Phone Call

Levin was almost asleep when his phone suddenly rang with his daughter’s name on screen. He quickly picked it up and asked her what happened since it wasn’t everyday where his daughter called him up in the late hours. His wife, Sarah, woke up as well and listened to their conversations. Their daughter had broke […]

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Wendy had been with Andrew for some time and it was time to try something new out of their regular sex. He had went online and searched for a long time for a pair of special contact lenses for her before finally receiving it after a long wait. That night, she had spent her day […]

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Taking Turns

A message from May popped up in the middle of my orientation course at the CBD area one day, asking if I was free to meet her up later that day. As a financial planner, my job was to travel, and meet people, so why not? We arranged to meet around her place at Bukit […]

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Quiet Night

It had rained in the day and Kacie finally found a good time to head out to the study corner below her house. Giving an excuse to make some calls, she slipped on a thin cotton laced spaghetti top and a pair of FBT shorts, going panty-less since she was just around her house. At […]

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This entry contains the use of electricity through a flyswatter racket and should NOT be attempted (without professionals and medical crew present??). Janice (shouting): ‘Kelvin! What is this?’ She was holding his personal masturbator, a Tenga Egg he bought from a local sex shop. They had been living together since they graduated from university, and […]

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