Cab Fare

Upon reaching her place, Carmen realised she had no money left after the night out drinking with her friends. Knowing that there was no way around it, she opened her wallet to show to the case driver and he was ready to make the call to the police.

Carmen: ‘Uncle, don’t call the police can? Let me find a friend who lives around here.’
Driver: ‘I don’t have the whole day. I need to work.’

Looking at her wallet, her smooth looking thighs looked the most tempting to bury his face in and his patience was running out. Sensing the urgency and helplessness of her state, she knew there was no way any of her friends would help her out, labelled as a boyfriend stealer with her good looks and sexy body.

Carmen: ‘Uncle, can I do something in return for the fare?’
Driver: ‘What you want to do?’

She unclipped her seatbelt and leaned to him, placing her hand on his lap. She then moved upwards to his zip and tugged it down, clicking eerily, uncertain about what she was getting into. Once her hand went into his pants, the thick bulge seemed wide as she tried to wrap her fingers around, and the slight fragrance of the shower foam he used made it a little less worrying.

He too, could not wait for her and reached her thighs, gliding his hand under her skirt and feeling the soft material of her panties. Pressing his middle finger on the clit, her legs parted instinctively and he was let in to give her a good massage. Just then, a thought came into his mind and he realised that it was her who owed him the money, he wasn’t the one to pleasure her. But heck, he could get more if she was more turned on.

Adjusting his finger beside her panties, he managed to sneak under and came in contact with her raw flesh, moist to the touch. Her grip on his cock was loosening from the pleasure coming from his fingers, but she knew she had a debt to pay. After some struggle to do her job, she could not focus on him anymore and let go of him, allowing him to finger her with all of his might until she got a little sore.

The unwanted pleasure was undeniable for her deprived body, the last time she enjoyed being a few weeks back. Soon, her panties was off her legs and her face was blushing in so much redness. By then, his dick was out of his pants and she was totally ready to get fucked. He started the taxi and drove it to a darker corner, before getting out of his seat and going over to her. Demanding that she get on her knees in the seat, she did as asked and he pumped his thick, rough fingers in hard and fast for a few minutes.

After cumming once for herself, she found her ass poking out of the door and dripping juices onto the seat. The uncle went behind her once his arm got tired, and the clangs of his belt coming loose made her pussy twitched in excitement. Once properly undressed, he held her butt firm and sank his meat into her with a few jerks, flooding her warm vagina with warmer meat. There was no denying that she enjoyed the casual sex, and her senses were clouded as he thrust his hips at her. Strokes after strokes, her pussy was stretching to his size and the sensation of ‘big’ redefined her expectations from local males.

Keeping very silent, he rammed mercilessly for his payment and the moans from her was well contained in the vehicle. Pumping non-stop, Carmen was going weaker with each orgasm and unconsciously wanting more of him. But all good things have an end.

The driver slowed down and stopped once he was about to shoot, questioning her about where she wanted it to go.

Carmen: ‘You can just shoot inside.’
Driver: ‘You said it yourself.’

He went all out on her and totally pushed her body to the limit. He pounded her at such high speed that gave her another two orgasms before she felt the pause, and the warming liquid poured into her pussy like an injection. The moment he unloaded felt heavenly and she didn’t want him to go so soon. Ironic for someone who offered her body as repayment huh?

Still, he pulled out of her once he was done and got into his seat, starting the engine to drive her away. Picking her bag, she closed the door and he reversed his way out, zooming away leaving her in the corner. Feeling tired, she walked home and felt his cum flowing out of her pussy, and realised her panties was still in the car. Too exhausted to care, she continued home and let the whitish fluid trail down to her legs, before falling asleep slightly drunk and horny from the day of events.

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