Mutually Restrained

(Sister whispered) ‘Kor, are you asleep?’

‘Nope. Why?’

‘I wanna do it again – what we did last night.’

‘But I’m tired.’

My dear sister slithered under the blanket, up to me, and stripped her shorts off, before her hands disappeared under the sheets with her newly-purchased, flesh-coloured, 6-inch dildo. Coincidentally, she ‘found’ the Tenga Pocket I hid under my pillow, and promptly handed it to me.


(She gave a cute smile) ‘Uh huh.’

The obvious actions under the sheets couldn’t be mistaken. Raised knees, closed eyes, and parting lips. She had started moaning with gentle tilts of her toy, possibly getting started on her clit. I put the oversized ring with soft silicon lined on its interior over my half-interested dick and she just had to flip my cover open at the wrong time.

‘This.. will help.’

A blob of saliva landed on my tip and she pushed the toy down for me. The dildo that was used came to my mouth and I could taste her when she made me ‘blow’ the first two inches. After getting it wet, she returned it to her groin and moaned a loud one for the entry.

‘Kor.. you help me and I help you?’

She grabbed my wrist and placed it at the dry suction base right at her thighs, while she turned slightly towards me to hold the hard, rubberised ring. Going in and out, moving up and down, her face was breathing down my neck across my shoulders.

(She moaned) ‘Kor.. oh yes.. kor.. ‘

Those words replayed in various pitches as I changed my speed, unknowingly causing her to do the same with the toy around my cock. We remained in that position for close to ten minutes, with occasional pauses when she came. I, on the other hand, had to stop because I might just cum.

‘Kor, let’s try something else tonight.’

She pushed me out of the bed and went into doggy, but held my ring between her legs directly under her pussy. She kept the dildo intact when she got into her final pose, slipping out of her pussy to hit against my groin.

‘Okay. I get it now.’

I placed my dick into the ring and pushed forth, sending the dildo into her at the same time. The voices she made was different this time, sounding much more erotic when my hips pistoned. It really looked like I was fucking her from an angle, and she could feel the force of my thrusts.

‘We are so close to having sex.’

‘You’re not inside me right kor?’

‘Noooo.. ‘

I pounded ‘her’ and went all the way till I was about to blow, which got her more excited when a new idea hit her head. Turning over to her back, she held the toy over her groin above her pussy while I had to hold hers under my balls. Using my thigh to nudge my forearm grasping dearly on the wet dildo, I was admiring the beauty of her similarities to me.

(She moaned) ‘KOR! ARGHHH.. KA-CUMMING!’

That palm of hers accidentally stimulated my tip and I came when she did, splashing my load over her hand while I continued to jerk uncontrollably. Her toy got too drenched at one point to keep my grip firm and my knee kept it buried deep inside, while I fell over her body.

We had to move away from each other after the orgasms and we tiptoed into the common toilet, washing our toys while helping each other to rinse our parts. Having had our forbidden fun that night, we went back to our own rooms and slept till the cows came home.

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