High Tea

Me: ‘Lufus’ Secret. Thanks’

Once I had ordered the tea unlisted on the menu, the manager of the cafe appeared and signalled for me to go over, with a questioning face.

Manager: ‘Legal?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Girlfriend.’

Manager: ‘Okay. You know the price of it right?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Unlimited sex?’

Manager: ‘Asshole, it’s eighty five dollars.’

We laughed heartily at each other and I returned to my seat, resuming my lunch on the awesome salmon dish while Baby munched on the greens of her Fish and Chips. After we were done with dinner, the tea was served, in a glass teapot (about two cups worth) without the tea bag, as part of the secrecy and exclusiveness to protect the lesser known tea that had a long history. It was a drink that an individual, presumingly named Lufus, gave to his women as an aphrodisiac to keep them going all night long, some reportedly having a permanent effect after a few dosage. No wonder it was kept hidden, and only five locations around the world knew of the precise proportion of the miracle mix.

Baby took the tea and drank a few mouths, for a non-tea lover, it had an euphoric effect that made her love that cup and finished it without leaving a sip for me to try. As the night was getting late, we took the last bus to her place before I would cab home, but it was not just a normal bus ride. For last buses, there were few passengers on board, and even fewer on the upper deck. Upon reaching the isolated last few rows of seats, Baby had to ask me to cover her while she removed her panties that was getting wet for no reason.

A few minutes into the ride, her hands were all over me and trying to push its way into my shorts, which I was known to wear no matter what places we visited. Comfort is most important right? Soon, I had to give in to her request for me to remove my underwear, making it the most ‘ninja’ thing I did on a public transport. I had to keep my pants on, but the hinderance was removed and kept in her bag.

In no time, my dick was all hard from her stroking, and for the first time, she opened her legs and touched herself under the long blue dress, moaning as she pleasured me. Baby had never been this horny before, and I was happy that the fifty plus worth of tea was working well. Before I knew it, her head was over my dick, and thrusting up and down, slurping her saliva over my little head.

Me: ‘Why is Baby so horny today?’

Baby: ‘I don’t know. But I want you inside me now.’

The handsfree pleasure session had to end when we arrived at our stop, forgetting her panties on the seat as we rushed to alight. Again, it was a shock to me when she was not bothered going pantyless, surely, it would take more than one teapot to have a permanent effect right?

Once we reached the void deck, the wide opened construction aluminium panels around the lift attracted her attention and she asked me to check if it was tidy enough for a quickie. Of course, I said yes no matter how dusty it was, and she came right in after I said it.

Rolling her dress up, her bare pussy was greeting me with streaks of wetness trailing down her legs. I closed the door without a lock and by then, she was ready with her legs parted, holding onto the wooden frame of the little corner.

Me: ‘Baby, I don’t have a condom.’

Baby: ‘It’s okay. I want you inside me. Put it in first.’

I placed my little head in and slowly pumped at her, lubricating inches at a time until I was fully parked.

Me: ‘How now? Where do I shoot?’

Baby: ‘Just move first can? We can decide later.’

Wow. I could not believe it. My hips began moving and the slapping sounds were imminently ringing in the four walls. She was so wet that juices were running down my balls onto the floor, and the tightness was beyond her virginity that I took during the start of our relationship. In my head, I was telling myself to hang on, and the numbness from the over sensitive dick was working to my advantage as well.

Going non-stop, it was the first occasion that we had outdoor sex, and she was enjoying it too, moaning too loud at times. She could not believe how horny she was too, but it was my dick she wanted at the end of the day. Pumping with all my might, I had forgotten that we did not have a rubber between us, and her moans was keeping me harder than usual.

Me: ‘Baby, I have to cum le.’

Baby: ‘So fast?’

Me: ‘You’re too tight. I can’t take it anymore.’

Baby: ‘You want to rest first?’

What a suggestion! I pulled out of her and stood away, calming my mind down so I could go for a bit more. During the wait, she had sat herself down on the paint tins and reached her hands under her dress to masturbate, moaning sexily to a point I didn’t find myself any better to go on. After a minute, she tapped on my leg and brought me in front of her.

Her mouth went over my dick without warning and her head moved back and forth, milking my rod with her tongue that was swirling around my head. With her hand between her legs, she was once again masturbating and sucking me off, until I was about to blow my load.

Me: ‘Baby! I’m cumming!’

She rubbed herself faster and her head went down quicker on me, making painful suctions along with the tongue teasing. My hips buckled in her face and the silky jets of cum pumped into her mouth. Forcing her mouth down balls deep, she made a few gulps and the contractions pushed more cum out of me. Before I realised, she had ingested all of my load and her fingers drove her to an orgasm that instant, keeping my sensitive dick in her mouth, begging for forgiveness.

After we were done, she checked the time on her phone and adjusted her dress, leaving me for home. I was so tired by then to send the goodbye message, and a call from her woke me from the nap I was getting in the cab.

Baby (on phone): ‘I want you to hear me using the massager.’

Before I could reply, the heartwarming moans came through my phone and I listened to it, until the erection in my pants caused an ache. Oh yeah.. my underwear was still with her. So I just had to ask her about it.

Me (on phone): ‘My underwear is still with you eh.’

Baby (on phone): ‘I know. I’m smelling it now.’

Man.. how I wished she was with me then, so I could make sweet love to her again. Now, is Lufus’ Secret real? For a note, it’s organic.

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The tea is only available online and as far as I know, ingredients not approved by the authorities cannot be sold here.

Hey bro any chance you could share what website to head to to get this tea? cheers!:)

thanks bro. is it called lufus’ secret tea or something else cause i can’t find it. hahaha.

oh okay. cheers. could you share the name of it? if its inconvenient to share it here could you email me? thanks!

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