Nat’s One

‘Oh my god! You’re NatSins? No one else here knows!’

‘Shhh! They only know I’m a reader of your blog.’

The group dispersed after the BBQ I organised for a meet-and-greet, the last two guys leaving after Natalie shooed them away. We tided the place up and washed whatever needed before resting on a bench, under the shelter overgrown with crawling plants. The few sticks of satay and hot dogs were finished quickly and we were left with a quarter bottle of Jack Daniel’s, sponsored by one of the participants.

‘So do you know the girls that came tonight?’

‘Nope. I thought they were friends of the guys or something. I’m just glad I ordered enough food.’

‘Haha. Thought you have a lot of flings since you write that much.’


We sipped the cocktail from plastic cups and she dropped a hand over my lap, squeezing and rubbing me with an obvious hint about an idea. I chose this particular corner in my condo because it was dark enough, for those who were planning to get drunk and still appear presentable. Since it was a public place with that big a gathering, I didn’t really thought about having any fun here.

Nat, on the other hand, was different in terms of her open sexuality. It didn’t take her long to unzip my shorts and fondle that neglected rod, probably grilled by the long-term close proximity to the charcoals. The short tennis skirt she wore rose to her hips easily, and my fingers were busy rubbing her out in the similar g-strings she sold through her blog.

As the lights went out at eleven, she got brave enough to straddle on top of me and spent some time to cap me on, placing safety above lust when the time came. When she started riding me, I was astonished by her graceful hips movements that was stroking me on all the right spots.

The ‘belly dance’ really made me groaned so daintily that I was soon bewitched under her control. She knew how to moan and it did caused me to grow bigger, a sign only she could confirm. The slender waist, twerking on my groin, could never be forgotten no matter how drunk I was.

‘Let’s try doggy here. I’ve never done it on a bench.’

She stood up in the middle of my enjoyment and stood over the wooden plank, supporting herself on her elbows resting parallel to the ground. I kneeled on the narrow width and slid right into her pussy, meeting the vicious back-thrusts I recalled watching on her site before. There was no way I could break free from her when she bumped me back and forth, drilling my cock balls-deep into her.

The moans coming from her got stronger in the whispers, and I was completely dazzled by her strong hips movements. She was slowly getting tighter on my dick and I was sure she kept me at a near-cum state given how skilled she was.

‘I can’t take it anymore.. gonna.. cum..!’

Her ass slammed on my groin flat and it set off my bomb as well, purging my load into the rubber that filled up with heat quickly. Her back was bending up and down to the orgasm and I just kept pumping to every squeeze of her vagina.

We spent a good minute in that pose before I pulled out of her, and she climbed back over the seat to readjust her skirt. The kind lady helped with the ballooned condom and dumped it in the bin, while I dried the joystick before clothing it.

‘You can tell everyone you fucked NatalieSins now. They’re too late.’

And that’s why I wrote this for her. ;)

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