Nat’s One

‘Oh my god! You’re NatSins? No one else here knows!’ ‘Shhh! They only know I’m a reader of your blog.’ The group dispersed after the BBQ I organised for a meet-and-greet, the last two guys leaving after Natalie shooed them away. We tided the place up and washed whatever needed before resting on a bench, under the shelter overgrown with crawling plants. The few...

Hot Wifing

Claudia: ‘Dear, I’m going to walk my friend out of the condo. And chat up with him too.’ Husband: ‘Sure. Go ahead. See you soon man!’ One of my best friend at the first job I had, we were actually close on the spiritual level, talking about life and deep stuff while we worked together. Now that she is married to her dream guy, a rich and smart guy, their luxurious...


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