High Tea

Me: ‘Lufus’ Secret. Thanks’ Once I had ordered the tea unlisted on the menu, the manager of the cafe appeared and signalled for me to go over, with a questioning face. Manager: ‘Legal?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Girlfriend.’ Manager: ‘Okay. You know the price of it right?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Unlimited sex?’ Manager: ‘Asshole, it’s eighty five...


You probably wouldn’t believed this would happen but where I was posted to, I did manage to get some action as well. Anyway, this is going to be really discreet because of the sensitivity of the workplace. Anyway, I reported at 8am at work as usual, and mingled till about 0930 before we went for our lunch. It was usual, looking out for office ladies (OL) dressed sexily or even those who...


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