School Fling

Cynthia (shouting): ‘Who’s there?’

Kevin came out to the window and looked at the Indian girl who just changed out of her PE attire. Keeping his phone safely in his pocket, he entered the classroom and leaned by the door.

Kevin: ‘Just changed?’
Cynthia: ‘Yeah. You’re forgot something?’
Kevin: ‘Not really. I saw you changing so I didn’t enter.’
Cynthia: ‘Saw me changing?!’
Kevin: ‘Yeah.’

He took his phone out and showed her pictures of her stripping herself and changing into the uniform, even capturing the moment where she wiped her privates with a piece of tissue before wearing her shorts.

Cynthia: ‘Oh my god. Can you delete them?’
Kevin: ‘Meet me after school at the Councillor room. I’ll delete it in front of your eyes.’

Her mind was all on the photos for the last five lessons of the day, and quickly followed him to the councillor’s room after the bell rang. Being a head councillor, he had the keys to the enclosed room and wasted no time in taking up a revolving office chair positioned at her.

Cynthia: ‘Okay. Can you delete them now?’
Kevin: ‘Can I ask for you to strip again? Just take off your clothes and put them on.’

Seeing that his phone was placed flat on the table, and the room was locked, it did not take long for her to decide it wasn’t too much of a hassle. Slowly, her buttons came off one by one, exposing the black bra that cupped her breasts so loosely. After the top, her bra was unhooked and those soft boobs just made him wild as they jiggled while she turned sideways to the zip of the skirt.

Gracefully like a leaf, her skirt landed at her feet gently and her panties was tugged down to her ankles. Waiting for Kevin’s response, he just stared blankly at her, and she stepped out of the pile of clothes at her feet.

Kevin: ‘Come closer. I want to see down there. You shaved?’
Cynthia: ‘Yeah.’

He made her sit on the table and asked her to open her legs, splitting those pinkish skin apart to reveal her clit.

Kevin: ‘Can I touch it?’
Cynthia: ‘Just for a while. I don’t want to get caught.’

He placed his stretched fingers on her clit and vibrated, making her moan shyly while she looked seductively into his eyes. Not wanting to risk himself, he stopped after a few seconds and let her wear her clothes back, and showed her the process of the photos being deleted.

Kevin: ‘Thanks for today.’
Cynthia: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’

The two secondary four students parted ways after that and she was kept awake by the thoughts of him playing with her body. It was the first time she had been touched by a Chinese guy, and his level of tolerance was what made her curious about his urges then.

Just two days after that incident, she found it hard to focus when that discreet sexy scene kept replaying in her head. There was something in her that made her want him more.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘You want to meet in the councillor room after school today?’

Kevin was surprised at her question but did not probe further, simply replying that he would be glad to meet her. They were much distracted during lessons, till the school bell went off and they met again in the same room.

Kevin: ‘What happened?’
Cynthia: ‘Your fingers.. I can’t forget them.’
Kevin: ‘You want to feel it again?’
Cynthia: ‘Can?’

This time, she removed her skirt and panties, leaving her blouse unbuttoned but hanging over her shoulders. Kevin tapped on the table for her to get on and she did obediently, spreading her feet onto the armrest of his chair.

Cynthia: ‘I washed it extra clean before I came.’

With that, his fingers went to her clit again, and rubbed her for a good minute till her hands held his and tried to push him inside.

Kevin: ‘Wait wait. You’re all wet and horny, but me?’
Cynthia: ‘You want me to help you?’
Kevin: ‘Yeah.’

She hopped off the desk and kneeled between his legs, unzipping eagerly to take that slab of meat out. Seeing it semi-erected, excitement flushed through her head and her mouth went over his dick in no time. Sinking her lips as deep as she could go, he was too long for her, or at least her mouth. Feeling her tongue slide easily under his shaft, Kevin was moaning too and she could feel herself getting wetter.

Kevin (whispering): ‘Can I put it inside you instead of my fingers?’
Cynthia: ‘But you can’t tell anyone k? I don’t want my boyfriend to find out.’
Kevin: ‘I won’t. Come, bend over the table?’

She perked her ass out at him while her chest rested on the empty desk, pussy leaking juices before he even touched it. Guiding his dick into her hole, it stretched to accommodate his size and she clenched her fists to keep mum about the discomfort.

Slowly, inches disappeared and she was in pleasure, feeling how her vagina detect each part of his rough cock. Once he was in, natural instincts took over and he was pounding her hard, screeching sounds ringing from the table jerking along the tiled floor.

Cynthia: ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder.’

She moved backwards to create a distance between the table and her hips, ready for him to go faster without making anymore noise. As their hips slammed against each other, moans were echoing in the air-conditioned room. He was indeed balls-deep into this good looking Indian who was as horny as fuck for his dick.

Minutes passed to their forceful sex and there wasn’t anywhere more comfortable for them to change into any other positions. Kevin too, was ramming with all his might and his urges were blaring loudly in his head, signalling the countdown to his ejaculation.

Cynthia was groaning then instead of moaning, body weakened by the two orgasms he had unknowingly gave while his dick brushed along her g-spot. For one, he was much bigger than her boyfriend, driving her insane with lust, and a little addiction.

Kevin: ‘Cyn, I’m gonna shoot.’
Cynthia: ‘Okay. Take it out slowly.’

She turned her half-naked body around and let him sit on the table, taking the chair that was positioned right at his groin. Sucking with all her attention on him, her lips attacked the golden ring around his manhood, sending his legs trembling while his mind went blank.

Kevin: ‘Shooting!’
Cynthia: ‘Mmm~’

The powerful gush of cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it as it filled quickly. This guy whom had not unloaded for weeks literally made her full with cum, and it just kept going for almost a full minute.

Once the last squirt was fired, she maintained a suction while exiting, clearing his rod of any leftovers.

Cynthia (gulping): ‘So much!’
Kevin: ‘Yeah. I haven’t shot in two weeks.’
Cynthia: ‘My god.. I feel full now. Don’t need lunch anymore.’

She wore her skirt and panties back, while he used some tissue to clean himself up. Watching that guy smiling, her pussy had her share of fun as well. That mental impression of his thick cock inside her was still vividly reminding her for more sex.

Cynthia: ‘Umm.. I leave first? I’ll Whatsapp you.’
Kevin: ‘Okay. Rest well k? I think you are tired.’

As soon as she left the compounds of the school, she immediately sent a text to Kevin, who was busy rearranging the furniture in the room.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Wanna meet tomorrow?’
Kevin (Whatsapp): ‘They will be using the room tomorrow. Let’s meet at block G toilet on the fifth floor?’
Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Okay! Can’t wait for you to be inside me again. :p’

What a way to get a fling huh? She had never expected herself to be thinking about him while having sex with her boyfriend, who was a little surprised at her wild mood that came like magic after that day.

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