Treat for Treat

Anne and Shelia were fresh gradates working in the same company, an oil rig architecture design firm that paid them well. After the group of new employees return from an OBS camp, most of them made their way home to rest before work resumed. Shelia’s parents were out of the country, and having no one […]

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Never Too Big

The webcam chats soon escalated to a cyber sex show with Jacelyn. At first it was more of Marcus teasing her about showing him her D cup boobs for a 15 year old, which wasn’t too hard to believe when he saw her shirt, but wanted to see it in flesh. The natural progression of […]

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The newly opened 24 hour NTUC was a nice place to go when you can’t sleep at night. So Rose did the same, draped in her night slip, the translucency of her dress was too little to bother her. Stepping into her lacy black panties, she pasted the nipple cover after she adjusted the height […]

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Jacelyn slipped on her lacy blue dress after her quick shower and jumped on her bed. It had been a tiring day of fighting against her constant horny thoughts about her new boy and trying to focus in class. The wetness in her panties got so bad that she had to remove them and went […]

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My sister, Christel, was slumped at the doorstep after pressing the bell thrice and I had to lug her body in. The smell of alcohol was engulfing her room, but I didn’t care. I just stripped her naked and carried the 43kg body into the bathroom. After I placed her in the tub, I gave […]

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