She Belongs

Bernice (panting): ‘Can I go up now?’
Sam: ‘NO! Two more rounds.’

The curvy girl darted off in a white jersey and pink FBT shorts, threading lightly on the toes to quickly complete the last two laps. Once she returned to the bench where Sam was waiting, she brisk walk in front of him, only to be stopped at each electronic gate where his card was needed.

Upon reaching the house, the poly student dashed straight for the toilet, releasing a powerful jet of pee against the ceramic bowl.

Sam (shouting): ‘I want to see you in it when you’re done!’
Bernice: ‘Okayyy.. ‘

She pulled her shorts up over her hips and stepped out into the bedroom opposite, where Sam was sitting on her bed and on his phone. After he set his phone down, she removed her wet shirt, revealing the leather straps that bound her boobs tightly. As her damp shorts came off too, the momentary relief of the single strap on her pussy relaxed as well, but not for long.

He spun her around and bent her arms to bind them behind, securing them with belt-like latches at an awkward height.

Sam: ‘Down on your knees now!’

She let him support her arms before going down, and watched listlessly at him stripping his shorts off. Once half naked, he brought her face to his dick and stuffed it in, shoving her face repeatedly in his groin to pleasure himself with her mouth.

As monotonous as it sounded, the gentle tugging of her straps pinched her clit non-stop, causing her to get wetter apart from the constant rubbing. Gradually, her head moved faster on its own, to the assistance of her master.

Once he had enough of her blowjob, he yanked hard on the straps for her to stand up and she quickly did so, afraid of abrasions that he might cause. Tipping her over the bed, he lifted her ass up to bend her knees, getting into a doggystyle without too many moves.

For protection’s sake, he still put a condom on, but it was to prevent the edges of the leather around her pussy from cutting him. The condom rolled in place in under a minute and all Bernice could do was to bite her lips, as he mercilessly plugged her pussy with his erection.

Sam: ‘Good?’
Bernice: ‘Yeah?’

He placed his feet at shoulder’s width on the ground and began pounding her, slurping noises filling up her room with her moans, partly relieving the aches she had all day from the inner wear. Orgasms somehow came easier from the whole day of clit teasing, sending her into loud moans as he plunged deep inside.

Just five minutes of mind-blowing doggy later, he was done before she could climax again. Forcefully, he flipped her over on her back and painfully arched her knees wide open. Automatically ramming his cock into his personal sex doll, her desperate expressions did little to make the whole session more romantic, only driving him crazier when he saw how much she was enjoying.

Well, that slut was supposed to feel used and objectified, not pleasure. Still, he ignored the girl’s desire to be loved and fucked faster and faster. Digging deep into her vagina, Bernice succumbed to more powerful orgasms in this position, rendering herself weak earlier than usual.

The robotic thrusting did pleasure the both of them, and Bernice was long accustomed to his sexual abuse – though willingly.

Sam: ‘I’m gonna cum soon.’

He abruptly pulled out of her, ending the sensual mood suddenly and sat at the edge of the bed. Bernice knew exactly what to do and hopped out from bed, kneeling between his legs for him to use. A peck on her forehead was all the affection she received that day and the next thing she knew, her face was once again slammed over his cock.

Cheeks puffing in and out from his hi-speed attack, she relaxed her throat to direct him in. Tasting his raw cock and salty precum, her mind clouded up with lust. It was like an auto-response to her fate of a sex slave. While he was mouth fucking her, Bernice was also about to cum.

Sam: ‘Here.’

A calm voice warned her of the incoming hot semen that poured into her mouth, in measly quantities since it wasn’t the first load of the day. His second cum dump was completed in a minute and he got up casually, wearing his shorts back and heading out into the living room.

Sam (shouting): ‘Once you’re dressed, go buy milk and eggs, we’re out of it.’

Bernice wore her FBT shorts back, and threw on a fresh set of t-shirt. Right before she left, Sam tightened the straps on her shoulders, sinking that particular strap across her pussy deeper between her legs.

Face completely flushed and inner netting soaked, she stumbled out into the corridor and braved herself in the lift, making her way to Sheng Shiong right under her flat. Now, what kind of man is Sam exactly?

If you guys have seen a weak legged girl shopping in one of those supermarket, she might just be Bernice. Try to go easy on her k? Though I believed Sam put that gear on her to deter rapists – or attract them?

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