Cursed Seal

‘This is the final part. Once completed, there will be no turning back. Are you sure you want it?’


Adrianne tightened her fists as her tattoo artist closed the loop in her lower back art, forming a symmetrical figure that resembled a few numerals combined. Despite its size, the effects of the spiritual translation is big.

‘Done. Head home and rest. Tell if if anything happens, I can still undo it.’

She gave her long-time friend a pat on his back and left the shop, feeling better accomplishing her wish. She had planned a dinner with her boyfriend that night, knowing full well that a steamy session would come forth after the meal. Well, that was exactly what she needed.

They finished the food with an unspoken haste to get started after a long period of absence, bringing her to his car to ‘digest and chill’. She was especially tantalising that night with a cross back dress, a decent length to hide her incomplete outline tattoo on her thighs.

His hands were roaming up her dress once the they were comfortable in the backseats, feeling those stretched out thongs she wore to keep those unsightly pantylines away. She let him pull them away and raised her clothes higher, for him to play with those filling cups by the nipples.

Every moan he got out of her seemed to wet his seats more, until a shocked face stared at her when he touched her clit.

‘You’re really wet!’

‘I know right.. ‘

Two fingers slipped in easier than he ever recalled and she was throbbing so warmly around them. There was no way to stop him from wanting his stick to be pounding her crazy. She pushed him down on the seat and lowered his pants to his knees, licking that thick shaft with salivating tongue. A single downward shove of her head brought his dick head right on the back of her throat, squeezing him so ever sensually for his arousing groans.

Her neck bounced those luscious lips along his rod and his eyes couldn’t get any wider when he saw the devil in her. There was none of those gagging she had before and the hand under her legs just drove him wilder. She stuck her wet fingers into his mouth as she picked up her pace sucking him, to a point he was so tempted to cum right in there.

‘I’m so wet tonight babe. And this.. Sssss.. ‘

She climbed awkwardly in the tight spot and sat on his cock, almost knocking him out with the slippery, tight hole. The agile hips raped his mind inside out, moving so swiftly to push all the keys on his pipe.

‘You’re not going to let me fuck you?’


That meaty ass of her slid up and down his lap, flicking his dick onto her most erogenous spots. In that heat of the moment, she came with a load of thick, clear liquid like KY jelly down his hard stick. The long strands of sex, steaming hot pulses shooting through her vagina, he had never seen her in that light before.

He felt as though it was the first time inside her with the elastic force combing along the shaft, going up and down with her every jerk. The defined muscles suddenly felt like a hand with her vagina, holding him at the precise areas where he could faint at.

‘I’m.. going.. to.. arghh!’

He went into a fit when he let go of himself, spreading his biohazard material like an over-pressurised hose. Adrianne came the second time with him and unleashed another serving of juices, covering his groin in the sticky liquid.

While he was too weak to do anything else, she sat between his opened legs and continued masturbating, one hand playing with that collapsed balloon to edge him further. Her moans seemed to have an effect on his erection that showed up before he was sober, and her mouth went down on it like a toothbrush, only that she had to move her head.

Her poor boyfriend was twitching like an electrocuted sex doll when she vacuumed his storage clean, taking some of his years away from the powerful ejaculation he ever had.


Her cue went unanswered as she massaged the swollen cameltoe, fucked by her fingers that seemed to reach deeper than before. On the drive home, he poured his heart out to her and made promises she never expected. A man led by ego, suddenly had gone under her control. She felt her vagina widened suddenly under the dress by something similar to his dick, except it was more ribbed with rubbery soft tips.

‘Can I touch myself again?’

He nodded to see her rub her clit, in combination with the spirit that had etched her boyfriend’s dick within her two walls. Slowly, he had gained the stamina to pound her unconscious whenever she wanted, and the sex never took a step back from an indefinitely increasing intensity.

The only trade-off, is for her to endure the random appearance of his ‘imaginary dick’ fucking her at the most inappropriate times. A price between curse – and luck.

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