Beer Party

After the bar closed at 3am, the three girls Boss hired to work part time sat around a table, sipping on the free jug of beer they were allowed. He joined them after a while, ready to finalise the amount of pay they would get that month. Unknown to them, he had included a commission from their sales as they did a good job dressing up and increasing the profits.

Linda, Liz and Ying had just completed their O levels and joined his bar for a short term job, working full time for the three months break they had. Before moving on, I guess a little introduction would help.

They were required to wear the uniform consisting of a sheer black blouse and skirt, length up to them to adjust accordingly. They were free to wear whatever inner wear they wanted though, as long as the right parts were covered. After all, their bodies were still maturing and thankfully, they were all considered ‘petite’.

Linda was a smart young lady, who knew how to read certain types of customers. She would usually work in a halter type of top, revealing a little of her growing chest, but still ‘full’ enough to go around her boobs, sometimes, braless according to the weather in the day. The regulars liked how she could make jokes with them even if the topics were a little more mature. The skilful response from her would often persuade them to order more drinks.

Liz was a Malay mixed Chinese girl who was the most obedient, in a sense she wasn’t so quick when customers joke or made complex remarks, so, she mostly stuck to taking orders from me and the other two girls. Her innocence would melt me with that blur look and lack of understanding from most of the ‘adult’ terms that we use, making her blush and shy away from our own inside jokes.

Last on the list was Ying. The quiet, alert girl, who had the most perfect body to ogle at. Due to her thin waist, she had specially modified the skirt so it would go around her, and the length of it would often misled passerby to think that Boss was running a sleazy bar. Nonetheless, her looks was still the strength in getting people in. All in all, they had made the bar a much livelier place and earned a lot for Boss.

Boss: ‘Girls, this month was a good month, and I think you three deserved all the credits. So, I have decided to put a small bonus with your pay, which I hope will get you girls to work harder.’

Three of them, tipsy from the alcohol, was barely listening to the commendations, drinking in larger mouths as he sorted their payslips.

Boss: ‘Each of you, one thousand two hundred.’

Linda (shocked): ‘Boss, are you sure!’

He nodded and opened a thick envelope, counting the pieces of hundred dollar notes before her eyes. The rest of the girls got the same amount of money and were so happy and high. It was after all their first pay in just three weeks. As the clock ticked closer to their first buses home, Boss was back in his small room, working on his computer to order new drinks and food. Linda, who was drunk and thrilled, disappeared into Boss’ room to thank him personally.

Boss: ‘Why? Not enough money ah?’

Linda hugged him from behind and whispered ‘thank you boss, I love you!‘. They were just over enthusiastic he guessed, but that was not all. She then began unbuttoning her top, and revealed the standard cup bra under. Lifting her skirt up, her panties was lowered to her ankles and kicked aside.

Boss: ‘I didn’t pay you for this you know?’

She went back behind him and placed her boobs on his back, moving them with her arms around his neck. She gave his chair a spin and kneeled on the floor, unbuckling his pants.

Boss: ‘Are you sure about this?’

His butt rose and pants went all the way to his feet, letting Linda’s mouth go over to his dick and taking it whole. Bopping her head in his crotch, he could not believe his luck and let her had her way, enjoying the mind blowing oral sex from his sexy staff. His eyes just could not get away from the perky nipples on the B cups, jerking as she moved.

The wooden door then swung opened and came Liz and Ying, pulling up their skirts as soon as the door was locked. Ying who was more shy, sat on the empty space in front of his laptop and spread her legs, so Boss could feast on her shaved young pussy while the sucking sounds echoed under the table. What about Liz? She took a chair and placed it beside him, pulling his hand to her pussy and requesting him to finger her.

The alcohol from them was reeking in the room, but it was also why they got so daring. As Liz climaxed from his licking, her pussy squirted the creamy liquid into his mouth, which he drank them up without wasting a drop. Soon, Linda’s mouth was getting sore and she stopped, making Boss slow down as well. Hmm, what was next on their minds?

As a surprise, Ying, stood up and bent over the edge of the table where Liz was sitting on, sticking her butt out for Boss to enter. Of course, he didn’t reject her offer and got up, standing behind Ying while Linda went behind him to position his dick. Coated in saliva, his dick slipped easily into Ying and Linda took her seat on his chair, reaching between his legs to fondle those hairy testicles.

The moment he went in, a loud groan was heard and Ying let out a shy moan as well. He was after all in his mid thirties and was huge for the small girl. He held her waist firmly down on the table and started pounding his meat into her, forcing her mouth to feed on the juicy abalone of Liz who was waiting. With her mouth occupied, the noise was reduced to the minimum, and they remained in position even when the door cocked unlock, Chef walking into the foursome.

Since Linda was the only girl standing, the Caucasian chef dropped his pants behind her and tugged on hips to get her into a standing doggie. Seeing her wet pussy, he simply swiped his 7 inches along her slit a few times, before ramming his dick into her, sending her hand squeezing on Boss’ balls. Fuelled by the pain, Boss went harder at Ying, and Linda was moaning ecstatically as the long, thick rod stimulated every part of her vagina.

Liz, being the only virgin, could not join in the fun and remained on the table, listening to the crazy fuckfest that was happening before her. Linda and Chef, was slowly being directed to the space next to Boss, and screams were taking over with that overwhelming size in her.

Chef: ‘Boss, want to change?’

Boss: ‘On.’

They swapped pussies in a flash and Ying almost fainted with chef plugged his dick in, stretching her entrance and depth to the limit. The two girls were screaming for their lives as Boss had a high speed mode that felt better than the long dick, while Chef had a slower, delaying strokes that made Ying faint for a few seconds every time she climaxed.

With the clock ticking to dawn, the five of them were fucking their brains out, and the two men were about to end their ‘shifts’ too.

Chef: ‘Where do you girls want us to cum?’

Linda and Ying (synchronised): ‘Into Liz’s mouth!’

They continued ramming their souls at the girls until fifteen minutes later, where Chef was at his wits end and pulled out of Ying. Liz dismounted the table and sat on the carpet, in front of chef who was on the chair. Shifting Liz behind Boss’ butt, Chef rolled himself in front of her and brought his dick to her mouth, which she sucked on it without being asked. Since Boss was still pounding away, the back of his butt was pushing against Liz’s head and it became an automated blowjob machine, running her lips down the shaft of Chef’s.

In less than two minutes, chef had forced Liz’s head down on his dick and making her choke while his cum flushed themselves into her stomach. The slight asphyxiation made Liz felt hornier and she masturbated herself while feeling her gastric glow warmly. Boss was done at the same time Chef emptied his balls, and took his chair, going into the same position for the cum disposal.

Liz took Boss’ dick into her mouth and the two girls helped by pushing her head down, until Boss’ sperms fired into her, going for more rounds than the chef. Having no option to spit midway, she swallowed his load and caught her breath after he was done.

Chef: ‘Linda, clean up for Boss and myself?’

Linda crawled over to chef and licked his rod clean, while Ying tumbled onto the floor and took Boss’ tool, sucking whatever that’s left in it. The five of them was dead tired after it was all over, and sat in the bar’s round seats to recover their energies. Liz, was full of cum, had drank another glass of beer. Ying, whose small hips was stretched to a sore by the two dicks, was rubbing on her clit to relieve the pain. And Linda, who seemed to have enjoyed herself the most, was fingering herself for pleasure.

Boss: ‘You girls are crazy!’

The girls fell asleep for a few hours and the chef had gone home, leaving Boss to clean up and prepared to close the bar. After that, the next few months of work was more than just going home and working, the five of them had countless rounds of orgies after the bar closed, up till the first buses ran.

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