Sticky Substance

Mum: ‘Girl, I’m going to do the laundry now. Any more clothes to wash?’

Like a ninja, Junie ran to the basket where her mum was sorting through the clothes, only to find her holding onto one of her panties with a disgusted expression.

Mum: ‘Girl, what is this sticky thing? What did you do?’

Junie: ‘Mum, I’ll wash my panties myself.’

Mum: ‘No, you tell me what this is. Let’s talk outside.’

She took two of her daughter’s underwear with similar yellowish stains and went to the living room, laying them out on the table before folding her arms in an angry mood.

Junie: ‘Mummy, I have a boyfriend outside.’

Mum: ‘I don’t care about that. I want to know what you did. How did this happen?’

Sitting next to her mum, she felt a little worried and guilty when she asked for the details. It wasn’t glamorous at all to tell what happened between her boyfriend and her, but she knew she could not hide long either.

Junie: ‘There was one time we met after work. And after dinner, we went for a walk around the park. We sort of sat down and began kissing. One thing led to another, and that was how I got the stain.’

Mum: ‘Don’t just say one thing led to another.’

Junie: ‘His hand went under my dress and started to rub me outside of my panties. I was feeling horny and warm by then, so I just let him continue. Soon, his fingers went into my panties and went into my pussy. I couldn’t believe how long his fingers were but it felt good when he stretched my vagina and filled it up. It was so hot and tight.

He was moving so deep and hard that juices were leaking, and my panties soaked them up. I remembered getting worried about people hearing my moans but it was late then, and we were far away from any blocks. So I just make those sounds and he went faster. Each time I climaxed, a lot of juices would just flow out and he keep his fingers inside to feel me contracting on him.

After I came about three times, he then unzipped his pants and let me touch him. I was a little scared of the throbbing piece of meat then. He was bigger than usual, but I have never imagined it inside me. I just took it in my hand and spread some saliva over it, stroking it up and down while he fingered me in an awkward position. To think back, I guess it was crazy of us cause we didn’t cover with anything. His dick was out in the open and spurting pre-cum while I pumped him.

Some time later, he stopped me and got me to stand behind the bench we were sitting on, saying that he will let me feel something better. So I stood up and he went behind me. His hands went around my waist to rub on my clit in my panties and my hand went around to keep him hard. Something in me wanted him to cum at the same time I climax. But he had other things in mind.

Without suspecting anything, the next thing I felt was his hot dick between my butt. It slid down until the tip was poking at me, and then, with slow, gentle thrusts, his dick made its way into me. He was careful to go slow so it wouldn’t hurt, and in no time, he was pumping into me, driving my mind blank and limbs weak.

Soon, we were going so fast that the loud slapping sounds was worrying me, but he assured me that if anyone came, he would protect me first. I could feel my pussy getting tighter at that moment, from the excitement that we were doing it outdoors. And even possibly someone spotting us. I knew I could trust him, so I just let myself free.

He went for at least ten minutes before he stopped, whispering to my ears and asked where to unload. Before I could answer him, he stood upright and pounded me hard, for about fifteen seconds of madness to give me another orgasm. Which was then I felt him pausing, and a strong jet shot something warm into me.

Since there was no turning back, I asked him to keep going and he did. With that half-hardened dick, he managed to give me another round before he had to pull it out, admitting that he would need time to calm himself down.

After he pulled out, my panties went back to its original state and his cum just got squeezed out while I rested. More came out when I walked home. That was how it got there.’

Her mum said nothing after she told her what happened and went into her bedroom, appearing with a square metal case that states ‘LoveBox’ on it.

Mum: ‘Next time, use this.’

Leaving the panties for Junie to wash, she went back to the laundry and resumed her chores. Junie on the other hand, felt safer as her mum seemed to be open with what happened, at the same time, feeling a little horny as she recounted her ordeal.

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