Perfect Finish 2

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Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Asleep?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Not yet.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Buy some beers and come over?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘To your place?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘No! At that place we did it last time?’

Skipping the rest of the conversation, I got a few bottles of fruity alcoholic drinks and headed straight for a bench near the fence. After informing her of my arrival, she appeared in a dress, those wrap around kind with a deep V-cut into her cleavage.

For the next hour, we were emptying bottles to stories of our lives, breaking the ice we missed when we met the last time (or first time). Her family was of importance back in Korea, and she was here to be the wildcard in case anything happened to them.

So apart from working at one of the offices of her parent’s company, she basically had no friends outside work. Partly due to her stature that needed discretion too. She got drunk faster than me since she was popping all the lids, somehow drowning the loneliness in beers.

Hae (whispering): ‘Want to go to that corner again?’

A grin on my face told her my answer and she untied the strap around her waist, leaving a long trail of skin visible to any peeping toms. We quickly made our way into the bushes to protect her decency.

While I was looking around for our safety, she had begun to tug my shorts down, which I wore to make things ‘easier’. The lack of lingerie soon got my hands roaming across her breasts, kneading the firm bumps hard and soft.

Moans came along with the wetness I felt on my fingers during the clit-rub, and she reciprocated with a sloppy handjob. If you guys knew how sloppy handjob felt, you would understand the amount of tease without any ‘right’ strokes to make one cum.

To take things one step ahead of her, I raised one of her feet onto the concrete parapet below the fence and got on my knees. My face dived in for her pussy and her hands secured over my hair. The feminine scent was a treat to lick at and the random flicks caused her legs to wobble dangerously. Yes, dangerous but the curled toes were a sign of pleasure. As my mouth got covered in her juices, she had her hands under the dress and pinching on those perky pink nipples, visible from one of the overhead lamps from her own yard.

Hae (whispering): ‘My turn!’

A pleading tone got me back on my feet and she sat at the edge of the wall, head bent over my dick. The angle her back lined with her legs were of a gymnast’s standards. I did not wait for her to start sucking and thrust
right in her face. She got the cue immediately and stayed motionless, while my dick plummeted her glossy pink lips without rest.

She had maintained a comfortable suction and her tongue was kept behind her throat, tapping the tip of my dick whenever I went deep. We had no intention of cumming just with our mouths, so I didn’t keep at it for too long either.

Me (whispering): ‘Condom?’
Hae (whispering): ‘I got an IUD at a clinic. It’s inside.’

My lips-biting expression couldn’t get more foxy. She hung her fingers into the fence and stuck her butt out at me, as if begging for me to fuck her. Plunging deep into her pussy first, the fence shook to her suddenly grip.

Our hips fired off the slam-athon with a slow start, picking up speed as her back curved into a more seductive angle. My hands gently squeezed on those slim waist and jerked her backwards, driving my shaft even deeper. The rattling of the fence soon got too loud and I pulled out of her to let her recompose herself.

Hae (whispering): ‘Try the other hole now. I have put some lubricant inside.’
Me (whispering): ‘Really? Let me know if it hurts k?’

My dick head got into a flat squash before popping into her, shocking her into a soft yelp. Clear, thick lubricant started showing up and I impatiently thrust at her to get my full length in.

Within a few strokes, her anus was all over me. An unknown force was shitting me out while my body shoved it back in. Hae had her fingers on her clit as we butt-fucked, making awkward popping sounds as her ass tightened.

Each of her orgasm drove me closer to mine, and I could feel her slender fingers on my dick through her vagina walls. Like rabbits, we humped at full speed with my hand over her mouth.

Me (whispering): ‘Hae! I have to stop.’
Hae: ‘Ok!’

I took a whole ten seconds to pull out of that unbelievably tight hole and she was still rubbing herself. Hae made a dash for a half-drunk bottle and returned to our hiding spot. With a piece of wet tissue from my sling bag, we rinsed my dick with the Strawberry Barcardi and cleaned it thoroughly.

Squatting over the piles of dry leaves, Hae carefully smelled my rod before devouring it, swallowing all the alcohol as she sucked. I had to sit myself on the parapet of the fences as her tongue drove my mind blank. Continuing non-stop, she just kept going while her fingers made slushing noises at her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Okay okay.’

She stood up all of a sudden and climbed onto me with her hands around my neck. Half-sitting, I aimed my dick at her pussy and she slammed her hips on mine. Making a squinting face, she closed her vagina tight as I came, blowing up into her baby-proof cunt with a few days’ worth of cum.

We could totally feel my load leaking out onto the leaves with loud splatter and she stay focused to milk everything out.

Hae: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Yeah.. ‘

I let her down slowly and she stroked my dick clean while pouring more Bacardi over it. As for herself, she scooped the excess cum into her pussy and tied her dress together. Exhausted, we went home in our separate ways and the happy girl skipped all the way to her main gates.

Hae (WhatsApp): ‘I love the warm feeling inside me. Don’t find other girls k?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘I can barely handle you already. No other girls for me.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Can I keep you dry so you won’t find someone else?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Tomorrow?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘;)’

Part 1 | Part 2

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