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This is a sponsored post. Heh. As if. Anyway, this is a non-sexual post.


I am constantly looking for inspirations to write new topics. Having followed me for so long, you would have realised I cannot write like Mel, the author of RoughOrders. Nor do I have a body like Natalie, the blogger for NataliesSins. While storylines can often be suggested, it is the form of writing that I need some breakthrough. I have my own category of less-ideal styles like newspaper reports, or police statement, so don’t suggest them. I like writing letters though!

Shoot me some stories you read elsewhere that I haven’t wrote or you haven’t come across on my blog. I’ll accept topics I haven’t covered or plots you really die die want me to write. No gore please. Bloodshed apart from menses are unnecessary.

For now, like always, I write based on my mood. So I may not work on your feedback immediately. And may I ask for good attitude and etiquette when you send your email or say something in my chatbox? Don’t turn me off. It kills the mood, and a baby seal at the same time.


As a male author, I don’t get many emails or comments. Duh. Most people are reading quietly, hopefully some are beating off to my works. But if you do have a heart burning, dick twitching, pussy aching urge to say something to me, pease do! Who doesn’t like emails (that aren’t work related) written from the heart?


This is an open invitation for girls, or guys who know girls, to volunteer (them)! Yupp. Volunteer. J runs a non-profit blog. If you (I’m referring to the ladies) out there wishes to sell photos, I wouldn’t mind. You’ll take everything. The readers here will enjoy the couple of ‘preview’ photos for free.

To me, this is a project. One I wreck my mind over, tire my fingers out on. If anyone of you ever contacts me, rest assure it would be like the school days, discussing enthusiastically about your upcoming art project. Other projects like programming or presentations are boring.

This site’s intention was never to harm anybody. You, readers or models or fellow writers, will always come first.


As of late, I’m busy with my new workplace. It has been two months into the new company, about time the ugly side of every workplace would surface. Busier than usual, but still writing. All thanks to Ena, the owner of Promiscuous Secret (now disfunc.).

Stories are lined up all the way to April of 2017, with all your incest, teacher-student, underaged, FBTs, public sex, BDSM fetishes on standby. Remember! Once every three days. That’s the frequency of my posts, and also a healthy timeline between each ‘destressing’ period. I’m talking about masturbation that is.

Personal Life!

New workplace. New people. I met someone, but things are on the dating level now. All that’s on my mind now is ‘future’. Your J is getting older, and I’m sure the plots and motivation behind the stories will change.

If anyone of you are interested in getting to know me personally, I wouldn’t say no. I AM friends with some of the other erotic bloggers, and challenges are often brought up to write better. It helps with the writers’ block.


So does J deserve any rewards for coming this far? Sorry if this sounds a bit selfish. Email me if you want to buy me a cup of coffee! Or get something bigger for me, like a Microsoft Surface tablet, or sponsor a sum of money to get a model for all of our sake.


Alright. Here is where this entry will end, but not my legacy. J will still be writing no matter if you like it. If you are starting out on erotic blogging, please don’t be shy to ask me to link you up. Of course, I place high value on integrity and potential of blogs that appear on my links. If you don’t see yours here, I either do not know about it yet, or it infringes some copyright stuff that I do not support (even if no one complains) or that it might be NOT erotic enough. Please note that I am referring to our local, Singaporeans’, blogs.

Anyway, if one day, for some reasons, this blog really do disappear, please understand it must have affected me on that big a scale. From what I write, you can figure out I am quite an emotional guy. As best as I can, I will give some form of warning or statement. Just so you guys can permanently remove my bookmark off your browser. That would be the darkest day of my life. Choy choy~

Goodnight guys.

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