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What do I wanna do ?

Baby. Dont undress yourself. Wait, maybe u can take off your shirt and leave your pants on. I’ll do it later. You mustn’t be shy okay ? You always tend to be. Hehs. I love you.

I want to be on my toes as we kiss. I want to hug baby close ’cause so many things has happened and I miss baby’s touch. As we kiss, I want to hold your cheeks with one hand and hold baby’s neck for support. I don’t want those peck on the lips kisses. I want to be kiss by baby so passionately, that it would make me wet and want more.

As we kissed, slowly open lips and stick tongue out. Gently move tongue in and out of baby’s mouth, and continue kissing baby on the lips. Gently biting, nibbling on baby’s lower lips, pushing baby’s lips open and find baby’s tongue.

As we stop to breathe, I’ll take my shirt off. And I’ll make baby stand, looking at me as I slowly get on my knees. I reach to unbutton baby’s pants, pull down your pants and boxers. I look up and smile playfully ’cause I know at this moment, my baby is probably shy.

I want to start by licking and playing with my tongue. Let’s start anywhere but the D. Let’s tease my baby for abit. I’ll slowly caress and kiss baby’s pubic area, kiss baby’s inner thighs. Slowly and gently start to grope baby’s balls. And I continue to lick and nibble everywhere. I’ll stop and leave baby hanging for abit. Look up and give my kinky shy smile.

Published with permission, courtesy of Ena.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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