Hello Again

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Now what do I wanna do? Let’s start continue where we left off, shall we?

After the smile and respond from baby, I would continue to gently tug and grope on baby’s balls as I slowly lick from baby’s balls, spitting as I go. As I move up towards baby’s D. I’ll have one of my hands to straighten baby’s D upward as I lick and suck gently around the shaft. Paying close attention to not touch the head of baby’s D.

I want to tease my baby. I want to make baby’s D all wet and slippery so I could give my baby a handjob. I would use one hand to stroke up down slowly and the other hand gently massaging baby’s balls. I’ll try to keep eye contact from time to time to see if baby is enjoying it.

I would then start to lick the tip of baby’s D playfully. Slowly put my mouth around it as I swirl my tongue all over and move my head up and down. I would attempt to go as deep as I can, try not to gag. And I’ll pick up my pace, spit as much as I can and continue moving up down as my hand continue to stroke and caress baby’s balls.

I want baby to occasionally put baby’s hand on my head. I don’t mind if baby decide to take control just be gentle with me. I would push baby on the bed and continue to stroke baby’s D as I gently start to kiss and lick baby’s nipples. I’ll move from one nipple to the other.

After ensuring that both nipple get the same amount of attention, I would start kissing baby’s chest and slowly continue to kiss towards baby’s neck and ears. Nibble on baby’s earlobes, stop to breathe. Smile and kiss baby on the lips again.

Stop and smile again. I’ll kiss baby’s earlobes again, down to your neck, your chest. I’ll nibble on both nipples and here comes the ticklish part. I would place pecks of kisses from baby’s nipples, abdomen, stomach, pubic area and continues sucking, licking and stroking baby’s D.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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