Rough Like Rape

Shaun: ‘Not taking off your panties?’
Emily: ‘Nope.’

She hid under the blanket shyly and gave him a tongue out smile, returning to the spooning position after seeing his disappointed look. Their main projects were over and had planned to head to his place after school, just a stone’s throw away from RP. In that tiny tank top, her breasts fell to the sleeping side and the horny boy just sat by her feet.

Emily: ‘You’re not going to do anything?’
Shaun: ‘You’re tired right?’
Emily: ‘Ya! I’m not stripping.’

He was hesitant about removing his underwear as he did not want to step over the line but the anticipation was killing him slowly.

Emily (whispering): ‘But you can rape me.’
Shaun: ‘Huh! You want that?’
Emily: ‘If not you won’t get any today.’

Looking at her beautiful sleeping posture, he pulled the blanket away with some fight but she could not hold on longer when he pried her fingers opened. Struggling to remove her panties, the resistance soon got so intense her underwear ripped apart and he threw the torn undies out of the way.

Flipping herself upwards, her hands cupped over her waxed pussy and used her feet to keep him at a distance, before he held onto her knees with a menacing glare. Given how muscular he was, her legs opened like an unresponsive lift door where he quickly kneeled under her groin to prevent her legs from closing.

Right after she was helplessly placed in a missionary position, Emily desperately tried rolling to the sides while he pinned her shoulders flat on the bed. Bending his body to her breasts, his mouth went over her nipples and a hard bite showed her who was the master. The more she fought, the harder he bit. Until a bite mark had appeared around her aerola, she stopped twisting and grabbed his thick biceps with an innocent look.

Emily: ‘Don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll let you do what you want.’

Shifting his hands to her belly, he kept her still while his dry dick poked at her pussy continuously, forcing himself into the equally dry slit. Pain was felt through her body as he maneuvered his way in, to the seemingly real requests to take things slow. Never once did he suspect she was playing it real and merely kept shoving till his dick stopped inside her.

Emily: ‘Wait wait.. Don’t move first.. ‘

Not understanding how ‘not moving’ would get her wet, he thrust gently for a while till she was wetter, and began thrusting with all his strength. In an attempt to push him out of her pussy, he could see her constipated expression while his dick underwent a change in an extra tight sensation.

Like a challenge, he was focused in making her relax while she did all she could to make him cum. Beyond her expectations, he went much faster than she could handle and gave in to his powerful strokes, relaxing her pussy and moaning herself silly. As he saw her submitting to him, he felt more confident and fucked her even harder for a while more.

After that position got too monotonous for him, he flipped one of her legs over and placed her sideways, before continuing his machine-like movements that got her cumming in no time. The feeble attempts to close her legs went in vain as he locked her knee still with his weight, still driving that thick cock into her as she moaned into the pillow.

About five minutes later, he carried her waist up and her knees fell under her body, getting into a doggie pose where she tried to escape by leaning forward. How could a small girl run from her strong boyfriend right? Her waist was forcefully pulled to his abs and a loud slap landed on her ass cheeks.

Shaun: ‘Don’t try to run away. If not I’ll spank you.’

The pain from the slap was glowing warm and she knew he was serious. Being turned on by the rough sex, she resumed squeezing her pussy together as he penetrated her again, sinking that erection into an overwhelming piece of heaven. While he moved slowly, he gave her a few more lighter slaps which totally made her give in to him. Feeling his time was almost up, he sat down on the bed with her on top, and stretched his legs next to her feet.

Shaun: ‘Ride me.’

Her feet were still together then and the moment she tried standing up, he pulled her hips down, slamming it over his dick with a groan from her. It had went all the way in when she put up a fight. Now only left with the front to ‘escape’, he kept his hands firmly around her tiny waist and pushed her down whenever she moved in the opposite direction.

Her soft ass was cushioning their violent sex perfectly and in no time, she was riding him naturally.

Shaun: ‘I thought you wanted to escape?’
Emily: ‘I don’t want to be slapped again.’

That’s right, he did not even intend to hit her again but she reminded him that he could. Bouncing for a while more, he was feeling better and had extended his cock for more action before unloading. Getting back on his knees after he had enough of her reversed cowgirl, he made her lie flat on her chest and sat on her thighs. Sliding his cock between the ass cheeks, she lifted her butt slightly so his dick would slip easily into her pussy.

Sitting at her rear with his hands on hers, he was groaning in this new position, where his dick could reach deep inside her as she moaned helplessly.

Shaun (whispering): ‘I’m cumming soon Em. Tell me where to shoot.’

Between her shallow, high-paced breaths, she whispered ‘just not inside me’ to him and felt him slowing down. Ready to give him a blowjob or jerk him off, she knew the sex was about to be over. Or was it not?

Changing to a kneeling stance, her ass was picked up as their bodies sat upright on their ankles. His hands went around her waist and she was about to turn sideway for a kiss when she was suddenly thrown forward, sensing a strong grip on her waist. The raging hormones of Shaun had overthrown his sanity and worked his dick instinctively, ramming at the poor girl who was horrified at where they were headed for.

Emily: ‘Shaun! Stop stop! Don’t cum inside me!’
Shaun: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She could no longer obey him and the struggle really turned into a fight for freedom. No matter how she tried to crawl away, his dick would weaken her limbs and there was no signs of him stopping. A full two minutes passed to his violent pounding and he was getting faster as his cum locked and loaded in his balls.

Shuan: ‘Yeah! It’s coming!’

He pulled her ass down on his dick and sent it as far as her womb, spraying his hot cum deep into her. The first few squirts was the most intense as she tried to force him out, ending up milking him for more as his adrenaline shot up to tighten his grip over her. A few seconds of horrifying moments later, he pushed her onto the bed before pulling out, dashing for his cupboard where he took out a blister pack of pills.

Emily: ‘Why did you shoot into me? What if I get pregnant?’
Shaun: ‘You won’t. This is a pack of morning-after pills. For you.’
Emily: ‘Take now? Supposed to take after some time right?’
Shaun: ‘Yeah.’

Sitting with her body at him, she spread her legs to force whatever cum out and Shaun watched closely as his thick cum got stuck at the entrance (or exit) of her pussy. While she was reading the information on the back of the blister pack, he gathered some tissues before digging out whatever he could to give her a piece of mind.

Tucking themselves back onto the bed, she snuggled into his arms, and wiped his dick clean with wet wipes. Be it for more action or after-sex procedures. Her gentle fingers was already turning him on again as she cleaned him up.

Emily: ‘You know, you really scared me when you shot inside. It was really like rape. Now I know how scary it is.’
Shaun: ‘Haha. I won’t get you into trouble. I also got some medication for you to stop your menses. You said you don’t wait it to hinder our sex right?’
Emily: ‘Really! Does it mean you can go raw and shoot inside me everytime?’
Shaun: ‘Yupp. But I think I will still use condoms.’
Emily: ‘No! Don’t waste money on condoms. I rather you buy the pills and just shoot inside. Cut down on rubbish.’

As his dick rose after her ‘clean up’ services, his fingers were roaming to her pussy again, fingering her till she could not take it anymore and mounted over his tired body. Sliding her body backwards, his dick slid easily into her wet hole and she began round two of their love-making day, feeling more energetic as he had all the precautions in place.

Grinding her hips actively, he was commanded not to do anything but relax while she switched to a few positions, finding the one that made him groan really loud. It was the cowgirl position but without her slamming on his hips, instead, just grinding back and forth, teasing his dick head with her g-spot that kept her orgasms going while he took minutes before giving her the second load of the day.

There was no hurry for Shaun as they had the whole day, with round two marking their time for a nap. Can you make a guess how many times they fucked that day?

When the sun rises the next day, they only managed to catch three hours of sleep and she woke him up to make him watch her take the pill. Popping a tablet into her mouth, she swallowed it with water from her bottle and gave him a tired smile. Clearing her throat and significantly happier, she felt at ease even after he creampied her countless times through the night. But for safety, they replaced their morning sex with a wake up blowjob from his grateful girlfriend.

Unknowingly, he did some reverse-psychology on her and he knew their sex was about to get better. No condoms, no mess. Does rough sex turn you guys on as much as them? What more could a guy asks for when his girlfriend willingly goes on the pill right?

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