‘Worst’ Day

Fredrick was a normal JC guy who was studious and hardworking in his school, but the fact that he had an ah lian (Slang for female gangster-like character) for a girlfriend made his peers jealous and confused at the same time. She would be waiting outside his school every now and then, puffing at the bin near the bus stop, for him to end and then cuddle with him like an overly attached girlfriend. That long waist length brown hair and usual pairing of a tight skirt under a spaghetti top would turn many heads, and sometimes making Fredrick shy at her outfit. Nonetheless, she did her job as a loving girlfriend and took care of his needs, cooking for him and satisfying his sexual urges to relieve the pressure from the load of homework.

That fine day, was a special one when she did not appear at her school in those suggestive clothes, but dressed very casually in a shirt and a pair of tight FBT shorts. The lack of cigarette smell did spark his curiosity but he did not say anything, being glad that he could stay away from the scent of nicotine sticks.

Hopping onto the bus for home, she stayed extra close to him and hugged his arm between her chest, pressing her innocent boy’s skin on her bare chest, poking her nipples at him. That instant, he almost jumped in surprise but only gave her a stare that made her face blush. Since it was the peak hour for students, the bus got crowded after a few stops and they were pushed to the corner of the standing area. By then, his hand was already resting on her groin. Pushing his fingers between her legs, he made a simple wriggle of his fingers under her shorts, gasping slightly at the smooth skin of her pussy.

There was nothing to shield his hard on that had been pointing sideways down his pants, and she was getting wetter as he continued touching her. Nothing could be more erotic than a horny girl going pantyless and braless beside him, and getting wetter every minute.

Jasmine: ‘Boyfie, bear with it k? We’re reaching home soon.’

They were just two stops away from her place, and a patch had formed on the grey shorts between her legs. Alighting in a rush, they brisk walked to her empty house and he began stripping his clothes, while she just disappeared into the kitchen. After making himself comfortable in her bed, she walked in on him in a Japanese school uniform, exposing a little of her slim waist leading down to her thin legs.

Fredrick: ‘What are we doing today?’

Jasmine: ‘Anything you say? I’m all yours.’

Pulling the blankets away, his standing rod was nodding at her and it was the first course for the day.

Fredick: ‘A blowjob?’

She knelt between his opened legs and he adjusted himself to lie flat on the bed, holding his head up with her bolster so he could see how faithful she was. Licking upwards from the base, it was the first time she took her time with him to prepare his shaft. The little tongue-out swirls on his pee hole made him squirm in delight and the urgency to get her sucking was building up. Once his rod was lubricated with her saliva, his dick vanished between those pink glossy lips. Her mouth went all the way down his shaft and stopped about a finger width before the base, and then letting her tongue lie relaxed under the thin vein under.

After the few seconds pause, her head began moving up and down, letting her cheeks collapse to form a vacuum. As she continued sucking him, her eyes remained on his face, watching the naive look that was in a mime expressing the pleasure and agony of her oral skills. Minutes went by, and she could totally feel his dick getting longer and thicker in her mouth.

Jasmine: ‘Boyfie, want me to do something else? My jaws are aching le.’

When she took her mouth away, he was surprised at how big he had gotten, and it was so slimy and wet that it looked like it was a tentacle. Thinking hard about the next act, there was something more than just sex he wanted.

Fredrick: ‘Hmm.. How about you riding me till I cum, then make me hard again?’

Jasmine pondered for a few moments before she lifted up her skirt to go on top of him, holding his dick between her legs as she sat over it. Her pussy was especially tight that day, and she had to go down slowly on him, sitting back until the entire length was implanted. Given that enlarged size, she had trouble getting started immediately, so, she waited for a minute for her vagina to accommodate him and began riding by moving her hips back and forth.

As usual, her head flung backwards and her ponytail rested on her shoulders, eyes closed and moving continuously, oblivious to the worried look on Fredrick. After all, it was an intense ride after a mind blowing oral, and there was only so much he could take. Grabbing the sheets tightly, he could feel the little mushroom head poking along the bumpy walls, driving her to the continuous waves of orgasms never felt before. Watery juices were flowing out of her across his abs, down onto the sheets which soaked all of it up. The gushing did not stop for as long as her pussy squeezed onto him, sending her into a series of groans and moans.

Unable to take anymore of her ferocity, he simply groaned out he was cumming and she leaned forward on his chest, bouncing her bum on his groin, until the warm streaks of cum sprayed into her and driving it into her womb. The increase in sensitivity drove Fredrick crazy as she kept going for more, until he had to beg her to stop or he would die. One thing that Jasmine was looking forward to was his sperms inside her, the warmth was a soothing one filled with love and everything nice about him.

Giggling coyly at his comment, she dismounted him and laid in his arms, exchanging kisses while her hand roamed to his shrinking dick, giving it a gentle massage by tugging the foreskin up and down. Still unable to make it any bigger, she glided her head along his body to the lump and placed her mouth over it. Sucking on it like a Chuppa Chups, his dick went around her mouth and it grew slowly, filling her mouth up to a hotdog size. Using his body as support for her head, the second round of blowjob started and the growth was making it into a german sausage, thick and creamy with some of the excess cum from the previous ejaculation.

Losing control of himself, Fredrick got up and placed the bolster under her head, raising the angle so he could fuck her mouth. Kneeling carefully beside her head, his dick went into her mouth and using the headboard as a support. Thrusting his hips slowly, Jasmine held her head very still and kept her lips sealed around his skin, giving him the maximum stimulation as he pumped faster.

As the speed increased, the length in her mouth was also going deeper. Determined not to choke, she breathed through her nose and kept her throat opened, Shoving harder, Fredrick was lost in his own world with her tight suction, and it got bigger than before. It was difficult for Jasmine too, knowing he would take longer to cum the second time.

Wriggling her tongue in her mouth, the extra tease suddenly made Fredrick lost his grip, and stopped moving. Seeing her chance to end it once and for all, she bounced her head against the bolster and took things into her own – mouth. Milking him forcefully, he could only hang onto the bed for his dear life and before he could even warn her, the small serving of cum just exited his dick in a drooling manner.

Scooping up his cum was another fun process for Jasmine, since she had to come in contact with his ‘exit’ that was sore and red. He got off her after she continued to tease him, and he went to the toilet to clean up. Finally completing her job, she snuggled under the blanket and turned the air condition on full blast, contented with the warm swirling in her tummy. Fredrick on the other hand, quietly entered the room and went under the blankets, going for her pussy to have his revenge.

After all, sexual revenge is fun right, if without pain?

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