One Pet for Two

This story is written for a fellow blogger, Kathy, who writes and share pictures of her endowed figure on the blog, Kathy’s Diary, which is now defunct. This story has appeared on her blog, and is my turn to publish it for those who missed it.

A Pet – I’ve always wanted to know how does having a pet would feel like. Would it be a total domination? Or will my own principles stop be from being too inhumane?

When Kathy sent an email to me about an opportunity to understand a mind like hers, I felt more curious than excited. It was the ‘hopefulness’ of owning a pet, nor getting the experience of controlling one, but rather, the mindset and mental state of one.

Kathy (Whatsapp): ‘Hotel 81, Princess, tonight at 4pm?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. I’m about to head out now.’

Upon reaching the hotel, I checked into the room to see the lock engaged to keep the door ajar. Entering it showed me a little more of the (helpless?) daring state of Kathy, wearing just her bra and panties lying on the bed.

An open laptop on the small dresser was facing her, streaming live feed to a frame where only the chest of a male was showing.

Kathy: ‘Master A wanted to help too. So he will be watching.’

Me: ‘So it will be like live porn?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. I’m to.. listen to his command if you are too shy.’

Me: ‘Have you done this before?’

Kathy: ‘On camera, yes. But live, no. And you’re the first guy he allowed to touch me after he owns me.’

Having no idea on how to start, I only dropped my bag in a corner, and set up my own camera in video recording mode on the keyboard area of the laptop.

Me: ‘I haven’t really.. umm.. been invited to such stuff.’

A pair of hand started typing in the webcam feed and I was able to read it.

I’ll tell her what to do. Master J, can you ask Kathy to wear to earpiece?

I told her his wish and she tucked her hair behind her ear to stick a bluetooth headset in. A moment of silence later, she moved herself to one side of the bed and flipped the blanket open for me to join her. As I got all snuggly next to her, she removed her panties and brought a carrot between her legs.

Teasing her own pussy, one of her hands came over to my dick, fondling it as moans escaped her mouth. It seemed that Master A had never allowed pleasure to just be a one-way thing, making sure I was getting all heated up at the same time. Soon, the carrot was sliding in and out of her, and the handjob got more intense.

Me (moaning): ‘Do you like being a pet?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘I like to please Master, even if it means giving in to him all the time.’

Me: ‘What do you get out of it?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘He.. ahh.. he wants me to be less selfish. So I listen to him. He is actually helping me to control myself. If not, I’ll just be.. ahh!’

Her body shook gently and I knew she came while answering my question. Since I was supposed to be telling her what to do, it’s time for me to get started too.

Me: ‘Okay. Lie down in front of me, I want your mouth nearby.’

She gladly did it and was all ready to work her neck. Once she was lying on my thigh with her legs opened sideways, carrot still thrusting, I handed out my second command.

Me: ‘Keep your mouth near my dick. And continue with that carrot.’

Kathy: ‘You want me to suck it?’

Me: ‘You’ll be punished if you do it.’

Kathy: ‘You mean if I don’t do it?’

Me: ‘Nope. You heard it right. Go on.’

I kept her mouth hovering over my dick, ignoring the occasional contact of her lips on my rod, while she pumped the veggie deeper and faster, to get to the next orgasm. It was all but interesting to see how she held herself back from giving what that desperate dick in front of her wanted, and that orgasm almost caused her to lose balance and disobeyed.

Me: ‘Came? Good. Kneel in front of me now, and let the carrot slide out of your pussy. I only want you to keep the tip inside.’

She no longer questioned me and went to work. From her unwilling fidgeting, it was harder than ‘not sucking the dick in front of you’. A light tap on her head sent her mouth over my shaft, sucking me as she held her butt away from her feet. A few times the carrot fell out, but she got it back to where I told her. And for the other few times that the carrot caused a moan from her, I would push her head down into my groin and hold it to suffocate her a bit.

Me: ‘Okay. Now you understand the difference between Master A and J?’

The red-eye girl nodded faithfully and looking at the laptop, a thumbs up was in front of the naked chest.

Me: ‘Now, I want you to lie down.’

She took my position on the bed and readjusted her so she was sitting up towards me. I sat in front of her and my dick was inches away from her, so close yet all she could felt was the accidental brushes I made on her clit. After I kickstarted the handjob, she went at it, unknowingly pulling me closer and closer to her.

Me: ‘You want it inside?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. Can I?’

I guided her back onto the bed and moved my hips closer, raw flesh touching the wet folds of meat. There was almost an invisible force drawing me right in. I let her pull my rod in and her legs docked me tightly.

We did not spend any time savouring the fit and began fucking, thrusting my dick in and out of Kathy. To make up for the size, I went as fast as I could from the beginning, sending her into screams as it licked her ‘top’ of her vagina continuously.

I was at the mercy of her wetness too, negating all the friction and human limits. While she was moaning in pleasure, I was grunting in agony of the speed I was solely responsible for.

We lasted for about ten minutes, before it was too tiring for me and I stopped. The hyped up Kathy was trying to put ‘me’ back when I had to stop her verbally.

Me: ‘No. No more. I want you to suck me off.’

I stood by the bed and turned the webcam into our direction, as she energetically sat down with legs wide open.

Me: ‘You can use the carrot for now.’

As soon as the carrot was in, her mouth was at where it belonged too. Slurping hungrily, all I needed to do was to relax. The tongue kept spreading saliva around and she found the comfortable tempo to go all the way.

Minutes of the fast and furious oral sex pushed me to my toes and I was at the verge of cumming for almost a minute straight.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum. Take it all in.’

Her lips squeezed tighter together and at that moment, my balls rapidly contracted, blowing my load into her mouth that was sucking as I came. One of her hand kept teasing my balls and the other was around my butt, pulling me closer to reach the base of my shaft.

After some time, I was totally drained both mentally and physically. Kathy got off my dick after I told her to and the carrot was just sliding in and out of her slowly.

Me: ‘Cum another time for me. I’m pleased with your performance.’

She masturbated herself to another orgasm, before throwing the carrot into the bin. The webcam went dark and it was just me and her in the room.

Kathy: ‘Can I suck you off again?’

Me: ‘He’s not here anymore.’

Kathy: ‘I know. It’s the first time he allowed me to do with someone else. So I want to make it worthwhile.’

By then, I was all soft, but the diligent lady did not give up. This time, I laid on the bed and she bent over to take my dick once again into her mouth. By then, I was exhausted, and her lips and tongue worked differently. It was slow, sensual and attentive.

Beyond my hardness, her delicateness stroked the most sensitive parts til I came again, harder and much more than the first. She took every drop into her mouth without a flinch, swallowing it before my eyes once she was done.

Me: ‘Is he coming up for you?’

Kathy: ‘Nope. He is at home. I’m going off too.’

She led me into the narrow standing shower and cleaned me up, making me feel like a kid washed by an adult. We left the hotel together and I could only feel proud when eyes were set on her, the well-endowed body with 36C firmly stuck on her chest.

Kathy: ‘I want to meet you again if he allows.’

Me: ‘Me too. You’re a nice pet.’

We boarded the same bus and on the upper deck, I took out the gift I almost forgotten. It was a Benwa Ball set that I had excess stock off. Immediately, she removed the packaging and inserted it under her dress, panties stretched out of the way. It tingled her then-sensitive pussy and kept her smiling till she alighted.

Kathy: ‘Master will be happy knowing that I enjoyed myself. Thank you Master J.’

As of now, we have been text till her husband needs her. That being his turn to get some of the love she showed to us through the photos on her blog.

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