And Then

Relieved that I could leave the awkward birthday party where I did not know anyone there, the birthday girl merely gave me a handshake to thank me before turning to her friend who was leaving as well. Spending a good minute to find my slipper among the pile of shoes, the girl who was leaving was stumbling over the mess, grabbing my stretched arm for her to balance with.

Girl: ‘Thanks.’
Me: ‘You’re welcome.’
Girl: ‘You are leaving too?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Sadly, I don’t know anyone else here.’
Girl: ‘I’m kinda in the same situation too. I’m her sister. Kathy.’
Me: ‘Really? You don’t know her friends? I’m J by the way.’
Kathy: ‘Nah. I don’t really want to know them too. They are all drinking and gambling.’

I walked towards the resort’s lift and held the door open for her. Through the mirrors, I could see the demure girl in a white body hugging shirt, with a pair of pink high waist skirt, a typical outfit for the young.

Kathy: ‘Are you going to the MRT?’
Me: ‘I think I’m going to walk around before going home. It’s still early. Thought I would be going home late.’
Kathy: ‘Haha! I see. Is it alright if I join you? My parents don’t know I am leaving today. She booked the room till tomorrow.’

Guessing that a little company won’t hurt, I agreed and went in circles at the huge mall, going in circles level by level down. Chatting with a teenager made me realised how much I had missed out. She was those rare ones who mostly stayed home, accompanying the family and helping out with some chores.

Likewise, although I didn’t do much housework, I belonged to the ‘no-life’ bunch where home and work filled most of my time. It was really nice to be chatting with her about my experiences in the army and out in the workforce. That sweet beauty just listened to my rants with some inputs of her own.

After an hour of wandering, we headed out of Marina Bay Sands, hoping to board a bus that would sent me right home.

Kathy: ‘Is there any buses that goes to Serangoon?’
Me: ‘Hmm.. I don’t think so. Wanna cab? I’ll drop you off first.’

I clicked on the app and made a booking, waiting for close to fifteen minutes before an expensive looking limousine stopped before us. What luck to have gotten this cab, the boarding fare was expensive enough.

Sitting quietly in the back, Kathy tucked her phone into her bag after sending some messages, and her head fell on my shoulders without her realising. After an hour ride, the cab stopped at a luxurious looking bungalow and I woke her up.

Me: ‘Kathy, we’re here.’

She jolted awake and reached into her bag, counting thirty dollars before handing it to the driver. Right when I was about to ask her about the fare, she opened the door and shifted her butt out, holding onto my wrist.

Kathy: ‘Come. I’ll send you home later.’

The door closed behind me and she led me into the small gate, no hint of anyone still awake in her household. Using the light from the street lamps, I was dragged to the third level, where I guessed was her room.

Kathy (whispering): ‘Don’t speak too loud.’
Me (whispering): ‘Orh.’

In that eight by eight metre space, a single queen sized bed took up half the room. When she opened the curtains in front of the bed, a breathtaking view of the stars-littered sky greeted me, along with a lap pool right at the balcony.

Kathy (whispering): ‘This is where I sleep.’

She fell on her back towards the soft bed and patted on a spot for me to sit. Looking lazily at my astonished look, there was no words to describe how fortunate I felt for her. Two bunnies then hopped in front of me, sniffing the visitor with lots of curiosity.

Kathy: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘It’s so romantic here.’

Lights came on from under the pool, and the wooden patio glowed into view beautifully. After a few seconds, stars begin to appear on the walls, as though we were in the centre of the universe.

Kathy: ‘It’s coming from there.’

Peering up at the ceiling, a laser orb was shooting streaks of lasers everywhere. Would I be too little for this girl who has everything?

Feeling Kathy adjusting her body, I turned around to see her sitting up, and reaching her arms around my chest. Fingers soon got to work unbuttoning my top, and bared my upper body to her graceful movements. As soon as my top was gone, my belt clanged to its freedom. I felt like a master in a princess’ room.

Once my jeans was loosened, I got up to let it fall to the ground. Standing in front of the starlit complexion of Kathy, she pulled her top off and slipped those skirt easily off her legs.

Kathy: ‘You won’t get into trouble k? I just want someone to accompany me for the night.’

I crawled into the bed calmly knowing she meant no harm, and hid under the blanket where she cuddled into my arms.

Kathy (whispering): ‘You stink.’

I almost jumped out of the bed when she said that. I knew I smelled because I’ve been out the whole day, bringing a crate of beers to the party without any help.

Me (whispering): ‘Sorry uh. Want me to get a shower first?’
Kathy (whispering): ‘Later.’

She hugged me closer and landed pecks on my neck. The difference in our backgrounds proved too much for me to bear and I dare not do anything in fear of offending her. She was after all, too good for me.

Kathy (whispering): ‘What are you thinking about?’
Me (whispering): ‘You? Me?’

She giggled in the cutest tone and brushed her hair across my ears. Under the blanket, I could feel her hand moving over my tummy, and fingertips stopped at the waistband of my underwear.

Kathy (whispering): ‘Will you say no if I want to touch it?’

What? To be faced with a trick question at this time was most unbelievable. My mind was getting ready to get dressed and apologise no matter what my answer was. My vocabulary lacked a word between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Kathy (whispering): ‘Silence means consent?’

I controlled my sigh of relieve when she advanced into my underwear, feeling the small stud unwavering to a girl presenting herself to me.

Kathy: ‘Aren’t you turned on?’

Me: ‘I don’t see you in that way. I guess I respect you too much.’

A moment of ponder came into her as she felt embarrassed about throwing herself onto me, a guy who didn’t want sex from just any girls. My quick thinking soon gave me a response I felt was appropriate in this situation. She was too precious to be turned down by me.

Me (whispering): ‘I like it when you play with it. Can you continue?’

Her eyes lit up at me when that came out of my mouth. Her fingers came back to life and peeled the foreskin back, despite it being small. As her nails dug under the flabby skin, my masculine instinct awakened and grew in her palm, where she held it so ever gently and tugged it up and down for me.

My chest rose and fell to the calming massage, giving me a chance to feel her boobs pressing on my arm. While she was jerking me off, I placed my arm over her chest and slipped it into her panties, where a little warmth was waiting.

Figuring the position of her clit was fairly simple. I ran my finger upwards from the meaty folds of flesh till I reached the end, locating the gem that was eager to get some attention. Once I started rubbing that little nub, her hand around my arm tightened to tell me I had hit the right spot.

We kept masturbating each other till she was panting, growing hornier by the minutes of fingering I gave. From her extended eye contact, I could tell she wanted more instead of the orgasms.

Kathy: ‘Let’s go wash up in the pool. Wait for me at the steps in the corner?’

Stepping out of my underwear, I made my way out and into the warm water. Yes, it was a heated pool I had never seen before. The lean figure catwalked towards me and joined me by my side, sitting at the same step as I.

Kathy: ‘Sit out of the water.’

I lifted my ass out of the comfortable position and sat on the drain, not knowing what she was planning. Bringing my legs over her head, I rested on my arms that was behind me. That position of hers between my legs, in front of my erection suddenly made sense to the dumbfounded me.

Her head went down on me immediately and when I was about to tell to take it slow, a groan escaped from my mouth. She had taken a mouthful of water and plunged my dick into those light pink lips, sliding conveniently up and down the wet shaft. As water ran down my balls, her tongue came to play, tickling the underside and making swirls at the tip.

After a short while, she stopped and sat just one step into the pool. I knew what was I supposed to do and went into the water, head diving between her legs to the smooth pussy that had the unsightly folds hidden.

Splitting the perfect moulds, I exposed her labia and used my tongue to lick her clit. Brushing up and down, one of my fingertip was poking about an inch into her, thrusting at that agonising distance while I listened to her moans.

Kathy: ‘You ever made love in the pool?’
Me: ‘Never tried it.’

A grin appeared on her face and she walked into the waist deep waters. Bending over the stairs, I stood behind her as she let her lower body float. Wrapping her legs around me, I awkwardly guided my dick into her love hole, sinking it deep once I felt the contrasting warmth.

Unlike what I had imagined, there was no waves nor splashes. Our movements were restricted by the resistance of the dense medium, maintaining our speed at a desperate tempo.

Kathy: ‘J.. let’s not do it here. Let’s go to the bed.’

Agreeing silently, we got out of the pool and dried ourselves on the way in. The two bunnies were just staring at us while we made our way to the bed, with her crawling into doggie in front of me.

Me: ‘Still doggie?’
Kathy: ‘Yeah. Make love to me like how bunnies do it.’
Me: ‘They are too fast!’
Kathy: ‘Give it a try?’

I plunged my dick back into her wet hole and initiated a rapid-fire mode, thrusting loudly at her wet butt she did not dry. The extra lube from the water made me a little numb, allowing me to go much faster without risks of pre-mature ejaculation.

Once we hit the five minutes mark of the intense rabbit-speed sex, her hands were shivering from the orgasms that I did not realised I gave.

Me: ‘You came?’
Kathy (panting): ‘Yeah.. about a minute after we fucked. It just kept coming till now.’

She wasn’t the only one who was tired though, I was breathless as well and simply fell back on my butt after realising my dick was too sensitive to cum.

Kathy: ‘Tired? Let me move now.’

I laid with my head at the end of the bed and let her climbed over my waist, sitting down on my dick after she pointed it upwards. Grinding me excitedly, her rolled eyes was all orgasmic while I stayed still, trying to feel as much pleasure as I could from my least favourite position. It was satisfying enough to just see her groaning from how my dick was touching her sensitive areas.

Me: ‘Let me get on top? I’m feeling better now.’

Seemingly happy to let me do the work, she pulled me up without leaving my cock and fell onto the pillows. Straightening my legs behind, I picked my hips up and sent it back deep into her. This time, it was my job to thrust with all my might, drilling fast and deep at this beautiful little sister of my friend.

Kathy (moaning): ‘I’m going crazy.. slow down.. ‘

Watching her eyes go white, I knew she was enjoying it more than ever. How could I stop at this moment right? I was hoping to cum in this position too!

Biting my lips, I raised her legs into the air and rammed faster, forcing my way into her contracting pussy. Her head started shaking left to right to resist the incoming waves of pleasure, but the legs trying to go around me wasn’t agreeing.

Finally, one of her legs fell onto the bed and I lifted the other against my chest. Pounding with the last bit of my energy, I made sure to sink my dick as deep as possible. Seconds after the speed boost, her pussy leaked another serving of juices, body trembling to another orgasm.

As I reached my limit, I grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it hard, waking her to my signal to cum. Expectedly or unexpectedly, her feet went to my chest and nudged me away as I pulled out of her.

Squatting next to her head, she turned to my side and took my dick into her mouth. Pushing my butt towards her face, I moved my hips in the direction of her mouth and let her complete my journey.

Me: ‘Cumming.. ‘

Parking just the head inside her mouth, she used her teeth to hold the ring under the hood and poked her tongue into my pee hole. Having the first squirt blocked, the second came strong into her mouth, filling her cheeks up with my cum.

The two of us froze in that position till I was done, and gave a little suck as I left her face.

Turning herself towards the stars overhead, I quickly laid next to her, glancing into her eyes. Right then, the most sensual sight came when she swallowed my load, shyly hiding her face into my chest once I saw it.

Kathy: ‘Don’t look at me like that can? You’re making me blush.’
Me: ‘Blush? It’s called an afterglow.’
Kathy: ‘What is it?’
Me: ‘The glow under the skin girls get after sex.’
Kathy: ‘Really?’

She reached for her phone under a pillow and engaged the self-portrait mode. Clicking on the volume for a photo, we had accidentally captured a sexy shot with our top bare. True enough, she saw the gentle glow of her complexion. Perhaps it was just a placebo, or it was really just the heat from our workout.

Once she was done with the phone, we went for another dip in the pool to clean ourselves up, before hopping into bed for a night’s sleep.

Kathy: ‘You can stay with me if you want. I don’t think my sister will mind. We’re together now!’
Me: ‘Haha. Or you can stay with me. My granny would love to see you. Let’s get some rest ba. I might just wake up halfway for another round with you.’

Her hand glided down my body to my semi-erected dick and pulled the foreskin back.

Kathy: ‘Naughty boy. It needs to rest now.’

After a short make out session, we slept in each others’ arms till 3am, where a warm, wet mouth went over my dick to wake it up.

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