Like Father, Like Son

Heading home in the family car after dinner, the day of the month to eat with their son, Jacob and future daughter-in-law, Xin, had ended. Every meal they had was an expensive one in a posh restaurant and the usual routine of sending Xin home was expected each time.

Jacob had been attached to Xin for close to three years now, and it was not a typical relationship either. He was considered to be an ‘ah beng’ (Singapore slang for male gang-like character) with tattoos covering his arms and legs. Frequent late nights and loved drinking with his buddies. Xin on the other hand, was a quiet but friendly girl, who went through school with promising future. Not that she was affected by his background, but to many, it was a mismatch in this society where good would be with good and vice versa.

Wearing a short skirt as requested by Jacob, they sat quietly behind while his parents chatted between themselves about the F&B company they ran. Feeling a little adventurous, he then shifted his hand on her thigh up her skirt, and rubbing on her panties. Although she was used to his advances, the situation they were in was not exactly the ideal place to hanky panky, but she kept quiet as usual, trusting his decision. Slowly, the wetness came through her undies and he moved into her panties, rubbing on her clit as her legs widened.

With the speed he went at, it was impossible for her to remain still and so she began breathing heavily, audible in the vehicle whenever the music changed to the next track. Delighted with her obedience, he continued teasing her until moans came from her behind the background music, and she reached for his bulge to stroke it through his pants.

His mum and dad could vaguely make out what was happening behind them, and it was spurring dad to do something too. Sticking his arm across the central braking handle, he slipped his hand under mum’s dress to find a bit of warmth from the slight moisture. It was a cue to do something more before she lost her mood when they get home. Pushing his fingers into her, the change in dampness surprised him and the hard on came as fast as he could remember.

Focusing back on the wheel, he drove the car into a secluded road where a few other were parked. He then unclipped his seatbelt and leaned over to mum, who was feeling drunk from the few bottles of beer they shared. Xin too, was too turned on to care about what was happening in front of them, although she could hear the other set of moans coming from mum.

With the car dimmed and air conditioning on full blast, the two men began pumping their hands into the ladies, making the music irrelevant to their loud moans. As the ladies’ hands rubbed outside the pants, it was only a matter of time before they needed more. The patch of wetness between their legs was enough to start something crazier, and the male hormones in the males ticked at the same time to move to sex.

Dad pulled his hand away first and climbed over to his wife’s side, lowering the seat all the way onto the unoccupied space. Jacob saw what his dad did and turned Xin towards him, placing one of her legs onto the headrest and leaving the other dangling from the seat. The zip sounds came one after another and eager dad was first to go.

Dad sank his dick into mum missionary style and the car began rocking under his momentum. Grabbing behind the chair, she screamed in ecstasy from his entry and size, which always was a surprise to her. The powerful thrusts from dad was driving mum insane and he just kept going fast and furious at her. It was the first time Jacob had seen how wild his dad could get, and somewhat changed his impression of his mum, who still maintained a slim figure despite giving birth to him and aging.

Seeing how everyone was going out of place, or into place, he leaned over Xin as well and drove his cock in, stretching her pussy to his size and pounding hard at her. Droplets of sweat caught onto her tank top, but her mind was already somewhere between the heavens and space. Moaning uncontrollable, the ladies’ voices were blasting over the music and the car bounced even harder.

As time passed, the men had their rhythm synchronised and was even making similar groans. For the ladies, they had long lost their composure in front of the elders and were enjoying the ride of their lives. Scratches and bite marks on the men’s backs were appearing like stars in the darkness of the night, legs were going around their hips and demands for more speed was firing off like orders in a busy restaurant.

The music tracks were running out as the males pumped their girls full of life, and exhaustion was catching up with them as well. Although dad was first to go, his speed was slowing down at the same time as Jacob, as a controller to time his ejaculation.

Dad: ‘Dear, ready to make another baby?’

Mum: ‘Just give it all to me. I miss you shooting inside me.’

Jacob: ‘Xin, I am about to cum now.’

Xin: ‘Just shoot inside? It’s a safe day.’

The ‘gentlemen’ went into berserk-like state of minds and rammed the poor pussies until they got sore, getting a little numbed from their marathon level stamina. A combined loud groan came from the father and son, and their chests pasted on the ladies, hips still thrusting energetically while their cum was filling them up.

Mum immediately reached under his shaft to hold in all the excess cum that was being forced out from his size, until he was done and left the dock. Her closed legs kept most of it inside and pieces of tissue was ripped from the dashboard to prevent any cum from catching on the seat. Jacob was done a few moments later and pulled out of Xin, letting her get into a Japanese sitting style and bending down to suck his rod clean.

Dad was back at his seat and looking into the rearview mirror, inspired by the clean-up process his dear son had taught Xin to do.

Dad: ‘Dear, can clean me up with your mouth too?’

Smiling at him sheepishly, she did the same thing and sucked his rod clean of any leftovers, accidentally going too far to start his ‘engine’ up again. Xin and mum carried out their duties well and her backrest was raised so Jacob could rest. The ladies tidied their clothes and the men helped cleaned their privates up of cum.

The ride back home was a peaceful one, music being the only sound to calm the raged hormones down. Like father, like son huh? Or was it the other way round?

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Father and son should have gone for a second round. Father and son should have tried swapping partners. Doing so serves to cement family bonding further. Like they always say, all good things must share, especially within a family. In sex, all things are relative – punt intended. Incest is best, put your family to the test! A family that fucks together, stays together!

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