Someone I Knew

By Nikkinom I almost instantly knew something was wrong when he leaned against my back. The hard on I can feel through the shorts I usually wear to sleep, I thought it would be a short trip to the top of the block where he wanted to ‘show’ me the view from up there. He […]

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By Nikkinom For once, there was a certain thrill in taking his underwear off, but it wasn’t to see how hard he was for me – because he always is. What I really wanted to see, was the mess in his underwear that I have caused. When I arrived at his place in the morning, […]

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Too Little

By Nikkinom Truth be told, I didn’t know what ‘horny’ was when my clit was first touched. The mild numbness throughout my whole body, ridden by overpowering excitement, drifting in a somewhat relaxed state, I was so sure that this, this thing happening to me, couldn’t be bad. He slowly split those delicate, complex folds […]

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In the Bedroom

By Nikkinom You can call it ‘charm’, when I found myself seated on the man’s bed, without any clothes, and legs spread as wide as I could. The only thing I knew about him, was the fact that he was almost twenty years older than me. But it was something else, that made me so […]

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Hello Then

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Now, where did we left of ? Oh right! I got on my knees again. As I spit and gently stroke baby’s D, going slow and fast. Occasionally, I put my mouth over the tip of baby’s D. I will then start licking, swirling my tongue and […]

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