hand-takeover was done without troubles and the next shift had came to relief myself, the last of the morning shift to hang around till everyone was here. The minute walk to the entrance of the mall was much more exciting than I had expected as the slim waist girl leaned against the stone wall in the most alluring pose, right in front of the evening sunlight that was gently smoothing her skin.

Anderson: ‘You’re done? Let’s go.’

The ten minute walk out of the shopping mall in the south did leave me breathless, but the moment we entered her unit in the luxurious looking condominium, everything was set for dinner except the plates of food. Still wearing my uniform, she handed me a singlet to change into after a quick shower. By the time I was done, it was five and there was plenty of time for us to dine.

Apart from munching down my own food, she was the star of the night, dressed in a simple jacket with a pair of white shorts, bearing no thoughts to the simple outfit we were eating in. After the distracting dinner, we did the dishes together and she led me into her room, where a queen-sized bed stood in the middle of the room, huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall like a hotel’s superior suite.

Anderson: ‘Just click on the remote to watch anything. I’m going to the washroom.’

I sat comfortably on her bed with some doubts about what was going on and powered the TV on, only to be presented with some system dialogue that was reading her last watched file on a USB stick. Shortly after, the surround speakers in corners of the ceiling started playing the audio, moans from a Japanese sounding girl while the monitor took some time to load.

Right before me, was a scene from a Japanese Adult Video, a girl sucking on a guy’s cock. As hot as it may sound, it was actually very awkward to stumble upon someone else’s porn.

Suddenly, the bathroom door swung opened and she dashed out in a towel around her waist, jacket gone and only a white spaghetti strap top on.

Anderson: ‘Sorry sorry!’

She pulled out the USB and let the TV went blank. I was just looking at her body, probably with a hungry wolf’s expression. Her face blushed at an instant and we were caught in yet another queer situation.

Me: ‘You know, there’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I don’t mind watching it while you finish your business.’

She came over to the bed and switched the blank screen to a Japanese show, something like cable TV where they broadcasted shows overseas. Clearly, she was into the culture in that small island, which I wouldn’t deny that their level of devotion to good food and quality goods were actually great.

Anderson: ‘I’m done. Don’t mind if I join you in the bed right?’
Me: ‘Not at all. It’s your bed.’

She crawled under the blanket which I sat on and took out the towel, chucking it onto the ground. The way she threw herself into my arms was so.. heartwarming, like we have known each other for a long time. Now, Anderson wasn’t that tall. You could picture her as 1.58m, with a body of those Singaporean SYTs you see on the street. It came very natural to these Caucasian girls when it comes to dressing, and her top with whatever below was just ‘standard’ in our society.

Anderson: ‘It has been a long time since I had felt so cosy.’

She placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes, feeling my warm tummy under the white singlet she let me wear. The way she tilted her head left and right melted my heart, with this sense of indescribable comfort.

While the noise from the TV made the whole situation less tensed, I was feeling her hand move downwards into my jeans, which I was determined not to remove to make myself too comfortable.

Anderson (whispering): ‘Take it off for me?’
Me: ‘Are you sure about this? I am not expecting too much from our first date you know?’
Anderson: ‘You really treated this like a date?’
Me: ‘Of course! A girl invited me to her place!’
Anderson (giggling): ‘You’re the first guy I met, that doesn’t exactly have his own style. I could tell you’re moulded by the people around you. Making you so.. detached and reserved.’

I knew what she was talking about. That quiet but deadly aura I emitted made everyone distance themselves from me, but no one really knew understood that I am in fact tired of feelings.

My jeans came off with help from her and only my boxer briefs were left. Her thin fingers wriggled into my boxers easily and she began stroking that unwilling dick, never expecting itself to be wanted by such a gorgeous girl.

As I grew bigger, she was reaching between her legs (I assumed that from the movements of her knees under the sheets) and wetting her fingers with her own juices. How could any men take that kind of teasing when it was the girl’s honey that was providing the lube?

Me (whispering): ‘Do you want to do it?’
Anderson (frowning): ‘That’s so straightforward! But I can tell you want it. Tell me, is it love making or sex that we are having?’

At this time, with this question, I bet most of you must be waiting for my answer. Well..

Me: ‘We.. will be fucking.’

She gave me a sly grin and disappeared under the blanket, taking my dick all the way down her throat to start my engine roaring. My voice was indeed groaning as the tip of my dick slid deep into her mouth, brushing against her contracting upper throat. As much as I wanted it to last (forever), I did not want to disappoint her and stopped her shortly after. Guys, I hope you are not as weak as me. ;)

She climbed over my groin after the blankets were kicked out of the way and she pulled her top away, bouncing those C cups excitedly in front of me. She leaned backwards like an acrobat to the TV and plugged her USB back in, taking a while before the moans resumed on the speakers.

Anderson: ‘You said that there’s nothing you haven’t seen before. How about my boobs?’
Me: ‘I realised I was wrong about it now. They are unlike anything I’ve seen before.’
Anderson: ‘That’s a smooth reply. Let’s start fucking then.’

She aimed my dick at her love hole and sat easily on it, riding her ass up and down my thighs. Not sure if she was not-too-tight naturally or having too many dicks inside of her, I found no problems in those gently strokes around my shaft. It was fuzzy and warm inside, without those pre-mature ejaculation (P.E.) stress on my mind.

Letting her breasts rest on my chest, her hips did not stop moving even for a second. She was just slamming, if not grinding in whichever position her body was in.

Anderson (whispering): ‘You know, you’re just the right length to reach my g-spot.’
Me (whispering): ‘Was there other guys before me?’
Anderson (whispering): ‘Just him.’

Her hand pointed at the dressing table, scaring me to turn my head over to see ‘him’, a dildo that was longer than my hand’s width. It was too long for her I guess. There was no time to be jealous and it was my duty to do some work for this beautiful lady.

I made her straighten her legs while on top and rolled our bodies over, before she opened up to let me kneel in missionary between her thighs. Pumping at a slow pace, I ensured my dick was pointed upwards as there was where the g-spot was, or did I understood the anatomy of a female wrongly? The increased volume of her moans confirmed that I was doing it right and I just kept pounding, going faster and faster while she ran her hands over my back.

After some intense fucking, I leaned back on my feet and grabbed her ankles, putting them together and raising it as close to her chest as they could go. Still like an acrobat, she hugged her knees together as I sat on my butt, jerking at such high speed with the sheets as ‘rollers’.

Anderson: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming baby!’

I did not think twice and returned to my kneeling stance, jabbing my cock as deep as I could along the underside of her pussy. Juices were leaking in huge quantities but I had still some time before cumming.

Her hands suddenly reached for my wrists (on her upper thighs facing me) and her body started shaking uncontrollably, from a gently tremble to a violent fit. Her vagina just wrapped itself around my dick in its soft muscle environment, squeezing me as I continued thrusting.

Me: ‘I think I’m gonna cum too.’

The build up was undetectable in the earlier stages, but as we fucked like bunnies, the urge was growing stronger but without a threat. Until now, my balls were charging itself up like a stun gun, just waiting for the confirmation on the target location.

Anderson (panting): ‘Give it to me in my mouth.’

She stretched her weak arms out at me and I helped her up, distancing myself a little so she could skilfully bend her back forward and return my dick to the second best place to cum in. To my surprise, she took my hands and placed it on her hair, unleashing the Kraken in me to force her head down on my dick.

Of course, she had no issues with deep throat without the gag reflex. Her body was all mine.. or at least her mouth was all mine to use and I did not let her catch her breaths, jamming that thick(?) piece of meat till I was about to cum.

Holding her head down, my load just exploded, draining my energy away as she fondled my balls to extract every last drop. After she lifted her head up a little, her lips continued running up and down my shaft, emptying the leftovers into her swallowing mouth.

Anderson: ‘It was a great fuck. And it’s only eight.’

I collapsed onto the bed next to her and let her lie on my chest again, panting till our heart rates were back to normal.

Me: ‘Are you ready to make love now?’
Anderson: ‘You know what? I’ve always wanted an Asian boyfriend. You’ll be my first.’
Me: ‘And last?’
Anderson: ‘If you can keep up with my sexual urges. At least.. twice a day.’

Can I keep up with her? Long story short, the one month we have spent together did not disappoint her, and I have a gut feeling that she will be mine for a long long time to ‘cum’ (into).

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