The Girl Unwrapped

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J! I wanted to write this for you even though we have met in person. Thank you so much! I couldn’t thank you enough with all the chocolate in the world.

Ever since he read what he asked you to post on your blog, he no longer did those things to me. He also told me about you, which I could not resist NOT contacting you. I just felt that you are the person who changed things. I OWE YOU BIG TIME.

The box of toys was given to me to help me break out of the habit of pleasing him to please myself. A habit you told me wasn’t really a habit to break out of. So for my own good, I had turned to masturbating myself every time I felt like it (which is quite a lot) to ease those needy moments.

*I actually masturbated thinking about our meet up on the day we met. I almost asked if you wanted to.. but nevermind!*

The days between his story and this, things has been normal. He still fetches me from school, but none of that kinky stuff anymore. It was just school and home. He has given me more money and even let me hang out late as long as I keep him informed.

And, he asked me to do something.. related to you. Excited? He wanted me to ask you to take care of me, for him. You know I can be quite random and unpredictable, especially after he gave me all that freedom. He has to work and I think it is not a bad idea to disturb you :P

So I want to apologise in advance for the trouble, though I am guessing you have enough troubles. You are still the only person who knows the dark past of me. Thank you once again, and sorry for the future trouble(s?) I’ll be bringing you.

Take good care of me k? Bully me and I will do something to you *wink*. I’ll see you soon! Now that I know you work really near to my school. *Scheming smile*

Hugs and kisses!

From Ting

There, Ting has replied and I find no reason not to share this with you guys. Mistakes made cannot just be ignored, but for now, she’s better. Don’t think that ‘taking care’ means ‘fucking her’ k! I’ll just keep an eye on her till someone else’s come to give her the love she deserves.

Part 1 | Part 2

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As of now she doesn’t need any additional help. She has the numbers of welfare groups and is less likely to be locked in the house if she feels uncomfortable.

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