Amy: ‘How’s work today? Any interesting things happened?’
Me: ‘Nah. Today was pretty quiet. I even dozed off for a while.’
Amy: ‘Orh hor! Hope your boss doesn’t check the CCTV.’

I tucked myself under the blanket smelling better than the whole day of housekeeping, since the usual customers decided to have a ‘coffee-free day’ all at once. My legs had gone all weak from climbing up and down, doing all the work for the upcoming week in one go.

Amy, my girlfriend, shut her MacBook and slid under the sheets, ready to end the night. Like every night, we turned to each other for a kiss and she could tell I was more tired than before. So I was allowed to return to the coffin-sleeping position.

She came closer to my side and hugged me tightly, a common thing for any couples. Her hand rested on my stomach did not stay still though, half-tickling and rubbing. Diving into my baggy boxers next, my little one couldn’t be anymore shy by being disinterested. The constant circling of her nails into my foreskin continued to push my horny level up, fully aware that she was executing my most feared move.

Slowly, my dick grew and she went one step ahead to stroke it. Though dry, our skin brushed across each other like a playful rub. It was simply too much for me to just lie still and not give in. But before I could suggest anything, she had gone under the blanket covering us.

First her hand, then came her tongue that wet the tip. The kisses trailed down my shaft and I was taken aback by the warmness that enveloped my dick. I was finally ‘home’ and it couldn’t feel any better than to have your lifelong partner giving you the treat of your lifetime.

She picked up her speed once I started trembling, squeezing her lips together as she went up and down. My heavy eyelids kept me from looking at her, and all that was ringing in my mind was the extra soft flesh my tip repeatedly pushed against – at the back of her throat.

Me: ‘Amy.. I’m awake now.’

Poking her head out of the blanket, her lips were glimmering under the warm bedside lamp.

Amy: ‘You sure?’
Me: ‘Yes yes. I can’t sleep with that standing up. Right? Want me to go on top?’
Amy: ‘Nope. Not tonight.’

Maybe she just wanted to tease me, which was totally fine with me. It was more than sex that got us together, plus, we knew we could ask for it anytime. That’s one of the perks of living together.

She climbed on top of me while saying ‘I’m going to be on top‘, surprising me with her unusually-active spirits. Sitting over my dick raw, I couldn’t help but got a little worried. We had only attempted bareback sex a handful of times, and only for a while. That night, she ignored our precautions and went straight ‘in’, massaging me with her vaginal muscles to get it even harder.

The grinding motion began once she had her whole body weight on me, slipping my hard cock repeatedly into her pussy. There was nothing I could do except to calm my senses down, definitely not wanting to impregnate her ahead of schedule. The ever-increasing speed she rode me on, really pushed things to the limit.

She knew she was tight, and I meant it. My fingers would ache fingers her and my dick always felt like bursting from all the blood trapped in the rod. In a way, I could get bigger inside her, but at the price of losing it all. A worthy price to pay.

The dishevelled girl rocked her hips wildly, fingers interlocked with mine to stablise. My dick was being directed at a scooping motion, fondling the underside of her pussy that kept driving her crazier. At that tight pressure, I was losing control minutes into our cowgirl experience. Things quickly went out of hand once she deliberately squeezed down hard, raping my pitiful dick that was about to rupture.

Screaming ‘this is so good!’, her voices drowned my pleas conveniently. I was so afraid of cumming and my body had the same thoughts as well. Imagine the mental conflict with your primal instincts. My dick just grew harder from the stiffened muscles, thickening the veins to her advantage.

Me (shouting): ‘Amy! I really can’t take it anymore! Let me out!’

She squat-lifted herself up and at that same time, fell forward as an orgasm arrived late. Trickles of juice dripped over my belly as she dismounted, seated away from me. Her head dived down again on my dick and she took control of me immediately. In contrast to her deadly little pussy, her tongue felt exceptionally relaxing on my shaft, gently pressed on the under side.

Her lips milked me at a comfortable pace, sliding up and down with much care. My hands went over her head as usual and guided her into ‘that’ tempo, readying my load to be delivered into her.

The calming oral sex lasted for about five minutes, with occasional pauses for her to catch her breath. The final moment came when I pushed her harder down, keeping my tip at her throat. For my size, it was not too difficult for her.

Lovely Amy did not resist one bit and let my body complete the journey, unloading my cum so ever peacefully like a victory march. Jerks after jerks, it went easily down her throat. The ascend cleaned up all the excess saliva and tided up the foreskin, only leaving a thin coat of moisturiser for the night.

She was gleaming from ear to ear as I was, satisfied with the workout and protein shake combo. I too, was panting even though she did all the work. But it was really the unloading that drew all of my energy.

Amy: ‘Now.. we can sleep.’

We hid under the blanket for the last time and exchanged kisses, before the room went dark for our much needed rest.

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