Same Stairs

Ray’s girlfriend, Shirleen, had been unable to control her hands throughout the long bus ride home from Wild Wild Wet, since they had sort of touched each other in the public pool. His hard on had been bugging him for most of the ride even when passengers were around them. Reaching their stop, the new condominium built next to their old blocks of flat looked bright and glamorous, many units still unoccupied.

Shirleen: ‘There’s no guard at the security post eh. Shall we go in and have a look?’

Seeing that it’s safe and easy to sneak in, he headed in first and she followed closely behind. Once they went through the car barrier, they made their way into the pool section and chose a block to pay a visit. With the lift disabled by an access card, they climbed to the eighth storey as part of their training, only to find the level of lights unlit.

Feeling frisky from the bus ride earlier, they settled down on the steps to catch their breaths. In the darkness and tranquility, their ears were much alert and faint noises in the stairwell got their attention.

Ray (whispering): ‘Shhh.. Can you hear something?’

Shirleen (whispering): ‘Yeah. Another couple?’

Right then, juicy wet sounds came about and the bodies of flesh slapped loudly. Laughing silently, they understood their situation well and she pushed him up the wall he stood against, kissing and feeling his pants for the bulge she created. Sticking her tongue out in a playful manner, she brought his hand under her FBT shorts, placing him on the bare pussy. Giving her a little shock look, his fingers went on to give her a little rub, while she undid his pants, to take her beautiful work of erection out.

Squatting down quickly, she gave him a short blowjob that sent him moaning softly. Well, it seemed that there was only two things to do when he made noises, to either slow down, or make him go louder. Her mouth sucked harder and her head dived into his groin, going a little too deep down her throat to gag.

Groaning in fear, he knew what she was doing and let her continue, taking her head in his hand and pushing her deeper. After a while, he had enough and needed something more.. exciting. He picked her up and spun her to face him. Lifting one of her legs over his elbow, his hips went onto hers and she grabbed his dick in response, sticking his cock under her shorts and into her slit. Unlubricated, his foreskin aided the entry, pushing his meat into her before the skin stretched to accommodate the dry sex.

A few minutes of pounding later, his whole length was wet and the strong thrusts against Shirleen’s body was well received by the steel metal railings. Pumping her fiercely, her voice echoed clearly up the stairs and the occasional silence from the couple above made her went louder. It worked as a reminder to them from Shirleen that its okay to do what they were doing, and that they weren’t alone in this.

The dual sound surround rang loudly from both upstairs and at their levels, driving Ray and his girl crazy with lust, knowing that this was as close to the same-room-sex they always wanted to try.

As the powerful poundings took much of her breath away, he was in full ecstasy from her tight pussy and magical juices that created the perfect ease and slipperiness to the full fledged sex in the public area. As expected, he was about to cum after exactly twenty minutes of standing sex. Feeling pumped up and ready, he got her off the railings and stood back against the wall.

Squatting on the awkward steps, she took his dick into her mouth and resumed the awesome blowjob he was addicted to, throwing her face as fast as she could go, sinking her mouth as deep as she could take him. As per their routine, he did not state when he would be cumming, and let her go all the way until he could not longer hold it in any longer, and pressed her face in his groin, squirting the hot loads of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Shirleen kept swallowing until every drop was cleaned out. Once they were done, the couple above appeared from the floor above and gave the two visitors a heart attack. They were just teenagers who didn’t seemed any much older than 20, but knew how to enjoy themselves. They smiled and chatted for a while while Ray was the last to get his pants back on.

Having enjoyed themselves, they left the place to the bewildered look of the guard at the post, and Shirleen stopped touching him on the way back home.

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